Wall Street

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They told us immigration was good for us

They told us Islam was a religion of peace
They told us the economy was doing fine

They lied.

* Here’s another one from Atlas Shrugs:

Liberal democrats used government mortgage agencies to facilitate mortgages to Blacks from the lower classes who were unable to do the math and unable to have the kind of jobs to hold on to their houses. In other words, they used these government agencies to strong arm the American economy to facilitate slave reparations.

“It has become obvious that Obama, Jesse, Al, Louis, Andrew, Rev. Wright, Father Phleger, et all have no intention of ever fixing the bastardization of black America. In fact, I strongly suspect that they see extending that failure to the rest of the world as justice. In other words, because 70% (90% in inner cities) of blacks don’t have fathers, it is only fair that all others on the earth morph into nations of bastards.”

70% of blacks born today don’t have fathers and the hip-hop/rap that they perpetuate on the young in America and the rest of the world encourages those children/victims to act out in at least as perverted a manner.

600,000 white men lost their lives in the war to end slavery in the United States. No other race, religion or ethnic group anywhere, anytime on the earth has ever done that for another.

Slavery has been in existence for millennia in every nation and still is in existence in some Arab states and (cough) African nations. So why is the USA, alone of all the countries being shaken down for reparations?

I know the answer, but I wish more people would ask the question.

2 thoughts on “Wall Street”

  1. I have plenty of things to say about this topic but I will refrain from doing so because it would be a lot of writing. One thing I will say is that if Martin Luther King and Malcolm X came back from the dead they would most likely be appalled by the state of black America
    today and one can’t blame them.

    As for reparations I can see Oprahma going for this in a heartbeat. Slavery is the “gift” that keeps on taking in the US-we’ve had the nation’s bloodiest war, decades of affirmative action and trillions of dollars spent trying to make good for slavery but for the race baiters and their loony leftist allies it’s not enough and never will be. The conclusion is clear-the honkies must be officially enslaved for some 250 years. Maybe then the crackpots will be satisfied.

  2. A little off topic, but I’ll never tire of saying how incredibly racist blacks, mostly women, are to my family and to other non-blacks in my neighborhood and city. They harrass non-blacks by calling the police and neighborhood association for b.s. reasons, leaving insulting notes on cars, sending insulting letters via U.S.P.S and other tricks. The cowards always do it without revealing themselves. The dirty hypocrites are using the exact tactics that the K.K.K. used. The problem is mostly black women because they feel threatened by white and Latino women. They resent them because black men are strongly attracted to them. They collectively salvage their egos by saying to each other that white and Latino women are “whores”. I don’t think that a millionaire professional athlete who could marry any girl would marry a white or Latino woman if they were “whores”. I bring this point up whenever and wherever I can because I know that someday I’ll make them eat what they are doing when I tell them how much attention I’m bringing to their hypocritical racism.

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