This just in from Yid With Lid: Where is Barrack Hussein’s  *&#@ birth certificate?

“Obama is Using Terrorist’s Lawyer to Defend Lawsuit” -the Manchurian candidate uses CAIR lawyer to fight those who demand to see it

Here come another of those “Guilt by Associations” that Senator Barack Obama will try to weasel himself out of. As you may know, Philip Berg is suing Senator Obama in Civil Court. Berg wants Obama to Produce his real birth certificate to prove that he meets the citizenship requirements to be President. Rather than just product the birth certificate (is he trying to hide something?) Obama’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss. One of the Lawyers filing the motion was Joe Sandler ( of the Washington law firm Sandler, Reiff, and Young…

Joe Sandler? Sandler, Reiff, and Young?

Joe Sandler was the CAIR lawyer who sent a letter to the Young America’s Foundation in August 2007, threatening them with legal action if they let me speak to their national student conference. (You can see the letter here.) I spoke anyway (YAF’s Jason Mattera said, “CAIR can go to hell and take their seventy-two virgins with them”), and the threatened lawsuit did not materialize (at least as of this writing, over a year later).

But now here again Obama allies himself with someone who has but scant regard for the freedom of speech. Will he, as President, sacrifice that freedom in an attempt to build the bridges with the Islamic world that he has boasted of being able to build? Here is a full discussion of that possibility.

I hope that Barack Obama, when he becomes President, will become a staunch defender of the First Amendment against attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to limit it or destroy it altogether. But his hiring of Joseph Sandler is not at all reassuring.

4 thoughts on “PLANET OBAMA”

  1. If Obama can’t produce his Birth Certificate (most probably because it will CONFIRM he is a Muslim) then he should be disqualified from running for President. What should also be prominently published are Obama’s school records from Indonesia showing him registered as a MUSLIM and a copy of the ‘multi faith’ schools rules that say he can register in ANY religion. This guy is a lying, fake and America needs to wake up to that soon before he causes damage beyond repair.

  2. If you want to see what obamarama would do to the USA, have a look at the way socialists are destroying ENGLAND!

  3. Before voting, people need to ask themselves this question. ” which is the party that an evil smelling,goat humping,wife beating,bomb making,throat slitting,welfare sucking inbred retarded koranimal LEAST likely to vote for?”
    Not only should you vote for that party,you should encourage everyone you know to do the same. Join that party,and donate to that party.

  4. With such glowing endorsements from Hamas, Mad dinner jacket and the pint sized dictator, any other candidate would have been sunk. It is like having Jack the ripper as a character witness when charged with rape.

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