Pakistan, a failed nation (because of Islam) receives another 9 billion jiziya to avert bankruptcy

* Hopeless. The only cure is to cure them from Islam. But our Western dhimmi politicians are just too keen to help this disease to spread. Why?

Come’on infidel, pay the jiziyah! (They really, really gonna love us for that!)

Pakistan is to receive a $9bn (£5.5bn) bail-out loan from the International Monetary Fund as the country has three weeks to stave off bankruptcy. 

The IMF agreed in principle to a billion dollar economic stabilisation plan for Pakistan during a week-long meeting with Pakistani officials in Dubai, according to an official from the country’s finance ministry.

* By Isambard Wilkinson in Islamabad / sounds like another ‘revert’- what say you?

Pakistan needs at least $4bn to avoid defaulting on its foreign debts, as key allies including the United States, China and Saudi Arabia have all rebuffed government appeals for immediate funding.

Pakistan is facing economic turmoil after the rupee plunged to an all-time low in October, the balance of payments deficit widened to a record, and inflation jumped to a 30-year high.

Pakistan, which is also struggling to combat pro-Taliban and al-Qaeda militants, entered an economic crisis as the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government was paralysed for almost six months because of political wrangling that led to the resignation of the former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf.

The first disbursement of money from the IMF, which is likely to be for $3 billion to $4 billion, will only come after Pakistan has filed a formal request and the IMF has approved the aid.

Shaukat Tarin, economic adviser to the prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, told The Daily Telegraph that the money was needed urgently as confidence levels in Pakistan’s nosediving economy was “fast deteriorating”.

Mr Tarin said that first payment was needed with 20 days. He added that the IMF should finalise the agreement by November 15 ahead of a fund- raising conference to be held two days later by the Friends of Pakistan, a forum which includes the US, UK, China and Saudi Arabia, in Abu Dhabi.

He said that Pakistan’s allies were “looking for an endorsement from the IMF” of the country’s economic plan before they committed to offering more money.

Mr Tarin added that with Pakistan facing repayment on million dollar debts due at the beginning of next year, he wanted to secure enough money to bolster Pakistan’s rapidly depleting foreign reserves for “24 to 36 months to ahead”.

The IMF loan could be sufficient to cover Pakistan’s balance of payments deficit for the next two years, said Mr Tarin.

Earlier this week President Asidf Zardari said “time was running out and there was urgent need for the Friends of Pakistan to extend a helping hand.”

He added that Pakistan’s “very heavy price” in the war on terror should be acknowledged by the international community. (Must be a joke: the duplicitous bastards have been sabotaging us every step of the way!/ed)

An IMF program would be politically unpopular in Pakistan because it would likely come with painful conditions to cut government spending that could affect programs for the poor.

34 thoughts on “Pakistan, a failed nation (because of Islam) receives another 9 billion jiziya to avert bankruptcy”

  1. So the IMF, which the US is a major funder, is going to throw money at the sewer called Pakistan. Jizyah flows, we pay. Has anyone noticed that the US is BORROWING billions to give to countries that have no way to pay it back AND hate us? Anyone?

  2. 7 Ex-army officers are known to be $ billionaires, which tells you where the huge dose of US military aid went. The other dozen or so $ billionaires are mostly politicians, so much for the aid money. Google “Pakistani billionaires” and dig out the sordid histories of these rogues.

  3. These moronic countries should be signing something before receiving all this money.


    Makes sense to me…

  4. Anyone who has lived in Pakistan would know that the offical “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” is a name only. One just needs to go to the mall to see that. Pakistan was never meant to be an islamic republic otherwise at the time of independece it would have been named that. In fact the founder of Pakistan Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah followed secular ideology. Even in recent times under Pervez Musharraf the message of “enlightened moderation” was promoted.

    Is it not odd that the Taliban fighting in Pakistan reached a peak only after the US. U.K. and Saudi Arabia refused to give loans? The reason for denying the loans was that Mr Asif ALi Zardari has an infamous reputation and is known as “Mr. 10%.” Is it also a coincidence that the weak that these loans were rejected, shortly after the news media reported a peak in Taliban fighting. This continued till the time when the 9 billion dollar loan was announced and suddenly reports started coming in that the Taliban forces were ebing driven back aggressively. Those of us living here couldn’t but help thinking that the campaign against the Taliban was deliberatly being “reigned in” giving the extremists an oppertunity to wreak havoc.

    Living in Pakistan I can offer an “on the gorund” point of view and would like to say that the economic problems that Pakistan faces is not becuase of Islam but rather a result of poor leadership and corruption.

    1. Dear Dr. Azam S. Afzal,

      Thank you very much for your considerate and reasoned letter.

      Please explain to us how and why Pakistan and Bangladesh came into being and what is their right to exist? If you say your founder followed “secular ideology” then why does Pakistan call itself “Islamic republic?”

      It has never occurred to me that Pakistan is anything other than founded on Islam and nothing but Islam, and Pakistan, along with Bangladesh and many other entities like them are failed states, like all Islamic states must inevitably fail when there is no economy to speak of, no technological advances or progress through research and development. You have systematically wiped out your minorities, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Christians and Buddhists, you have stolen everything you could steal from them including their daughters and murdered their sons, you have squandered the billions in aid and loans that have been given to your corrupt governments, and why do you think that is? Because the kuffars don’t wish you well? Because of Jews in Israel?

      No, my dear doctor Afzal, I have been to Pakistan quite a few times and I must tell you, I didn’t like any of it. Your disease is Islam and nothing else. You suffer from the same disease that afflicts Bangladesh, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and another 40 countries that are under Mohammedan occupation. I don’t feel sorry for you or any of you lot, I can only curse the fools in our Western governments who squander taxpayers money to keep your despicable despots in power and allow this Islamic cancer to fester.

      No. We don’t want any of it. And to come here on this blog to defend your abhorrent belief-system “the economic problems that Pakistan faces is not becuase of Islam but rather a result of poor leadership and corruption” is plain and simply laughable. Pathetic!

  5. If Pakistan’s case was genuine, why is it that Saudi Arabia, awash with oil money, does not stump up the cash for Pakistan? Why does it have to be Infidels that have to tighten their belts to keep Islam alive in Pakistan, and for that matter all these wretched Islamic countries that persecute religious monorities. The answer is simple – beggar the Infidels anyway which. Saudi money is earmarked for mosque building and other Jihad activities.

    We have already taken in millions of Pakistanis, who are sending billions of pounds from their Benefit money to Pakistan. We dont have to do any more. Enough is enough.

  6. The only reason Pakistan has NOT yet failed as a state is it is an ISLAMIC republic.

    Just compare it to Bangladesh a “secular” muslim country, or Indonesia, Turkey or Egypt and you can easily see why Pakistan leads Bangladesh in so many indicators despite constant political bumchumming the western homosexual and anglo paedophilia infested world.

    The only reason Bangladesh is behind Pakistan in all indicators of development is Pakistan became an Islamic Republic (in name at least) while Bangladesh never did.

    Compare them with Iran, an avowedly Islamic state under three decades of western threats, embargos, sanctions meant to numb its economy and paralyze its progress, and notice how Iran still is one of the top 15 economies of the world with ease. Imagine what it would have become if the entire homosexual and incestuous western world didn’t interfere in political, economic and other matters subsersively and in clandestine manners for devious goals.

    After abandoning Islam for secularism, look at how backward and pathetic Turkey has become. It has been begging Europe to be just like them, to be accepted by Europeans by allowing alcohol, homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, yet it remains poorer than Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunei, among a host of other nations.

    Turkey with 70 million + people is poorer than Spain with 44million+ people. Nowhere in EU would you see such a contradiction, the more populous nations are always the wealthier ones in aggregate GDP. Turkey is a pathetic outcast trying its level best to fit in to homosexual and incestuous EU. It simply doesn’t belong there.

    1. “The only reason Pakistan has NOT yet failed as a state is it is an ISLAMIC republic.”


      Pakistan failed long ago. If your benchmark for success is Bangladesh then of course Pakistan shines like a turd rolled in glitter. (Mullah, your words, your influence!)

      Indonesia (a former Hindu/Buddhist nation), is because of her heritage still light years ahead of the mess the Paks have created for themselves, Turkey took 500 years to wipe out the Jews and Christians but is now, after 70 years of Kemalism, just about ripe to revert to a totalitarian Islamic mess. Iran a success story? Hmm, then why did people hit the streets and the ‘revolutionary guards’ had to kill them off for opposing the regime? Could oil and gas have anything to do with the ‘success’ of this Islamic nation?

      You, my dear tawid, are a rather confused creature. Iran may be under the first 150 nations in the worlds economies, but not 15.

      Your problems with homosexuality seem to stem from the Muslim world. Incest is more common in Islamic countries than in the West, Muslims are the best customers of porn in the world, and promiscuity is not your problem and none of your business. Nobody in the West needs a camel herder to teach him morals.

      Obviously, you seem unaware that the undeserved wealth of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunei stems from oil and gas riches, which was explored, drilled, refined and transported by Western knowhow and technology. Not that it matters: in your world, it comes from ‘Allah’- so just keep banging your head on the floor and curse the infidels, that will make things right!

  7. Turkey, a failed nation (because of abandoning Islam), receives another 11 billion in IMF aid?

    Westerners, a failed group of homosexual perverted incestuous uncultured dunces (because of immorality, christianity and paedophilia), receives another trillion by just printing more money and getting ‘bail outs’ from foreign cash-rish places like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China?

  8. Turkey, most likely an Ezekiel 38 nation, probably won’t be around for much longer, like Iran, Swordi land etc.

  9. tawhid1982 demonstrates muslim and arab supidity.

    What exactly have you achieved you islamic twat?????? Not much – even your wealth has been generated by us.

    Immorality – muslims murder and kill, raped and murder, have sex with goats and sheep (on video and filmed in iraq), abuse women and call themselves moral!!!!

    Muslims arabs, who have achieved nothing call the west who have started on mans journey to the stars, dunces – hmmm – perhaps tawhid might want to explain his frame of reference.

    Muslims regularly rape underage boys and girls and then murder them – and you call us paedophiles!!!!

    tawhid, still sleeping with your mother because the family donkey kicked you out of the stall at night??? Or have you decided to rape some asian domestic workers instead. when you have actually achieved something tell us about it – we wont hold our breath!!!!

    What a looser!!!!!

    Tawhid – what has does every islamic country share???
    answer -FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sheik, can you send me the full header of this twats message with ip and trace route etc.??

  10. Thank you so much, tawhid1982.

    “Westerners, a failed group of homosexual perverted incestuous uncultured dunces”- well, give it your best shot to cure us from our jahilyia, my dear little muslim brother. Last time we checked, pedophilia was something Muhammad did with Aisha, and as a result child marriage is rampant in Mohammedan countries. Homosexuality in Muslim-Arab countries is as high as 50%, incest and 1st cousin marriages is the essence of Mohammedan society. Culture?

    I guess we do see things differently. If you mean living in mud-huts and making camp fire with camel dung, misogyny, polygamy, FGM, honor killings, a general IQ arond below room temperature,( who taught you how to read and write?) fanatical violence over blasphemy, cartoons, teddy bears, torn Korans etc is enough to call collective insanity a culture be my guest. But you are right: we are uncultured because we don’t kill people for following different religions, we don’t subject our daughters to clit cutting and honor killings, we don’t have 70 rules to shit and piss… so you must be superior because we are free men and you are a slave of Allah. At least you got (warped) morals.
    Your morals may be unacceptable in a civilized society, but as long as you believe killing infidels, cursing them in your prayers, stealing their property and raping their women is morally superior to actually doing someting to make this world a better place you are on the express train to the 72 virgins.

    When will you grow up to blow up?

  11. Only a week til ramavan, tawhid1982 – your chance to showcase the many dizzying achievements of islam, including the eighth anniversary of “9/11”. What will this year’s keynote be, I wonder?

  12. kaw, what exactly have you achieved you infidel cunt?

    Was there ever an infidel western incestuous civilization before Muslims taught you bastards how to read and write, how to enquire about the true nature of Nature?

    Show me which one it was. Haha you lot always were only good at stealing ideas and passing them off as your own.

    Worthless europeans infact were so piss poor, they had to migrate en masse to resource rich nations of the Americas and Australia and Africa. Without it, you’d be poorer than India and Timor Leste.

    Let me see – isn’t Timor Leste flush with oil and gas? How rich is this Christian nation? Oh wait, they didn’t get to loot and plunder and steal others’ work and achievements like incestuous hypocritical drunkard westerners right?

    All your claims on incest homosexuality and other perversion are merely reflections of the utter mess that is the western educational system that promotes bestiality and drunken orgy with their own mothers, after all, “oedipus complex” is also a western phenomenon.

    In fact, it’s because the worthless turd that incestuous westerners are, they try to accuse nonwestern muslims of perpetrating the same set of crimes and perversions that they themselves are used to doing.

  13. Someone mentioned oil and gas resources for the wealth of some Muslim nations.

    How does one explain Dubai then? How does one explain that oil prices slumped to less than 1/4 of its record high from around 150 per barrel, yet Saudi, Qatar, Iran, etc all managed handsome GDP growths?

    Is it western accounting system which leads to trillions of waste ‘toxic’ assets? Is it the trickery and hypocrisy of incestuous immoral drunkard western accounting that allowed those same western nations with not only oil and gas, but all sorts of mineral, agricultural, and other resources to plummet to their worst recession in their lifetimes?

    Aren’t the Americas, Australia/NZ/Oceania, Africa (whereever faggot europeans settled in africa) rich with natural resources of all kinds?

    Isn’t Siberia one of the most natural resource rich region of the world? Why didn’t the drugged immoral nonmuslim western economies grow and prosper in their own little pristine backwater filled with diseases, in cozy little snug europa? Why did they have to take the journey alll the way to Oceania, Americas and Africa, to steal natural resources?

    Facts are distinct from fiction, and the richest christian nation on earth without any history of colonizing others, without looting others’ resources is Timor-leste.

    Timor-leste/east timor even has oil and gas reserves aplenty, still dirt poor, poorer than indonesia, poorer than bangladesh, poorer than somalia, poorer than iraq (even under all these troubled times and violence), poorer than iran, not to mention UAE, Qatar, Saudi etc which are obviously richer than even the richest of western countries.

  14. I must add though, Timor-Leste is given a good “run for its money (whatever little money it has)” by Ethiopia, for the list of richest christian countries without stealing, plundering or looting others’ resources.

  15. Tarhide
    What I achieved ?? Personally quite a lot!!! The West – a very significant amount. Europe learnt to read and write long before you crawled out of the desert. Muslims had very little to do with the growth of western science. The real basis for the progress made in the last centuries comes from Greek learning – however the Hindus contributed significantly to mathematics whilst the last meaningful contributions from the muslim world came in the field of optics in the fourteenth century. European science was then on a par with the muslim world – mostly because both used Greek works – and then Europe accelerated away – creating new ideas, new social concepts, naturally mistakes were made – the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who create nothing (you probably have never made a mistake). Learn some history – you know very little. You cannot even swear very well. Europeans migrated to other countries because migration offered a chance to better their lives – to seek new opportunities – etc etc – and because they could. I doubt that you can understand this. Your “proof” of East Timor as the wealthiest Christian nation is somewhat laughable, and rather poorly constructed. The East Timorese are lovely people and they have suffered, and even today the problem still exists, because a rather populous muslim nation wants to steal their resources from them. That is why the UN went to the aid of the East Timorese – to contain the militias that belonged to Indonesia whose aim was to destroy the democratic process and create a puppet state subservient to the wishes of Indonesia. By your implied and questionable standards of definition most muslim countries are guilty. Try and write without swearing next time – you might even look intelligent – it also helps if you don’t write your own world history books!! Now if you have something useful to say then say it – but if you want to rant then do it in front of your mirror and don’t bother the rest of us with your problems. Ooops – your camel is running away – better catch it – the nights are getting cold.

  16. Pierre,
    I am sure you and Tawhi will get on very well. He is such an enlightened soul.
    Dr Azam,
    There are Mr. Ten Per cents in every muslim country. It is called bribery and corruption.

  17. kaw, I have no time to listen to (or read) year incoherent rambling.

    The greeks are only praised highly in the indecent immoral drunkard incestuous western world for those faggots were the only “western” or Infidel european “civilization” of any sort in history, in reality all they did was copy Egyptian, Phoenician, Persian, Babylonian and Sumerian science, technology, logic, philosophy, culture, mathematics and thoughts.

    Look at Greece today, it’d be comparable to East Timor in living standards if not for constant decades long “aid” given by the EU.

    You defend East Timor (the richest Christian nation without history of looting others’ resources)’s poverty by blaming Indonesia, fact is other Christian nations intentionally split up Indonesia to help their fellow Christians.

    Yet despite all its mineral wealth East Timor (the richest Christian nation on earth with its own hard earned money) remains a poverty filled s*** hole.

    Kaw, you are the one who started insulting, you reap what you sow.

  18. tarhide,

    Greece is a little more advanced that East Timor (LOL) at the present time. Of course the early Greeks significantly advanced works by earlier cultures – they weren’t stupid and they didn’t start from nothing if there was a base to start from – allbeit inadequate. They also added significant innovation, something muslims have rarely done. One really is curious as to where you get your information from – it is rather flawed and very, very incomplete.

    East Timor has significant internal problems driven by mostly by internal conflict managed and propagated by Indonesia – this is a significant contributor to their poverty. The richest Christian nation on Earth is not East Timor – one is curious how you justify this little bit of rubbish. The founders of the USA built their nation on Christian principals and these remain to the present day, most of Europe is Christian – they are a little more wealthy than East Timor. Your statement is really quite amusing!!! Of course, the choice of East Timor is also incorrect from your earlier definitions – but you are not too bright so I wont bother giving you the answer.

    Oh, and if you are going to call the western world immoral, let me list what
    muslims behavior seems to consider as moral : rape, murder, theft, violence, subjugation of women and minorities (non-muslim), dishonesty …
    I think that is enough – if you consider that moral behavior, then the West would be happy to call itself immoral.

    You have a problem son – keep it to yourself. You are an insult to the many decent hard-working muslims I do know, and you are simply too illiterate and dumb to be considered as a representative of these people. Do keep writing – its nice to have a trivial distraction from time to time. Now onto to better things…

  19. The West, far from “looting” Arab oil riches, is seeking to reduce its
    dependence on imported oil, for which the Saudis want to be compensated. Now which is it? “Looting”, or simply market forces.

    Unusual for a victim of “robbery” to demand compensation for not
    being “robbed”, but in islam even the unusual is nothing unusual:

    [ ]

    Saudis Ask for Aid if the World Cuts Dependence on Oil. Come again?
    Article Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

    There are plenty of needy countries at the U.N. climate talks in Bangkok that make the case they need financial assistance to adapt to the impacts of global warming. Then there are the Saudis.

    Saudi Arabia has led a quiet campaign during these and other negotiations — demanding behind closed doors that oil-producing nations get special financial assistance if a new climate pact calls for substantial reductions in the use of fossil fuels.

  20. Mullah,
    I am aware this this request by the Saudis – It is difficult to see why these people should be compensated for adverse market trends. The West will significantly reduce its oil consumption – the first steps are being taken – and it will be interesting to see if the OPEC response is a productive one.

  21. tawhid1982 wrote a few weeks ago “How does one explain Dubai then?”

    How indeed. Looks like Dubai is about to follow Pakistan down the
    gurgler, now its time to pay off the Bankcard:

    Brisbane Times
    ( )

    Dubai support fund inadequate to pay debts
    October 12, 2009

    A SUPPORT fund created to help Dubai pay its debts has ”insufficient” resources to cover the billions of dollars worth of debt coming due, an analyst at credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s said.

    This will increase pressure on the city-state to raise extra cash.

    The sheikhdom and its network of state-controlled companies have amassed at least $US80 billion ($88.7 billion) in debt on projects such as man-made islands and opulent high-rise buildings during a building boom in which Dubai crafted itself into the Middle East’s financial, trade and tourism hub.

  22. Greece is better off than East Timor. That’s because of EU aid for decades.

    East Timor too would be as wealthy as Greece if EU shouldered all the fiscal burden that incapable Greeks produce. After all, we know Greece basically produces nothing and has produced nothing significant in any field – economic, scientific, cultural etc – in the last 1,500 or more years.

    There must be good reasons for it. Some Greeks and Europeans attribute it to Christianity but I do not hate christians/Christianity, so I would not take that path.

    The same is true for EU and the West as a whole. You see the “West” only got rich after it stole other countries’ resources, colonized many countries, created many wars including so called World Wars where mostly European countries killed off each other, but in the preceding tens of thousands of years of history we do not see the presence of any civilization in Europe.

    Maybe the Stonehenge in England is Europe’s greatest indigenous achievement prior to plunder of other countries?

    That should say a lot about Western capability and the real reason why these last few centuries are oddities in history of mankind. Hopefully, and as many real indicators point to, the tide is turning inexorably in favour of nonwestern countries (many of which are Muslim, many are not).

  23. Rawhide you idiot – you found your keyboard again – what a shame – we have to listen to your idiotic drivel. Actually, unlike islam, Greece has made significant contributions to humanity on a regular basis. So your silly little game of trying to equate the non-productivity of islam over the last 800 years to the situation in Greece shows that you are not very intelligent and that you understand little. Europe’s achievements were not built up from stolen ideas from the third world – all was original work unlike muslim pigs who have continually stolen all that they could and then claimed it as their own!! All of Europe’s vast range of accomplishments highlight the stupidity, incompetence and dishonesty of the muslim world as the incompetent and violent group of thugs that it is. And muslims have decimated the third world by spreading their ignorance, enslaving peoples etc etc. So tarhide, you are a moron and a fool – perhaps you might like to kill yourself as you serve no useful purpose – we can then award you the Darwinian award as having benefited our species by removing yourself from the gene pool.

  24. It may surprise many but I have to thank “kaw” for proving my point about westerners (assuming “kaw” is one).

  25. Tarhide – you simply have proven that you are an idiot. When you actually have something useful to say please do. To other folks – I would like to thank tarhide for graphically illustrating how stupid islamists really are. Thank you again tarhide – we need idiots like you to illustrate how useless islam really is – and we cannot do it without you – good work tarhide.

  26. To illustrate my point further that westerners only got rich after plundering others’ resources and stealing others’ lands, and that they could develop no civilization in preceding tens of thousands of years before Muslims (mostly nonwestern Muslims) taught them civilization (all aspects of it), “kaw” not only copied my argument but tried to use it against me.

    Thanks for proving my other point about westerners.

  27. Again tawhide – muslims never taught any race civilisation – nearly all muslim accomplishment was stolen from conquered races. In fact muslims have done nothing – except claim other peoples work and ideas. In terms of plundering resources, muslims have been raping the world for over 10 centuries – so

  28. Again rawhide – muslims never taught any race civilisation – nearly all muslim accomplishment was stolen from conquered races. In fact muslims have done nothing – except claim other peoples work and ideas. In terms of plundering resources, muslims have been raping the world for over 10 centuries – so I suspect that you know little of history – this is confirmed of course by your previous posts – every point of which have been shown to be false by others but from which you appear to have learned little. Rawhide, you have no arguments – only pointless vitriol – so the question is why do you keep on demonstrating that you are an idiot to the world – I suspect you can do nothing else. Thank you again for demonstrating that you are a fool. And again rawhide, with the exception of some architecture and early optics, muslims have taught the world nothing. So folks, we see rawhide, a retarded muslim who has provided flawed arguments which have all been invalidated and against which he can provide no counter-argument except the usual muslim irrationality and vitriol. Sheik, can you block rawhide?? It has absolutely nothing to say and it is simply wasting bandwidth and it is becoming an annoyance.

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