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* Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to build community centers and great minarets like our oil-slick enemies. The internet is the only way to call the believers to the front in the great war for the survival of Western civilization. Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem, a great fighter and patriot, is also a cancer patient and needs your help.

Here’s his latest cartoon:

to z readers of ‘winds of jihad’
sir, madam:  we are sick’n tyred to serve u like bunch of slaves without any recognition – despite of our long years loyal and reliable service, we hvnot ever get a bit ove open reward on ur spider side and zat is a the fuckt.
so – unles dis ll’be rectumfied, we kud/vud be pressed to go on general strike, vot more, we can eezyly get a job from ur opponents.
if you vant to avoid dis, u better do samsung about it kvik – ooor!!!!!!
we are giving u 17.328 hours to act.

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  1. He does not want money, read his letter. he wants to be rectum fied, I think he is offering you his rectum.

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