Palinophobia Syndrome: Hell hath no fury like a commie scorned:

The prospect of having Sarah Palin,  a career-woman and ‘hockey mom’ with with firm convictions and strong beliefs as vice president of the U.S., drives the lunatic left around the bend. Hell hath no fury like a woman commie scorned:

Sarah Palin effigy burned on bonfire

US Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be blown up at Britain’s oldest bonfire celebrations – dressed up as a Rambo.

US vice-presidential candidate effigy - Sarah Palin effigy burned on bonfire

Link to Telegraph UK

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Rupert Murdoch voices doubts over the Obaminator:

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Canniballistic Lizard Syndrome

Banned at LGF!

* The morally superior lizards at LGF are showing their old canniballistic hatred again. Chief-lizard Charles Johnson  smears  anyone who opposes the Islamization of Europe as ‘racist, fascist’-and the ‘lizard army’ howls along in unison, again: 

This time Robert Spencer is the target of their attacks, just like they smear anyone who opposes the global jihad and who doesn’t fit in with their own faschist, morally supremacist narrow worldview as being “racist”. Our Islamic enemies, elated at the prospect of having the bastard son of a white Gramskian whore and a black Kenyan Marxist Muslim (a polygamous drunkard and womanizer also) run for POTUS, must be laughing their sorry asses off!/ed

We’re ALL Racist’s Now!

The counter jihad that never was…


I’m sorry to say that my old friend Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has written this:

I’m done with Robert Spencer. And very, very disappointed in him.


Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch are out of our RSS feeds. I’m not going to support people who link to vile sites like Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal.

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Spooky: Vote for the Obaminator or face war, you racist!


“Vote Obama or face war”

Andrew Bolt 




As the polls tighten, deranged novellist Erica Jong tells an Italian newspaper that America must vote Barack Obama – or else:

If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.

In fact, Jong and her friends are already in suffering, paralysed with fear that Obama will lose:

The record shows that voting machines in America are rigged…

My friends Ken Follett and Susan Cheever are extremely worried. Naomi Wolf calls me every day. Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduces her to a bundle of nerves…

My back is also suffering from spasms, so much so that I had to see an acupuncturist and get prescriptions for Valium…

After having stolen the last two elections, the Republican Mafia…

Are these the people who’ll be unleashed by an Obama win?

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OIC chief Eklemeddin Ä°hsanoÄŸlu: "We are not against criticism of religion nor do we call for a ban on criticizing religion. But critique of Islam is racism"


Headbanger Logic:

OIC chief: Islamophobia is a new form of racism, except it’s even worse than racism

Sophisticated Muzzler

Eklemeddin Ä°hsanoÄŸlu insists that “Everybody is entitled to criticize anybody or anything,” but he also says there must be a “red line” that places “insults” and mockery off-limits. Who draws that line? What if, for example, the criticism is found to be insulting?

And there is much more, including an attempt to bolster the “racism” angle by presenting “Islamophobia” as the new anti-Semitism (never mind the raging hatred of Jews that is encouraged and sustained by Islamic texts), and a glossing over of the countless bloody battles waged in Islamic history over theological disputes (obviously some “red lines” were crossed there, and then all bets were off). It’s tempting to say you can’t make this stuff up. But on the other hand, Ä°hsanoÄŸlu just did:

“Islamophobia worse than racial prejudice,” from Today’s Zaman, via JW

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German 'Reverts' Apply For Asylum In Egypt; Rejected For Being "Too Extremist"

Egypt to deport German family for ‘Islamic extremism’

DPA/F*kcwit Alert: 

Muslim women burka niqab veil

* Flying over the cuckoos nest: a lunatic asylum might be more apropriate for these loons…

Cairo (dpa) – Egypt imprisoned and said it would deport a German family that tore up its German identification papers upon arrival, fearing the documents would connect them to an “infidel state.”

Egypt accused the family of Islamic extremism and imprisoned the family, which consisted of a man, his wife, his two sisters and his mother. They were being prepared for deportation, Egyptian Independent al-Badeel newspaper reported.

According to media reports, the family does not want to return to Germany.

The German embassy in Cairo is cooperating with Egyptian officials to deport the family, the paper said. However, it has declined to give them new identification documents for fear they would also be destroyed. It must also be determined which country will pay for the flight.

Eyewitnesses said the female members of the family wore garb that only allowed their eyes to be seen. None of the family is fluent in Arabic, which made communication with police authorities difficult. After their arrest, they debated whether a true Muslim would allow himself to be photographed for a passport.

Al-Badeel quoted political scientist, Hossam Tamaam, as saying new converts to Islam often leave their home countries to live in Muslim countries and can be prone to religious extremism.

The paper did not give further details about the family. Egypt’s secular government has cracked down in the past on militant Islamic movements

Why No One Protested against Germany's Biggest Mosque

* Delusional feelgood stuff from Carolin Jenkner in Duisburg:


The biggest mosque in Germany opened in the city of Duisburg on Sunday and has already become a symbol of successful integration. Unlike other mosque projects in Germany, there was virtually no protest from the local community.

* For a bit of balance, we have  dug up this peace just to set the record straight:

Do Christians and Muslims have equal rights?

If you go to the BBC link, you’ll see two pictures: one of a mosque in Germany which is about to be drastically enlarged by the largely Turkish population; the other of a church in Turkey which is run as a museum, you know, like the Hagia Sophia. So:

“Do Christians and Muslims have equal rights?” from the BBC, October 31:

Catholic and Muslim leaders are meeting from 4th-6th November to launch a new Catholic-Muslim forum. 

It is an unprecedented initiative by the Vatican to improve relations between the two faiths.

The BBC’s Christopher Landau has been looking at the state of Catholic-Muslim relations.

In the first of two reports, he travelled to the German city of Cologne, where the largely Turkish Muslim community plans to build one of Europe’s largest mosques.

Civic and Christian leaders have backed the right of Muslims to worship freely, but they are also calling for increased religious freedom for Christians in Turkey.

While they’re at it, they can also start “calling for increased religious freedom for Christians” in the entire Muslim world. Throw in a couple of churches in Saudi Arabia as well.

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