More Dreck From Bucktooth Bashir: Indonesian cleric blames CIA for Bali bombings

Abu Bakar Bashir says the 2002 Bali bombings was a conspiracy between America, Australia and Jews. [ABC]

Abu Bakar Bashir says the 2002 Bali bombings was a conspiracy between America, Australia and Jews. [ABC]

An Indonesian Islamic cleric linked to the three extremists awaiting execution for the Bali bombings, says the 2002 attack which killed more than 200 people, was the work of America’s Central Intelligence Agency.

Abu Bakar Bashir says the CIA fired a nuclear missile at the Bali tourist strip from a ship off the coast.

Speaking at his house at the Al-Mukmin Islamic boarding school on Indonesia’s Java island, he said the attack was a conspiracy between “America, Australia and the Jews”.

He said the three convicted bombers – Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron – had been framed.

His comments come amid speculation the government is preparing to execute the three bombers by firing squad next week, in line with their 2003 convictions.

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Christians in Iraq remain deluded about Muslims, Islam

Iraq: Killings of Christians in north baffles Church

>Baghdad, 14 Oct. (AKI) – The recent killings of Christians in the northern city of Mosul has stunned the Church in Iraq and left it wondering who is responsible, one of its leaders, Shlemon Warduni has told Adnkronos International (AKI).

At least 12 Christians have been murdered in Mosul over the past two weeks, a number of Christian homes have been destroyed, and hundreds of families have fled.

“What has happened in Mosul has amazed us and left many unanswered questions about who is behind the violence,” said Warduni, who is the auxiliary bishop of the Chaldean Patriarchate.

Hundreds more Christian families flee Mosul 

The families fled, reportedly frightened by a series of killings andthreats by Muslim extremists ordering them to convert to Islam or face possible death, Iraqi officials said. Fourteen Christians have been slain in the past two weeks in the city, which is located about 260 miles (420 kilometers) north of Baghdad.


“The recent acts of violence against Christians are borne of pain and sadness, but they also arise from feelings of alienation,” Warduni added.

We Christians have always lived with and continue to coexist with our Muslim brothers, in the same country in a climate of peace and fraternity and a spirit of affection and cooperation.”

The targeted killings of Christians in Mosul have forced around 1,000 Christian families to leave their homes and seek sanctuary in safer areas, Warduni (photo) noted.

“This has pushed us to raise our voice and ask the Government to save us, because it is responsible for the lives and welfare of its citizens,” he said.

Warduni hoped the dispatch on Sunday of two troop battalions to protect Christians in Mosul and secure their churches would “restore normality” in the city.

Mosul is home to the second-largest community of Christians in Iraq after capital Baghdad. 

Warduni said he hoped that the killings in Mosul were not connected to protests organised by Iraqi Christians urging a key provision safeguarding minorities be reinstated in the country’s new provincial election law 

The electoral law, passed by Iraq’s parliament on 24 September after months of in-fighting, will allow most of the country to hold provincial elections early next year.

“When Christians organised rallies and protests against the removal from the provincial election law of Article 50 which gave guarantees to minorities, they were appealing for rights to be upheld that are enshrined in Iraq’s constitution,” Warduni noted. Dhimmi’s have no rights in the Islamic state/ed

“We are Iraqis too and are original inhabitants of this country. Our history goes back thousands of years,” he stressed.

“The rights of Christians have long been ignored in the Middle East and we have been the victims of oppression and persecution. We suffer without knowing why.”* Learn about Islam, you might get an idea/ed

“There may be a grand plot in the region to rid it of Christians, but we hope this is not true,” Warduni said.

Sunni groups have accused Kurdish militias of seeking to alter the ethnic composition of northern Iraq and of responsibility for the recent murders of Christians in Mosul.

“Most Muslims, from all social classes believe in coexistence,” Warduni concluded. * Not. They believe in the subjugation of unbelievers/ed

The Chaldean Catholic Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, but hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Iraq to escape the violence and the economic crisis caused by the war.

There are now around 800,000 Christians in Iraq, compared with over a million before the US invasion in 2003, according to censuses carried out by the country’s dioceses.

4 thoughts on “More Dreck From Bucktooth Bashir: Indonesian cleric blames CIA for Bali bombings”

  1. Here we go again-another insane conspiracy theory. But unlike the 9/11 ones this one has taken years to concoct. No doubt Australian leftists will adopt this theory as the gospel truth as only leftists the world over can.
    The only thing that this theory lacks are some Indians and Chinese-weren’t they in on this plot too? After all, they aren’t too keen on Koranists either.

  2. Bali of course was chosen because apart from the many Europeans there the indigenous Balinese are Hindus and Buddhist so the evil Muslims had a far better chance of killing Kaffirs. What is also not widely appreciated was that the plotters and leaders of the of all the Bali and Jakarta bombings were not native Indonesian Muslims but were Malaysians as yet not caught. The Bali bombers who are due to be executed are just disposable fools. Malaysia is incidentally where Bucktooth Bashir trained if that’s what you get at a Madrassa. The Islamic Terrorist group responsible is now banned in Indonesia but is STILL legal in Malaysia go figure.

  3. FYI: Jemaah Islamiyah is not banned in Indonesia.

    March 28, 2005

    Indonesia Denies Jemaah Islamiyah Faces Ban

    Tiny minority of extremists update: contrary to this story, the jihad terror group Jemaah Islamiyah will not be banned — apparently because it has too much support among Muslims.

    Laksamana.Net – A presidential spokesman has denied claims by a senior security official that Indonesia is planning to outlaw regional terrorism network Jemaah Islamiyah.
    President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s spokesman Andi Mallarangeng on Wednesday (23/3/05) said the government did not intend to ban the group, which has been blamed for a series of deadly bombings.

    “We know nothing about that. We have no plans,” he was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press….

    Banning the group would win praise from the US and Australia, and make it easier for authorities to arrest and prosecute militants. But such a move would be opposed by certain Muslim groups and political parties, which fear it could usher in wider crackdowns on Islamic activists.

    Wider crackdowns on Islamic activists? Why, we couldn’t have that.

    Sehik yer’mami sez:

    Does it exist? Now you see it, now you don’t…

    Yudhiono and his ‘spokesman’ were interviewed just a few months ago by the ABC. When asked what he’s going to do about Jemaiah Islamiah Yudhiano askid his advisor. The camera microfone picked it up: The advisor whispered in his ear ” The best is to deny that it exists”…

    I found that really kind of cute.

    So Yuhiono is on record: ” There is no evidence that Jamaiah Islamiah exists…”

    Now suddenly, magically, it exists… what to do, what to do…

    Ah, it’s a ‘popular movement’- so the best is we do nothing…

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