UK: A Pain In The Butt

* Might be a good idea to get all  these Butts out, but with things the way they are in PC Londonistan, it looks like the whole place has to go up in flames before even one Butt is deported:

* From the Opinionator

More proof that Greater Manchester muslim Butt brothers continue to be a pain in the backside to the British people. 


Hassan Butt has claimed to have recruited hundreds of British Muslims to fight for al Qaida in the past – though he is now touted as a “reformed terrorist”- latest link:  Anti-terror police arrest Muslim author and former al-Qaida recruiter as he boards flight to Pakistan


Last March I wrote about the other brother, Dentist Omer Butt,

as he refused to provide dental care for any woman who did not wear a head scarf and reduced fees for those women who did wear a scarf. (Note the article featured below says that Butt did this to muslim women – but the original article quoted from last March stated the more general term “women”.) Omer Butt was subsequently found guilty of serious professional misconduct.

The latest incident involving the duo:

“Police were called to a pharmacy in Parr Lane, Unsworth, just after 10.30am on Tuesday following reports that a car had blocked in other drivers and a man was refusing to move it.

The motorist, Omer Butt, 32, is said to have driven the car at a female officer who was signalling for him to stop. It is understood the vehicle hit the officer on the leg and caused her minor injuries.

Hassan Butt, 28, then arrived at the scene and allegedly used racial and abusive language.”

The article goes on to state:

“”Omer Butt was subsequently charged with assaulting a police officer and Hassan Butt has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. Both men have been bailed and are due to appear before magistrates in Bury on October 31.”

It comes as no surprise that clearly Omer still has huge issues with women- considering the treatment of women by the followers of Islam and clearly Hassan still has not truly “renounced” terrorist “tendencies” – the British police apparently agree. The Butt brothers actions certainly fly in the face of the media over-hyped (myth of) Islamophobia. (and likely why this incident is local rather than UK national news) 

Thus is it correct to say that the unacceptable & illegal actions of Omer & Hassan Butt are examples of Kuffarophobia (muslim hatred of non muslims)?

Something tells me that we haven’t heard the last from this pair of Butts.

For complete article go to:

‘Reformed Terrorist’ on Race Abuse Charges

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  1. Nicky Butt was crap that is why Manchester United sold him to Newcastle!

  2. That does it! No more ifs, ands, or Butts!

    They need to Butt out!

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