Poll Results: If Obama gets in…

” I swear by my Koran that I’m a Muslim… I mean… Christian!”


Obama will destroy Israel & America got 67 % of all votes!

4  % believe he will destroy Pakistan (why would he?)

4  % believe he will nuke Mecca (unlikely!)

14 % believe he will make the U.S. Islamic

(he will certainly make it more Islam-friendly, by muzzling opponents and by introducing hate-speech laws that contravene the first amendment)

12 % believe in ‘Peace in our time”- Peanut Carter  sends his regards!


New Poll starts Now:

Is Barack H. Obama a Natural-Born American Citizen?

 Here’s an interesting video about the attorney who has filed a lawsuit demanding that Obama produce records proving his eligibility to serve as President of the United States.

*  Gates of Vienna has more…

2 thoughts on “Poll Results: If Obama gets in…”

  1. I don’t think this loser will destroy the US and Israel on his own but he will definitely grease the slide.

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