Is Winds of Jihad Racist & Sexist?

* Some readers think Winds of Jihad is “racist & sexist”-  are we? This is a satirical blog. We poke fun at everything that stinks. Join us! Join the fun: political correctness sux!

When Is A Joke Racist?

Whether a joke or comment is racist or not, highly depends on who makes it. When Barack Obama tells a racist joke, journalists are laughing tears, but when Silvio Berlusconi tries to make a compliment (though as usual in his own peculiar way), they hang him in the highest tree.

* Warning: the following pic’s may -or may not- offend your sense of PC:


We don’t have a problem with sex. We think sex is good, we all should have more of it.

Islamic jihad is bad, we don’t need any of it.

Tell us what you think about the advertisement above: do you object or are you impressed?

Are you called a racist because you don’t want the people pictured above to come live with you?

Do tell us!

6 thoughts on “Is Winds of Jihad Racist & Sexist?”

  1. The comparison of technological advances of the corresponding societies is a useless effort in nearly all cases because any technology exhibited by the later is normally bought or provided free from and by the former.

  2. WoJ is neither racist nor sexist, rather he/she is a truthteller. Even the most blatant sarcasm is rooted in the truth. Besides, it’s hardly racist not wanting people of a certain ethnicity/religion to move into your country when the basis of their beliefs is to change your country’s culture and government by any means possible. After all, it isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.

  3. I would say that the viagra ad is very lively and provocative and the other is just a blight on mother earth.

  4. Liberals find everything humorous about the human condition to be sexist and/or racists. Of course this may be because they don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘racist’ as they keep calling all us Islamophobes racist. That said, I take it as a compliment when they call me those names, it means I’m getting under their skin. Love your site.

    I have a website about Islam too and one of the most popular sections on it is called “Laughing at Islam.”

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