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Jizyah is the extra tax imposed on non-Muslims (Dhimmis) who live under Muslim ‘law’ according to the Qur’an and hadith:

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.    Qur’an 9:29

* Islam demands that infidels (that’s you and me) pay an extortionist tax to get some kind of temporary protection  from the Muslims under the Islamic yoke. History has shown that the Dhimmi gets little in the way of protection, but lots of systematic exploitation instead. The Dhimmi is forced into abject poverty before being either forcibly converted or annihilated.

If some people persist in rejecting the religion of Allaah and stand in the way of ruling by that which Allaah has revealed on earth, or they fight against the call to Allaah, then we give them the choice of three things: Either they become Muslim; or if they refuse they pay the jizyah (whereby they pay a specified amount to the Muslims in return for being allowed to remain their land, and the Muslims undertake to protect them); or, if they refuse that, there is nothing left but the way which they themselves have chosen, which is fighting and dealing violently with those who have persecuted the Muslims and put obstacles in the path of the Islamic da’wah. In this way the Muslims will gain the upper hand and the enemies will be humiliated; then when we have killed and wounded many of them and gained the upper hand over them, we may take prisoners and bind a bond firmly on them.


Ahkaam al-Sijn wa’l-Sujana’ wa Mu’aamalat al-Sujana’ fi’l-Islam by Hasan Abi’l-Ghuddah, 256
*  Imagine if we would do this to them! Can you imagine the howling and wingeing? Are your ears still ringing from ‘Abu Ghraib’ and ‘waterboarding?’ Well, as long as they do it to themselves its okay. But who will keep us safe from them?


Jizyah in the Modern World

Source: The Mayor of Bethlehem is Christian, but It’s Hamas That’s in Charge

“The general plan of Hamas also includes the imposition of a special tax, called al-jeziya, upon all of the non-Muslim residents in the Palestinian territories. This tax revives the one applied through all of Islamic history to the dhimmi, the second-class Jewish and Christian citizens.”
“In the recent violence, residents of the Baghdad neighborhood of Dora said gunmen knocked on the doors of Christian families, demanding they either pay jizya — a special tax traditionally levied on non-Muslims — or leave. The jizya has not been imposed in Muslim nations in about 100 years.”       

The Jizyah has “not been imposed” since European pressure and power has been brought to bear. But non-Muslims have been subject to a disguised Jizyah. Despite the supposed reforms that were to bring complete legal equality to non-Muslims in Turkey, in World War II the Varlik Vergesi was a large tax imposed by the government on non-Muslim citizens, who despite Kemalism, or perhaps because of it, have never been considered “Turks” equal to Muslim “Turks.”In Malaysia the non-Muslims have been subject to the disguised Jizyah of the Bumiputra system, which favors economically the Muslims, and essentially involves a transfer of wealth from the more industrious and entrepreneurial non-Muslims (Chinese and Hindus) to Muslims (Malays, but not the members of the indigenous tribes, which were christianized, or remained pagan — and only now are being islamized through intense pressure and Da’wa campaigns).       

Elsewhere, as in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Hindus and Christians live in a state of permanet physical danger, and that danger also is one of losing their property to Muslim looters and marauders who cannot be sued or brought to justice on the say-so of a non-Muslim. The Jews of the Arab world fled — nearly one million of them — leaving their property, which was the last transfer of wealth. In Egypt, under Nasser, the property of most Jews and the Levantine Christains — Greeks, Italians, and others — were “nationalized” as Nasser put it. But this was nothing more than the seizure of Infidel property by Muslim governments. Copts in Egypt do not pay a direct Jizyah. But there are other ways to force local Christians, constantly fearful for their own well-being, to have them pay off, or take as local partners, Muslims who may protect them. There is no security for the property of non-Muslims in Muslim lands, and there are various ways in which the “protection money” that is the Jizyah is paid, often in indirect, informal, and disguised ways, when the more direct imposition would attract too much unwanted Western attention and, presumably, outrage.

Fitzgerald: Has it been worth it?

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald explores the fruits of the jizyah of foreign aid:

For decades hundreds of years  now the United States and other countries have poured money into the Muslim world. What have we received in return?Jizyah sums to Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and any other Muslim state or quasi-state that had the bad luck not to be born with lots and lots of oil and gas under the ground, should be compiled and listed. Egypt has received from the United States a total of more than $60 billion. That $60 billion could have been put into ethanol research and development (if one is to believe, and I do, the story about Brazil’s success with ethanol), and into advances in solar and wind energy. But instead we have gained what? Egypt remains a world center of antisemitism and anti-Americanism. Egypt is the protector of the Sudan and has worked to prevent effective intervention (the ineffective African Union kind is just swell) in Darfur. Egypt has been the official sponsor of a celebrated television series based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an act which does not exactly comply in spirit or letter with its solemn commitment, under the Camp David Accords, to end all hostile propaganda against Israel.


And what is the sum total of Infidel aid that Pakistan has received? Be sure to include all those cancelled billions of debt. Was not Pakistan the creator and incubator of the Taliban, and of the nuclear weapons project of A. Q. Khan who, supported by the generals of the I.S.I., also distributed nuclear know-how to such friends of the United States as Iran and North Korea?And then there is Jordan, the country with the “plucky little king” with so many friends in England, not to mention his admirer Anthony Lewis (formerly of The New Duranty Times), followed by the slightly less plucky and less little king, his son Abdullah, with the wrestler’s neck and the less oily manner. Abdullah is an even more entirely unrepresentative representative of an Arab country, Jordan or Eastern Palestine, than his father was. In opinion poll after poll in that country, 95% or more of the population declares its hatred for America. The same percentage of Eastern Palestine’s “Palestinian” population, more or less, that would like to get a visa to move to America. No doubt some would argue that they should be granted those visas and then those green cards because, after all, what better way to diminish Arab and Muslim anti-American hatred then to allow them to live here and make them Americans? It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Nor should one forget all the sums dutifully handed over, first by the Europeans, and more recently by the Americans, to the “Palestinians” (as local Arabs carefuly renamed themselves after the Six-Day War in 1967, when it became clear a long propaganda campaign would be necessary to weaken and isolate Israel). Indeed, the Americans and Europeans are so afraid of what might happen if they discontinue the Jizyah to the shock troops of the Lesser Jihad (that against Israel), that even now they horrifically contemplate sending aid to the nakedly eliminationist regime and people of the “Palestinian” Authority, calling it “humanitarian aid” which, of course, will simply free up other sums for buying armaments of every kind, including explosives and Qassem rockets. But the Jiyzah must not be stopped. No, no, the Jizyah must not be stopped.

Go around the world. Add up the amounts paid out to those members of that ill-fated CENTO (Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey)military alliance. Add up what is given in foreign aid to Indonesia by Australia, the United States and the Netherlands. Add up what is given by the French to the countries of North Africa — countries that repay those francs, those young teachers sent on their civilizing mission, that military aid, by doing what? By relieving their excess of population and sending it, as a token of Arab and Muslim appreciation, to France, by all conceivable legal and illegal channels. And once in France, those young Arabs fit in so well, integrate so easily, are so grateful for all the free housing and education and medical care, and just for the chance to live in douce France, mere des armes, des arts, et des lois, that they wake up in the morning trying to think of ways to repay their French fellow countrymen and countrywomen, and the French state for its largesse.

Add up the damn Jizyah.

Then, on a second page, add up the sums given by the fabulously rich Arab states, the ones that owe their trillions to an accident of geology, to those same recipients. Find out just how much they have been giving, over the years, to the “Palestinians,” (other than as rewards to the families of suicide bombers). Find out how much they have been giving to Egypt, to Jordan, to Pakistan, and all the rest. Find out how little is given — except in direct payments to encourage Jihad, the Lesser or the Greater.

Now, inhabitants of the Elysee, 10 Downing Street, the White House, and bigshots, big shishki, everywhere, sit down and analyze what these figures mean.

Be sure, in your calculations, to add up the value of what the United States and the other Infidel donors of this “protection money” have received in return.

Friendship? Reliable allies? Anything concrete, anything that they did that they would not have done anyway to protect their own interests, and their own regimes from challenge, but that they actually did only for us, to demonstrate solidarity or gratitude? Anything? Nothing? The Less-Than-Nothing of open enmity and contempt, not diminished by these Jizyah payments but in fact fueled by them? Because this continued largesse, to those whose regimes, and peoples, express such hostility (the peoples even more than the corrupt regimes) is taken by Muslims as evidence of our own weakness, our pusillanimity, our willingness, our eagerness to be had.

Has it been worth it?


Darura, or “Necessity”

“…..The unprecedented has now occurred — millions and now tens of millions of Muslims have been allowed to settle deep within Infidel lands, behind what Muslims themselves are taught to regard as, essentially, enemy lines. Naturally, still weak because far less numerous behind those enemy lines, Muslims in the Infidel lands must prevent those Infidels from examining too closely the texts and tenets of Islam, and figuring out what they mean. They must prevent those Infidels from looking too closely at the history of Islamic Jihad-conquest, and especially at the history of the subsequent subjugation of non-Muslims from Spain to East Asia, over 1350 years. They must prevent Infidels from finding out about Muslim attitudes toward many kinds of artistic expression (sculpture, paintings of living creatures, music) and toward the free and skeptical inquiry that makes science possible, and is everywhere encouraged in the advanced West, and discouraged in Islam. They must keep up a patter of phony sweetness-and-light, and misrepresent Islam as “respecting” Christianity and Judaism.

And Infidels don’t generally know that major figures from both those religions have been appropriated by Islam and turned into Muslims — for we are all Muslims, right back to Abraham, in the Islamic view. They usually don’t bother to examine what the Islamic “Jesus” and the Islamic “Moses” are, in Islam. Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Jewish “dialogues” become occasions for special pleading and careful taqiyya-and-tu-quoque by Muslim spokesmen, delivered to self-selected groups of Infidels. Those Infidels, meanwhile, are in equal measures ignorant, naive, and self-preening: “We are willing to meet and listen and dialogue with our Muslim brothers — unlike all those others, the benighted and the bigoted. We are morally superior, and we will demonstrate that moral superiority by taking every occasion to defend ‘our Muslim brothers’ from those who would divide us.”

The beachhead is gained, and the Muslim troops fan out across the new land, ready to spread Islam. They spread it in the prisons among those looking for justification for their alienation from The System, Amerika, Kapitalism, and finding Islam as the perfect vehicle to justify their own past, and possibly future, criminal behavior, and in many cases, to dignify it, draping naked aggression in the cloak of a new faith. And since so many of the undisciplined long not merely for discipline, but for Total Discipline, Islam provides a ready-made Community of Believers, who will enforce, in every way, rules that cover every detail of life. Bush likes to prate about how everyone “wants freedom.” It’s nonsense. The spirit of wanting to march in serried ranks, of Belonging to the Group (Nuremberg! Hitlerjugend! Jawohl!), and of knowing what one is to do, for every occasion, at every step, is a strong one. There are many who cannot stand or do not know how to use “freedom” (which Bush himself hardly understands), and who long for Authority.

And that is what Islam provides: Authority, the Authority of Allah and the Example of Muhammad, whose life, whose words and deeds serve as a gloss on the will expressed by Allah in the Qur’an.

Blair, as a leading spokesman of the nattering classes (World Leader Division), goes on about a “manageable” problem to which there is a “solution.” He wishes tiny, permanently beleaguered Israel, the physical refuge and embodiment of the most persecuted tribe in human history, to pay the price for his inability, and that of others, to dare to come to grips with the menace of Islam. He wants to prolong for a while longer the illusion that the problem arises from something we, the Infidels have done. In this case, the Infidels are those stubborn Israelis, who keep insisting on staying alive, who keep insisting on being able to have a minimum level of defensible borders, who keep insisting — though not nearly as effectively as they should and could — that yes, they have legal, historic, and moral rights to this land, that they are the victims of an Arab siege. The Israelis still do not call it, as they should, a Jihad, albeit a Local or Lesser Jihad. The monstrous rewriting of history that has gone on virtually unopposed since the Six-Day War needs itself to be rewritten, and the truth, or much of it, brought back to the consciousness of those in the West who have no idea of it – such as Blair, Rice, and other “two-state” solutionists.

Darura. “Darura” in Arabic means “necessity.” The Arabs and Muslims understand this idea. “Necessity” can justify even violating explicit prohibitions. You may, if starving, eat pork, according to some. You may, if you need to protect the faith, lie to Infidels — lie about Islam itself, lie about your own belief in Islam. There is no further surrender of territory by Israel that will bring about “peace” with the Arab Muslims. The Arabs, and the shock troops of Arab Islam in the Lesser Jihad against Israel, are divided. But they are not divided the way that Blair and Rice and others seem to think. They are not divided, that is, between those who are ready to permanently accept Israel’s existence (and what’s more, its right to permanent existence) and those who are not.

No. They are divided, rather, between those who are the Slow Jihadists and those who are the Fast Jihadists. The Slow Jihadists are what the media like to repeatedly assure us are the “moderates.” How many times have you seen a reporter blandly begin by referring in his dispatch to “the moderate Mahmoud Abbas” or “the moderates of Fatah”? The Homeric epithets here are not singer-of-tales mnemonic devices, but rather part of mental bullying, a deliberate attempt to tell us what to make of facts, not to think for ourselves. Thinking for yourself is discouraged. You must repeat: Abbas “the moderate,” Fatah “the moderates.” You must further be told that what is called the “Two-State Solution” is indeed a “Solution.” If it weren’t, why would such impressive people as Condoleeza Rice or Tony Blair, or the “Quartet” (the Four Horsemen of Israel’s Apocalypse is more like it), call it a “Two-State Solution”?

Let’s get this straight. There is no difference in the ultimate goal of Fatah or of Hamas. Both want Israel as a Jewish state to disappear…..”

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  1. No I think in the case of Muslims I would gladly waive the departure tax. BTW did you know that Muslim Indonesia charges its OWN citizens a departure tax of 1,000,000 Rupiah ( approx US$ 125 and a huge amount for a normal Indonesian) each and every time they leave the country. The reason for this of course is that although Indonesia has taxation laws just like all countries do with the corruption that is rife there as it is in all Islamic countries the actual collection percentage of taxation is incredibly low. Hence the only way they can get something back is this departure tax. The logic being that if you can afford to travel abroad you have obviously got money and if you are a normal Indonesian you have obviously avoided paying tax on it.

  2. Peter Barry

    You for got to mention that all ex-pats also have to pay this fiscal; Plus they have one years tax in advance.

  3. I meant to write

    You for forgot to mention that all ex-pats also have to pay this fiscal; Plus they have to pay one years tax in advance.

  4. Not only would I exempt Muslims from a departure tax, but willingly hand them settlement money, as long as they never come back. It will be much cheaper in the long run – much much cheaper.

  5. Doesn’t work, DP111. They tried that in Germany more than a decade ago; they all went and blew their payouts on some houses or business ventures in Turkey and came back asap.

    Got a better idea?

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