Bob Hawke & the Brand New Islamic Da'awa Centre in Adelaide

* Groveling, pandering, meddling, lobbying, profiteering: 
Bob Hawke - Stonned

Yesterday, we featured this article here about ol’ Hawkeyes activities in the petro-dollar bizness. Looks like we barely scratched the surface: 

Hawke: In the footsteps of Peanut Carter?

 *  How former Union huckster & ex-PM Bob Hawke helps to promote Islam in Australia by lobbying for an Islamic propaganda centre:

What’s the bet its operations are not open and transparent?

But once you start digging, chances are you find more, much more: the excellent Islam-Monitor site ran this article here back in August:

* Bob Hawke’s Business Associations

We usually learn about such events only by accident.

If it weren’t for the fact that Palestinian-born Safwat Abdel-Hady sexually assaulted a young woman  after previously drugging her and her boyfriend with Stilnox (allegedly), we would have  never learnt that he was our former Prime Minister’s business partner.

r Hawke and Palestinian-born Safwat Abdel-Hady, 47, are directors and shareholders with a Bahrain businessman in Sydney-based Australian Gulf Mineral Resources Corporation, with plans to facilitate exploration ventures between companies in Australia and the Gulf region, where Mr Abdel-Hady is understood to have close ties with oil sheiks and members of various royal families.

Mr Abdel-Hady, a Maserati-driving executive who divides his time between the Middle East and Sydney, has been committed to stand trial later this year on charges he allegedly drugged a couple with sleeping pills and then indecently assaulted the woman after a night drinking champagne and snorting cocaine. (

Neither would we learn that Bob Hawke became involved in the ME oil business.

Aussie IconThe question we need to ask here is:
Why would oil sheikhs seek a business partnership with Bob Hawke?
It would certainly not be because of his acute business acumen, would it?
It would not be because of his vast personal wealth as Bob is not in the same league as Middle Eastern oil sheikhs.

The only logical explanation would be this: Bob’s connections and influence within the Labor Party.
We can only imagine how these deals are done.

A former politician is offered a slice of business for “nothing” – oh,  sorry, almost for nothing. No investment capital needed, just a few kind words here and there  to his mates. Some pressure is applied to some public servants, perhaps joining a club or a friendship association in support of Islam, Palestinians or Hezbollah. Some small tokens of friendship like that.          

And so it is with no surprises that we wake up one day only to discover that our Melbourne Cup is actually the Emirates Melbourne Cup, that our ports are run by Dubai Port World , NAB offers Shariah compliant banking  and  Muslim Brotherhood thugs are given refugee status in Australia.

Who really knows to what extent oil money has infiltrated Australia?

Perhaps we should demand that politicians should have their Super taken away if they decide to rush into business with foreign powers? Or at least we should demand that Australian citizens be informed of these shady connections.

* You may say ‘they all do it’- but that’s no excuse:

 UK envoy to Saudi Arabia grovels and flatters in ultra-dhimmi fashion

Remember Renault from Rick’s ‘Casablanca’: 


I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.

           Croupier: Your winnings, sir.

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  1. The more one deals with the Mideast the more filth sticks to one. A pity the whole region can’t be quarantined for the good of humanity.

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