Amazing Chutzpah & Hypocrisy At The BBC

BBC Radio host sacked after call to taxi firm requesting ‘non-Asian’ driver 

* Remember: these are the people that are shoving multiculti-diversity down your throat, day-in, day-out, 24/7…

By Daily Mail Reporter


Sacked: BBC Radio Bristol host Sam Mason, who was dismissed following a ‘racist’ phone call to a local taxi firm

A BBC Radio presenter has been sacked following a ‘racist’ call to a taxi firm, in which she requested a ‘non-Asian’ driver.

Sam Mason told the operator that ‘a guy with a turban would freak her daughter out’   insisting they send an English driver instead.

The ex-glamour girl, 40, called the firm to order a taxi for her 14-year-old daughter off-air, while presenting her BBC Bristol radio show.

After the operator branded her request ‘racist’, Mason insisted, claiming it wasn’t the first time she had made the request.

She said: ‘A guy with a turban is going to freak her out. She’s not used to Asians.’

When the operator said it would not be possible to carry out her wishes, she said: ‘You’ve managed it before.’

Mason, who has previously battled alcohol addiction, claimed she wasn’t racist but insisted she was looking out for her daughter’s interest.

Mason said: ‘If it were me I wouldn’t care if it had two heads, but it’s my little girl we are talking about.’

After the operator refused to book a car, Mason complained before hanging up.

The operator said: ‘We would class that as being racist. We can’t just penalise the Asian drivers and just send an English one.’



She later called back before a manager accepted the booking.

Mason said: ‘I work at the BBC. I’m far from racist and that uneducated woman has no right to call me one.’


BBC Radio Bristol, where Mason hosted an afternoon show


The BBC were alerted to the conversation after it was recorded and sent to the Sun newspaper. 

The mother-of-one was subsequently suspended and fired 24 hours later.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘Although Sam Mason’s remarks were not made on-air, her comments were completely unacceptable and, for that reason, she has been informed that she will no longer be working for the BBC with immediate effect.’

7 thoughts on “Amazing Chutzpah & Hypocrisy At The BBC”

  1. A private conversation, her concern for her daughter the reason………and she gets fired for it?

  2. This is one of the most horrible stories on P.C. that I have read. It is horrible because it had nothing to do with the BBC, baring the fact that she worked there. What this story clearly tells is that the thought police is already in action. It also shows how the British society has disintegrated, a man is hired because he wears a turban, a woman is fired because she does not like them. Considering that the British society is only some 15% non white and the other 85% are bullied mercilessly by their own government to comply with the minorities every whim and fancy, the tensions will soon reach the breaking point. When it does break, there will be bloodshed not seen since Cromwell’s days.

  3. If she had been a muslim, & threatened to blow up the BBC, or behead Blair / Brown / someone
    for [….insert feigned insult…..], the police would have done nothing, & she would have been
    rewarded with a council house & benefits for herself & her son.

  4. Like most of the rest of Western World’s MSM the BBC is staffed by PC, leftwing, Multi Culti fools however the BBC goes further and is a solid enclave for highly political Gays and Lesbians too. So it is no surprise when they pull stunts like this. What is more worrying is that the BBC’s Documentary and Drama output is now also stuffed with sly PC, Gay and Multi Culti references and propaganda. For example I am sure they were shocked when their ‘Life on Mars’ series produced in the public’s mind the WRONG guy as hero. I am certain we were all supposed to be appalled at the non PC Policing in the 70’s and so supportive of the ‘time traveling’ PC idiot showing the cave men how policing should be. Instead the public fell for the ‘caveman’ and his old fashioned non PC action and straight talk and the BBC were dumbfounded.

  5. I forgot to add the Anti American , Anti Israeli and Anti Christaian bias which is so apparent in the BBC’s so called reporting of the News and is also slipped in to Drama series too in sly underhand ways.

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