Jihad against India, Assam


Indian police question Muslims for Assam bombings

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Jihad group claims responsibility for India blasts that killed 76

“Tiny minority of extremists” on the march…

“Our initial investigation points that these attacks were carried out by jihadi forces with the help of local militant groups.” Which do you think is more likely — that Muslims in India and the West will protest against this jihad violence, or that they will protest against efforts by non-Muslims to investigate it and to try to implement ways to head it off in the future?

Of course it’s a rhetorical question, for the behavior of even the most “moderate” of self-proclaimed moderate Muslim groups has been consistent since 9/11 and before that as well: Islamic terrorism? Not worth noting, except with bland condemnations of undefined “terrorism.” Non-Muslims speaking about Islamic terrorism and calling upon all free people to resist it? That is worth noting — and greeting with cries of “Hate!” and “Islamophobia!”

“Indian Mujahideen claim responsibility for Assam blasts,” from the Daily Times, November 1 (thanks to JW):

GUWAHATI: A little-known Islamic group claimed responsibility in a text message to a news channel Friday for serial blasts in India’s Assam that claimed 76 lives on Thursday, police said. The group, identifying itself as the ‘Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahideen’, warned such attacks would continue in the Assam state, police said.“The Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahedeen takes the responsibility for yesterday’s blasts,” said the text message sent to the Newslive television network in Assam. “We warn all of Assam and India for situations like this in the future and we thank all our holy members and partners,” added the message.

A police spokesman said the group was believed to have come into existence in 2000 in western Assam, where tribal Bodo militants are campaigning against Muslim settlers from nearby Bangladesh. The group has not been active recently in Assam, where more than a dozen militant groups are campaigning for demands ranging from independence to greater autonomy.

The police’s suspicion had centred on the rebel United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), which has been fighting for an independent homeland since 1979, but the ULFA had denied its involvement. Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami was also a suspect, Reuters reported.

“Our initial investigation points that these attacks were carried out by jihadi forces with the help of local militant groups,” Khagen Sharma, inspector general of police in Assam and chief of Assam’s intelligence services, told Reuters. “We had information about jihadi and ULFA elements planning strikes in Assam,” Reuters quoted Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi as saying….

By Biswajyoti Das

GUWAHATI, India (Reuters) – Indian police detained three Muslims on Saturday after a little-known Islamist group claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 77 people in the troubled state of Assam.

A police official said that a car and mobile phones used to detonate bombs in the remote northeastern state, including main city Guwahati, had been traced to the three men.

Thursday’s coordinated bomb attacks were the worst in India’s turbulent northeast, home to more than 200 tribes and a focus of dozens of insurgencies connected with demands for autonomy or statehood.

A little-known Islamic group, Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahideen sent a mobile text message to a local TV station claiming responsibility for the bombings.

“We, ISF-IM, take responsibility of Thursday’s blast. We warn all of Assam and India of situation like this in future,” the text message said.

Police say the group may have seeking to avenge attacks on Muslim settlers by indigenous tribes that killed at least 47 people last month.

Security was tightened in Guwahati on Saturday ahead of a visit by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to meet families of the victims and survivors.

A Hindu-nationalist group linked with India’s main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party called a day-long shutdown across Assam on Saturday to protest the bombings.


The three men were detained in Nagaon district, about 125 km (75 miles) east of Guwahati.

“Police is probing if they have any involvement in the serial blasts,” said J. Balaji, Nagaon district’s chief administrator.

Ethnic tensions have simmered for decades in Assam where over the years Muslim settlers, mostly from Bangladesh, have moved to this Hindu and tribal-dominated region.

Security officials said they were investigating if the ISF-IM group was the same as an Islamic militant organization formed in 2000 in Assam to avenge attacks by indigenous people.

Police were also investigating the links of ISF-IM with the Indian Mujahideen, which first emerged in November 2007 and has claimed several major attacks across India this year.

The separatist United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) is also suspected, but security experts say the scale and sophistication of Thursday’s attacks bore the hallmark of Islamist militant groups, and that ULFA may have only played a supporting or logistical role. ULFA has denied any involvement.  Continued…

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