Forever deluded: Yvonne Ridley, rabid British 'revert', accuses U.S. again: "many Muslim women in US captivity, tortured, raped"

* No evidence provided, of course. But Yvonne Ridley’s kind of Islamic projection falls on fertile nutroot soil:

Journalist says “many Muslim women in US captivity, tortured, raped”

Yvonne Ridley, British Muslim journalist, says “there are many Muslim women in the captivity of American forces and if public remained silent, they would lose their sisters forever.”
CSC: BBC News – the ‘Headscarf Martyr’ – the excremental Yvonne Ridley feels sorry for herself, Douglas Murray tries to keep a lid on her whining:

* The real tragedy is happening elsewhere:
Friday, 31 October 2008 16:08

Yvonne Ridley, British Muslim journalist slammed the United States for illegally detaining people in Afghanistan and dumping 150 Pakistani children in orphanages.

Wearing pink badges marked with No. 650, signifying the prisoner number of an unidentified woman in Bagram Jail, the relatives of missing persons on Wednesday gathered in front of Geo TV building for yet another peaceful effort to press for the release of their dear ones.

This time joined by a large number of civil society representatives, members of Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, the speakers at the protest urged the government to halt all cooperation with the US till the release of all missing persons held in Pakistan and in other countries.

The protesters held placards demanding release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and other missing persons and condemned former president Pervez Musharraf for selling Pakistani citizens to other countries. Representatives of Pakistan Professional Forum and common citizens were also part of the protest.

Having the backing of Yvonne Ridley, a female journalist who turned Muslim after staying in captivity of Taliban, the protestors said that all they needed was public support. “Americans are afraid of Pakistanis when they are united,” said Yvonne whose Muslim name is now Marium.

Describing her struggle to reach Prisoner No. 650, she said that prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and those who fled the notorious Bagram Jail confirmed the presence of a woman in Bagram who was brutally tortured and repeatedly raped. “The cries of a helpless woman used to echo in the jail that prompted prisoners to go on a hunger strike,” she said.

Marium said that at first they thought it was Dr. Aafia Siddique but the latest information revealed that the lady was still in prison. “There are many Muslim women in the captivity of American forces and are in the same or even worse condition than that of Dr. Aafia,” she said adding that if public remained silent, they would lose their sisters forever. “I beg you to join in my struggle of finding prisoner 650.” She expressed disappointment over the insensitive attitude of the public towards the miserable condition of missing persons. She said that Taliban who were labelled barbaric and uncivilised gave her complete privacy in the prison. “No one used to enter my room without my permission,” she said.

Leading figure in the movement of missing persons, Amina Masood said that it was not difficult to imagine her misery, as she knew that her husband was alive but she was not allowed to even listen to his voice for the past three years. “If our relatives were sold to the American government then the present government should buy them back,” she said begging the leadership to end their ordeal.

She said that the government had promised to constitute a committee to look into the matter yet nothing practical had been done so far. “We do not want any committee, all we want is our dear ones,” she said adding that despite commitments made by the leaders in the government and opposition, the number of missing persons was continuously increasing.

Only a day before, Amina said that a mother of three daughters, Najma Bibi, was taken away by the agencies to an unknown place. She said that Pakistani government should make it clear to the American government that they could not be friends until all missing persons were released.

“The system of missing persons is causing great pain to the citizens of the country and is creating environment of distrust hence it should be completely eliminated,” she said with tears rolling down her eyes.

Pakistan’s News International

12 thoughts on “Forever deluded: Yvonne Ridley, rabid British 'revert', accuses U.S. again: "many Muslim women in US captivity, tortured, raped"”

  1. Claims of rape & torture better have some kind of evidence behind them, because to me false accsuations are just as hideous as if they were true. If she cannot bring evidence I think she should face slander charges with the equivalence of a rape conviction. It would solve the issue of knuckleheads like this crying wolf and would allow others to concentrate on ones with the required evidence that warrants investigation.

  2. The Taliban brainwashed her good – she should be locked up in an insane asylum and the key thrown away.

  3. Dear sceptics,
    I have the evidence, including a retraction from the Pentagon with regards to the Bagram detention of female enemy combatants.
    Even the US Ambassador in London wrote in a letter to Lord Nazir Ahmed that a woman prisoner I exclusively identified as Prisoner 650 did exist despite initial denials.
    Wake up from your slumbers.
    I am very well aware of the laws of defamation and slander – and the proof of burden so I suggest you put up or shut up.
    As a journalist I always corroborate sources.
    You really need to take off your blinkers and disseminate the information put before you – that’s what professional journalists do regardless of their opinions, likes or dislikes of the subject or sources.
    Kindest regards
    Yvonne Ridley

  4. Thank you for presenting us with “evidence”, Mrs Ridley.

    While there might be some female jihadist prisoners detained in Baghram, there is no evidence that any of them has been raped or tortured. Since you are aware of the laws of defamation and slander we suggest you shut up or present your evidence. Since you are a professional journalist you should have no trouble doing that.

    Until then, we shall regard you as a professional propagandist and a supporter of Islamic terrorism.

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