Pseudo Intellectual Tariq Ramadan Shills For The Obaminator

* Frere Tariq, the sly, deceitful grandson of Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim brotherhood, shills for the Obaminator. (No surprises here!)  But among all his wingeing and whining he still hopes that HOPE and CHANGE will give him a visa to the U.S. Because where else would this artful deceiver and cunning linguist be able to find more naive souls for his “all new” Islam?

Muslim brothers Barack Hussein & Tariq Ramadan: “Hope & Change”

* Frere Tariq sees no problem with this: “My sons were right to kill”, says bombers’ mum

* This here is no problem either: Muslim Brotherhood Leader Encourages Jihad … Again…and he doesn’t mean ‘inner struggle’ either…

The new president must begin with symbolic actions to demonstrate that the life of an Afghan, an Iraqi or a Muslim is worth no less than that of an American


[B]Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, has been named by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the world’s top 100 intellectuals. His most recent book is In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons From the Life of Muhammad. Ramadan teaches at Oxford University.


The eight years of George W Bush’s presidency have accustomed us to so many errors, lies, wilful distortions and political manipulation that a page is about to be turned in the history of the United States.


Since September 2001, the Bush regime has been obsessed by the ”global war on terror” and the conflict with the “axis of evil.” But over time, Americans have awakened to the emptiness of these bellicose and arrogant slogans.


Barack Obama’s election would be an event to be welcomed for several reasons; yet we must not be lulled into complacency by naive estimates of what lies ahead.


Barak Obama’s roots, his past and his multiple cultural identities stand in stark contrast to the profiles of George W Bush or John McCain. His understanding of, and relations with, the countries of the world _ particularly of the global South _ and with American society itself point to a different outcome. Taken together, his life and experience make hope for a new understanding of domestic and international issues possible.


On the most fundamental level, Colin Powell has laid out the terms of reference: Barack Obama is not a Muslim; he is black and Christian. But, in the final analysis, what if he were a Muslim? What is wrong with being ”African-American” or ”Muslim” in today’s America?

* Fact remains that Islam has declared war on the world, not only on America. Jihad is permanent and relentless, and Obama is not a Christian, but a Muslim who joined a black racist ‘church’, a bunch of hateful lunatics who want to destroy the white race. Its all wrong: It is very wrong to accomodate our enemies as if they were friends…/ed


While it now appears that the US can live with the election of a black American, indica tions are that a new, virulent anti-Muslim racism has arisen in the wake of the events of September 2001.


Given such fears, and the hardening of religious and ethnic divisions, Barack Obama’s past and origins should make it possible for him to emerge as ”everybody’s president”. In rejecting manufactured divisions, cultural biases and the ”religionisation” of social issues, Barack Obama could well become the symbol of a new United States simply by wielding his stature as president to promote domestic policies that favor justice and equality, empowering citizens of all origins.


The first black president’s greatest achievement would be to cause people to forget his colour. But success is far from assured.


On the international level, Barack Obama should be able to lay to rest the deafness of the outgoing administration, which spared no effort to persuade Americans that they were the victims of ”aggressors” who ”hated” their civilisation and their values.


Above and beyond the condemnation of terrorist acts, which is virtually unanimous and should be unconditional, the criticisms and grievances of the entire world must now be heard. The policies of the Bush administration have produced a worldwide rejection of the United States. The new president must begin with symbolic actions to demonstrate that the life of an Afghan, an Iraqi or a Muslim is worth no less than that of an American. The time has come to put an end to the language of bullying and intimidation and to close the dungeons of shame at Guantanamo and other similar prisons around the world.

* Typical Muhammedan agit prop../ed


As president, Barack Obama could no longer justify, in the name of American national security, the deaths of the innocent, legalised torture, extraordinary rendition and other dis criminatory measures up to and including the granting of American visas. If Obama’s diversity of origins gives cause for hope, it would only be insofar as these origins would permit him to open doors instead of close them.


The campaign has made it clear that we must entertain no illusions. Change may be significant in certain areas; in others, it is bound to be limited. The Palestine-Israel conflict is central to world peace. Yet Barack Obama has taken such an outspoken pro-Israel stance (before an American pro-Israel lobby) that significant change on this issue would be extremely unlikely. Nor should much be expected in dealing with the international economic crisis.


Both issues (unconditional support for Israel and economic neoliberalism) seem to constitute untouchable dogmas. No American political figure dares call them into question. But the future of the entire world hinges on the global-local conflict in the Middle East and on the international economic order.


We must not succumb to irrational hope. There can be little doubt that some positive change could be expected under a Barack Obama presidency. Any such change should be welcomed; at the same time, our critical vigilance must not be relaxed, especially with regard to the sacrosanct dogmas of a political and economic establishment that cannot bring itself to acknowledge the dignity of the Palestinian people, or the devastation wrought by an economic order that has plunged so many across the planet into poverty and insecurity.


2008 Global Viewpoint, Distributed by Tribune Media Services


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  1. I kept this last year when the MSM were constantly lying over Kenya.
    Looking back over the parts relating to Obama make very interesting reading indeed.
    It’s almost a cert this guy will become president, it leaves one asking why when all this is known has Obama even been considered?
    And moreover why was this guarded from the mainstream media’s attention and publics view.

  2. This is just Islamic brown-nosing in the hope that Uncle Obama does not nuke them when some terrorist that they have no control of fucks-up.

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