"Nothing to defend- so I'll be "Defender of All Faiths" Idiot Prince Charles of Walestan

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Prince Charles’s plan to become ‘Defender of Faith’ will help destroy our Christian identity

The Prince of Wales will help to dismantle what remains of Britain’s Christian heritage if he is allowed to change the title of the Monarch from “Defender of the Faith” to plain “Defender of Faith”.

As Andrew Pierce reports today, sources close to the Prince have chosen his 60th birthday to announce a plan to tinker with the British constitution when he becomes king. Unfortunately, it’s a bad plan.

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On the face of it, the loss of a definite article from a title carried by every English monarch since Henry VIII might seem a harmless gesture. It is nothing of the sort. The edited formula will cause tremendous harm, not least because “Defender of Faith” is too vague a phrase to interpret clearly.


                            Perfectly at home in the Muzz world: why isn’t his tilt covered up?

“The Faith” in the original title is Christianity, originally Catholic, then Protestant; in recent decades it has been understood to mean Christianity in general. The Monarch’s title is a specific recognition of his or her responsibility to preserve the unique, sacred status of Christianity in our society. To be sure, its importance is symbolic, but there are few more powerful things than national symbols.

In contrast, what does “Faith” without a definite article mean? Sociologists are still unable, after 200 years, to agree on a definition of religion. The same goes for faith.

Prince Charles’s intention is to extend his symbolic protection to members of minority religions – Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Especially the latter, one suspects. How many times does the Prince have to be told that the pure form of Islam utterly rejects the notion of true religious diversity?

And where, Your Royal Highness, do we draw the boundaries of the “Faith” you defend? Is Scientology a proper faith? Is Spiritualism? Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Aryan Nations? How are you going to tiptoe through the theological and constitutional minefield created when unscrupulous, bizarre or extreme religions demand Royal protection – as they will?

It’s a shame to have to say this on the Prince’s birthday, but this whole idea has a whiff of vanity about it. It’s as if the heir to the throne is saying: “Britain is a multi-cultural society, so aren’t you lucky that I contain multitudes?”

As our report points out, this change to the Monarch’s title can be made only by rewriting the Royal Titles Act. Alas, we can have no confidence that Parliament will do its duty – that is, to refuse to enact a “subtle but hugely symbolic shift” in our nation’s constitutional identity. Nothing would give Labour, Liberal Democrat and trendy Tory MPs greater satisfaction than to delegitimise Christianity in this fashion.

Has the Archbishop of Canterbury sanctioned this plan? if so, shame on him. “Defender of Faith” sounds jolly grand; it trips off the tongue. But don’t be misled: it is the Royal equivalent of replacing the word “Christmas” with “Winterval”. Not for the first time, I find myself hoping that our Queen will live even longer than her mother, fortified by her undiluted Christian faith.

14 thoughts on “"Nothing to defend- so I'll be "Defender of All Faiths" Idiot Prince Charles of Walestan”

  1. It seems he is going to defend only one faith and it isn’t the C of E.
    Now that the Saudis have paid for the UK he’ll feel really at home.

  2. Charles means well, but he clearly doesn’t understand the implications of his actions as interpreted by the muzzies. The immediate problem is the penetration of Saudi funded organisations and people into our political system – this has to be stopped. If this is done then the damage that Charles and other Dhimmis do will be strongly constrained and minimized.

  3. If the UK is to rewrite it’s constitution, then it should totally write out hereditary titles. That’s right, total removal of the King/Queen. That will solve the embarrassing “Charles” problem and save the UK taxpayers massive amounts of money spent on the worthless figureheads.

  4. The English get a lot of money from tourists wanting to see their monarchy – look at all the magazines that sell alone! Anyway, as far as Charles goes – it is usual for government leaders to be the last to study history (and Charles is not known for any scholastic achievements – in fact, quite the reverse), crack open a koran, or have a clue.

    He is top of the list of the ones that I wonder how they could convert, or even appease, such a ‘religion’ as islam. Especially in our day and technology where one can find out quite a bit about it. I wonder when the last time Charles even cracked open ANY book on ANYTHING!

  5. Actually, I expected Charlie to take the title “Defender of the Faiths.” Maybe such a title would send up the alarm in certain quarters.

    Of course, Defender of Faith amounts to the same thing as Defender of Faiths.”

    Or, maybe no.

    Maybe he’s going to make it his role to defend what he believes is the one true faith — Islam.

  6. The monarchists must be after the Muslim vote. They say that Charlie talks to his plants, I think he must have smoked them too.

  7. As proposed by mullah loadabullah and senor doeboy, these benighted englishmen are in dire and acute need of a constitutional republic. Any rancher can clearly explain the dangers of inbreeding.
    After all, treason is a part of his genetic makeup – remember Edward VIII?

  8. Inbreeding! Consanguinity is one of the bedrocks of Islam, Charlie will be King of Britishistan very soon.

  9. If I lived with somebody as ugly as Camilla the Camel I would probably convert to Islam in a minute just so I could get a quick divorce or at least be able to force her to wear the niqab.
    I bet she even spits!

  10. Well, one thing is for sure, Buckinham Palace would be the grandest mosque the world has yet seen.

    It looks as though all of the soldiers throughout the old British Empire who fought and died to defend the Crown against the Mohammadan invaders died in vain. Major-General Charles “Pasha”Gordon, the defender of Khartoum against the Mahdist revolt, and whom was decapitated during the capture, would be rolling in his grave right about now.
    Shame on the Prince for even considering capitulation to the Mohammadans.

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