The (Possible) Prosecution of Geert Wilders


by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna


Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report on the multiple concerted attempts by various people and organizations in the Netherlands to have Geert Wilders prosecuted for his unacceptable opinions. There are many within the current Dutch government who would love to see this happen, if only a way could be discovered to legally accomplish it.

VH begins with a translation of an article in, and then follows it with his own compilations from various Dutch media sources:

Court considers prosecuting Wilders

Geert WildersThe court in Amsterdam will decide this year about a prosecution of Geert Wilders on the basis of discrimination. This is what the Court wrote to lawyer Els Lucas. The former PvdA [Labor] candidate for the City Council of Lelystad filed complaints against Wilders several times. Wilders is also invited to the Court to tell his story, the letter states.

In July a special discrimination department of the Public Prosecutor decided not to prosecute Wilders for a number of expressions done in the media, and in his film Fitna.

Els Lucas and two other parties [one of them René Danen’s Netherlands Admits Color] have filed an appeal against this decision. The appeal will be dealt with this year.

*   Jerusalem to Host Ant-Jihad Convention in December,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News,

The judiciary have received dozens of complaints against Wilders in recent years. These concerned statements in the newspapers De Volkskrant, De pers and in internet columns. In these, according to those who filed the complaints, he had discriminated and encouraged hatred. The complaints are being collected in Amsterdam and viewed by the National Expertise Center Discrimination (LECD, Landelijk Expertisecentrum Discrimination [used to be “Diversity”]) of the Public Prosecutor.

The LECD advised against proceeding with a prosecution. Some experts consulted also felt that Wilders could not be prosecuted on the basis of his statements. The Public Prosecutor followed this advice at the end of June. Lucas by then had already announced that he would bring this decision before the Court.


In Jordan Wilders is already being prosecuted along with eleven Danish cartoonists. “The charges include defamation and violation of online publishing laws,” according to Mr. Tarek Hawamdeh, a lawyer for some 30 Jordanian media outlets which filed an official complaint earlier this month seeking court action against Wilders. “Punishment could be up to three years in jail. Wilders has been summoned to appear before the court. He will be given 15 days to comply, otherwise, an arrest warrant might be issued through the Interpol,” Hawamdeh said.

All Jordan now has to do is wait for a friendly European nation to use theEuropean Arrest Warrant and call Interpol.

– – -  – – – – –
Wilders compared the Koran with Mein Kampf in his opinion piece and advocated a ban on the aforementioned holy book (in the Netherlands Mein Kampf has already been banned, by a Socialist/Christian Democrat coalition in the early 1970s).

“I find that goes too far. It is also unacceptable that a parliamentarian expresses himself in such a way,” said Els Lucas in her fistful of seconds of fame. But she objected to the scope of the entire article. Therefore on August 8, 2007 she went with a copy of the article and a pile of web-quotes and texts in her suitcase straight to the police station.

Haroon Raza on that cold and drizzly August day also went straight to the police offices: “Incitement to discriminate against a population group and incitement to hatred, discrimination or violence.”

Raza based his complaint on a number of statements of Wilders, including the most recent about banning the Koran.

Also on that pre-autumn August day, Parliament responded with outrage over Wilders’ article. The VVD (Liberals) said: “Wilders is completely off the road!” The Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen (CDA) said: “He reaches the very edge of decency!”

Somewhere else in the Netherlands, Abdeljamid Khairoun of the Dutch Muslim Council said: “Wilders suffers from a religion-syndrome!”

Then Cardinal Ad Simonis also intervened: “Too absurd for words. The idea! Every word spent on this kind of proposal is one too many!”

Lucas and Raza were in good company: Saudi-Arabia, the only country with strict apartheid (Mecca), demanded an apology to Muslims and ordered Wilders to take back his comments. Wilders said he would not even consider it: “Are they completely mad? It is scandalous that a country that does not recognize freedom of speech is telling me what to do? They had better learn that as an MP here you are allowed to say what you want.”

Iran found it “a direct insult to the holy and ethical values of Islam.” And had to restrain themselves from calling him a warmonger and accusing him of violating the universal Declaration of Human Rights. That came later.

The Dutch Internazi René Danen (former squatter, environmentalist with links to the ultra-leftist RaRa terrorists, Militant Trotskyite, Anti-Fortuyn movement founder, International Socialist, Anti-Wilders demonstration organizer with links to GreenLeft, Socialist Party, etc.) filed a complaint as well. But he is known for wanting to become the Dutch Honecker and did not really surprise anyone. But he’ll be an interesting Tribunal case if there ever is any.

In between all these urgent matters, Geert Wilders had to file a report about a suicide attack threat: “Two young men reportedly planned to shoot the politician down and detonate a van full of explosives next to the politician. Many innocent people were to die in the chaos.” But Geert Wilders is not Els Lucas, nor René Danen, and thus receives real threats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and apéritif.

Next in the queue was Gerard Spong. A well-known lawyer, who thrust himself into it during a Leftist TV show by a Leftist presenter and a ultra-Leftist student,Timo Eekland. This Timo Eekland was exposed as being a stereotype Dutch product of ’68 hippies. Apart from admiring Bin Laden and hoping for “200 aircraft crashing into the White House and the Pentagon at the same time,” he also had told friends: “We, the elite of the students” can handle it, but the problem is “the dumb masses.”

The Foundation Netherlands Moroccans (Stichting Marokkanen Nederland, SMN), also joined in with Lucas and filed a complaint based on “instigating hate and/or offending Muslims.”

Finally, the article by Wilders led to 44 filed complaints, while Mohamed Sini (GreenLeft, International Socialists) founded a “Movement against Wilders”, and the “Netherlands Admits Color” of René Danen announced an anti-Wilders demonstration with Amnesty International and a high official of Unilever, Doekle Terpstra, that led to even more Anti Movements.

In January 2008 it came out that the police were advised to show flexibility in dealing with complaints made, following the release of the upcoming film by Wilders. Complaints could also be filed if there was no firm evidence of a criminal offense at all. The preprinted complaint forms were an idea of Bert Poelert of the National Expertise Center Diversity (LECD), a division of the Police Academy. He also told the country’s police chiefs that there should not be any attempt to arrest angry Muslims, even when they set cars ablaze.

For convenience, the Police had pre-printed and pre-filled out multiple choice complaint forms ready for confused Wilders haters after the release of The Film. Even though complainants had only to fill in the author of the film, the title of the film, tick what hurt the most, and add their own names and addresses, only a few dozen filed it.

Els Lucas was again one of the first.

Coming this December: International anti-jihad conference in Jerusalem

Recently I spoke with Geert Wilders about this conference in Jerusalem, and he asked me to be there. I plan to be. Meanwhile, watch for the video of my interview with Wilders, coming very soon.

“Jerusalem to Host Ant-Jihad Convention in December,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, October 4 (thanks to JW):

( Dutch legislator Geert Wilders, producer of the movie Fitna exposing the Koran’s incitement to violence, announced that a “Facing Jihad Conference” will take place in Jerusalem in December. “We are organizing this event in Israel to emphasize the fact that we are all in the same boat together,” he said in a speech in New York.Wilders’ 15-minute film earlier this year set off violent protests in Muslim countries because of the description of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a murderer. He is teaming up with Knesset Member Prof. Aryeh Eldad (National Union) for the Jerusalem convention, where he vowed “no racist organizations will be allowed.”

Wilders said the conference will mark the beginning of an Alliance of European Patriots that “will serve as the backbone for all organizations and political parties that oppose jihad and Islamization.” His speech was sponsored by the prestigious Hudson Institute, which has stated his current programs are aimed at “developing programs of political and economic reform to transform the Muslim world.”

He said that “Israel is our first line of defense [but] the war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been no Israel, Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming.”

Wilders warned that the Islamization of Europe leaves the United States as “the last man standing.” The Dutch legislator presented statistics showing that the new European reality is one of a burgeoning Muslim population [in] ghettos controlled by religious fanatics…, and they are the building blocks for territorial control of increasingly larger portions of Europe… Clearly, the signal is: we rule.”

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  1. There are nobody more “racist” than the followers of Mohammad – Europe needs more gutsy politicians like Wilders –
    He lives in constant fear of his life, but it is not stopping him, thank God!
    I have watched his different speaches over the internet, and I have not heard ONE racist remark – again “What race is Islam”??????
    He is talking against an IDEOLOGI, that conflicts with democracy – not the people, because he realizes, the Muslims themselves are the first victims of Islam. Brainwashed from childhood.
    “Mein Kampf” may be banned in Holland, but it sure isn’t in the middle east, where it is the most read book by radicals, next to the Koran.
    All over Europe there are more and more “No-go zones” for “infidels” – ruled by Mohammedans –
    England has gotten Sharia laws – what’s next???
    “Don’t arrest angry Muslims” ?????? – No, just let them do as they please, like burning cars, schools, beating jews in the streets and so on…. and we will have peace, LOL
    What is wrong with these idiots, who wants to drag Wilders to court in a democratic country for telling it like it is.
    The muslims in Europe are not legitimate immigrants, but invaders –
    “When you are in Rome, do like the Romans.” –
    But do the Muslims comply to this saying?
    Hell no………. they want the Romans to change their ways – that’s Invation……
    More power to those who dare to speak up for the good of all of us, who like the way Europe used to be.
    Let’s insult the Muslims some more – they already hate us – maybe they will go home to Halal-land – ?????
    Well, fat chance………

  2. justaninfidel:
    Beautifully expressed. I, for one, am committed to supporting Wilders in any way I can. I cannot think of anyone during my lifetime (all 68 years) whom I have so greatly admired, with the possible exception of Martin Luther King. Vilified by the very people he is trying to protect, Wilders stands up against the enemies of freedom day in and day out.
    From what I have been reading of late, it is apparent that the dhimmis are planning to attack Wilders on several legal fronts. They, of course, will have all the financial resources of our toadying, quisling governments behind them, while Wilders will have to cover all his legal expenses on his own. Ideas are fine, but I sincerely believe that in very short order we’re going to have to support our beliefs with our wallets. I, personally, am prepared to make a substantial contribution toward his legal expenses, as I can think of no issue which is more crucial to the future of my children. Sadly, I am a complete dunce when it comes to organizing anything, especially financial, so I appeal to anyone who is knowledgeable in this area to step up and establish a Geert Wilders legal defence fund to which we supporters might contribute.

  3. Stop talking, start acting
    Isn’t your freedom worth a stamp???

    If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin: (Winston Eng) (Charlie Eng)

    To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends owners of a website in order they publish it.

    An other way to support Geert Wilders is to give some money. To donate:

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