Welcome to Islamic Germany

What are the limits? For example, there have been hardly any protests about the Merkez Mosque in Duisburg, which is scheduled to open on Oct. 26, 2008, and will be Germany’s largest. But the announcement that two additional mosques would be built in the city sparked protests by local inhabitants.

Kuwait clerics:  all Muslim nations should  collectively punish Germany for Titanic magazines Muhammad look-alike contest

Kuwait Times

* Never mind that the event never took place. The ummah wants to see blood…

KUWAIT: A number of clerics expressed their resentment against a German magazine ‘Titanic.’ The magazine recently announced their plans of holding a competition to imitate Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) through the Frankfurt International Exhibition. The clerics asked all Muslim states to boycott the exhibition if the magazine plans to go ahead with the competition where competitors playing the role of the prophet. The exhibition opened yesterday.

The former Dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence Dr Ajeel Al-Nashmi said the action is one in a series of actions that aim at insulting Muslims and their prophet. He said, we as Muslims respect our prophet and all other prophets, and they have to respect ours. But they instead undertake several actions to insult Islam because we did not adopt a serious stand to stop them from committing such acts, reported Al-Watan. He added that if Muslim states and people counter a strict stand such as diplomatic and comm
ercial boycotts, then they will never insult our religion or our prophet.

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  1. * Kuwait clerics: all Muslim nations should collectively punish Germany for (insert excuse)

    Bring it on, if you really must, if only to stop the mindless seething.

  2. After watching “Farewell to Israel” last night, that movie really filled in the blanks concerning how Islam is dealing with “Al-Dar-Harb” [Europe] than with Israel, which Muslims view as part of “Al-Dar-Islam” [a revolt of dhimmi subjugation within the Caliphate]. Against Germany this is a attack in the tradition of the “salaam” – peace with justice, in that Muslims do not have the power to overthrow Germany presently…so they choose to the non violent Jihad approach that uses freedoms within Germany to establish Islam there, in order to build strength that can administer their “justice” later. Which obviously means conquering the Government, the Culture, all Religions within & establishing Shariah over all.

    I would strongly recommend all to watch this movie. Like I said it does a great job of bridging truths and really exposes how Islam really operates, either in violent Jihad or the more subtle double meaning presentations of peace & hudna agreements.


  3. VonStierlitz Says:

    October 19th, 2008 at 1:37 pm
    Scheiß moslems ! Alle verfickte islamisten – RAUS !

    Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about!


  4. Why do these Islamist want to be in the West?
    Islam, call your flock home, for everybody’s sake, before all hell will break alose and a very nasty war will start.
    All western should do the same, leave these Islam countries, let them help themselves and see how they can function with all the labor from the West.

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