Chuck Schumer, Asshole of the Month

“We’re coming to rule and to regulate you…”

*  Chuck Schumer, (one of) the worst congressmen speaking favorably for the Fairness Doctrine – he compared “unapproved political speak” to pornography. Asking “naively” – you wouldn’t want pornography on the air would you? 

Did this guy ever read the constitution?

4 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer, Asshole of the Month”

  1. Extreme libtards are closest fascists. Now the problem is worse with BHO coming to the Whitehouse, they are coming out of their little Utopian closests and talking just like Nazis now…just slip in the word Conservatives instead of Jews, Liberals are plagiarizing Hitler’s speeches.

    Piss off a Liberal = LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH!!!

  2. Everyone needs one asshole, but Chuckie is definitely the second, unnecessary one.

    I hope Obama appoints him ambassador to Afghanistan so we in NY can get rid of this pendejo.

  3. The dairy farmers in new york state, especially farm bureau members, would eat a mile long terd leading to chuck schumers asshole just to find out where it came from!schumer is a tyrant communist shitbag ,go eat cow shit chuck schumer.

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