Piracy: the new old jihad

Strange Cargo:

* Iranian ship was floating radiological bomb meant for Israel

* In crisis-ridden Somalia, enjoying the ‘piracy bubble’

MOGADISHU (AFP) — As Somalia sinks ever deeper into hunger and despair, attacking foreign ships bottle-necking into the Gulf of Aden is proving to be one of the few profitable activities in the country.

Abdi Garad, who describes himself as the commander of one of the first groups of pirates who started marauding Somalia’s much-frequented waters, has no qualms about listing the personal advantages derived from piracy.

“We enjoy life with the money we get as a ransom,” he told AFP from an undisclosed location in the semi-autonomous breakaway region of Puntland.


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  1. The Barbary Wars all over again, this time on Africa’s east coast. Somalia should be placed under quarantine and/or partitioned. The place ceased being a viable nation long ago.

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