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The confrontation between Islam and the Jews began in the Prophet Muhammad’s time, and continues to this day. Israel’s existence recalls Islam’s age old Jewish problem, first felt at Islam’s inception in Medina in 624 AD: How can Islam thrive and find salvation if Jews are politically powerful? And it requires the same solution chosen by the Prophet Muhammad – elimination of political independence of Jews and the domination of Islam over them.

Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and The Revolt of Islam is an historic journey, from the birth of Islam, through its 1,200 year reign over the civilized world, to the last 300 years of Islamic decline, overtaken and dominated by the West — then humiliated by a Jewish state. Islam’s historic trials with Jews, and its relationship with conquered non-believers, help illustrate the Islamic world view – all through the eyes of Muslims.

In this groundbreaking film, the total rejection of Israel by Muslim states since its inception in 1948 comes to light as a religious duty for Believers. The Islamic roots of Anwar Sadat’s 1977 Camp David

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Accords with Israel are exposed as “The Diplomatic Strategy Against Israel,” by which Egypt sought to defeat Israel through diplomacy, rather than establish “Western Peace.” Israel’s misunderstanding of Islamic goals and values are highlighted by its enthusiasm for Yasser Arafat and the 1993 Oslo Accords.

Next, President George Bush’s tragic misunderstanding of 9/11 as a “War Against Freedom,” in which the United States played into the hands of Al-Qaeda and the Islamist cause by advocating democratic reform across the Middle East, is revealed. Finally, the Iranian agenda for acquiring strategic weapons to eliminate Israel comes clearly into focus.

Today, at the direction of Iran, Islamists are preparing for a fateful coming war for Islam – and Israel is the number one target and obstacle in the path of Islamic revival. For Muslims, Israel embodies “injustice”, and is the ultimate symbol of Islam’s decline – a Western, secular society imposed by the West on former Islamic lands. Only with the return of Jews to their historic status as “Dhimmi” or “Tributaries,” tolerated and protected within Islamic society, can Islamic revival succeed – resulting in “Islamic Peace” in the Middle East.

Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and The Revolt of Islamreaches the unavoidable conclusion that Western and Israeli misunderstanding of Islam is leading to a coming war – which will have devastating consequences for the West, and worst of all for Israel – Farewell Israel!

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  1. Despite “Jacob’s Trouble”, it won’t be Israel that is farewelled, but those who come against
    it with a view to destroying it, such as Iran.

  2. At the end they way the kept hinting at “the coming war”, I thought they were going to dive into bible prophecy about the war of gog and magog in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Israel most certainly will not disappear, the arise of the nation was by divine appointment and no satanic muslim hoard is going to destroy it.

  3. revparadigm, of course the “coming war” will be fought on God’s terms, & in the time
    & manner of His choosing, whether the West and Israel “misunderstand” islam or not.
    If the West spent some time seeking to understand God’s will & purpose for Israel,
    they would know that it is islam that is on borrowed time.

  4. Religious fanatics create some wild websites.

    I can’t tell whether this website was written by christian fundamentalist fanatics or by muslim fundamentalist fanatics, but either way it sounds the same. distortions, lies and twisted logic to support debunked claims. we will all be better off when everyone knows the truth about god, his creation and his death. wake up. uneducated, manipulated masses partake of these religions and they are easily moved to violence and worse in the name of their crazy beliefs. I will take the path of science and enlightenment any day. let go of your beliefs and your hatred. there is peace and righteousness available to all through education and compassion. if you feel strongly about your god, you are just a tool for those who know nothing about the universe or their own world. agents of intolerance and hate will not always be a part of our human experience. imagine there are no muslims. imagine there are no christians. imagine there are no jews. imagine a world we can share in peace.

  5. “I will take the path of science and enlightenment any day. let go of your beliefs and your hatred. there is peace and righteousness available to all through education and compassion.”

    Best quote I’ve read in a while…

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