Saudi Arabia offers Asylum to Mullah Omar

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That figures…

But it’s just as well if the mullah refuses; Pakistan’s ISI has been keeping him — along with, perhaps other notable personages — safe and sound. “Report: Saudi offer of asylum to Taliban leader,” 

Partners in crime: Our Friends, the Sowdees

Berlin – King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has offered political asylum to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, 49, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday, quoting government sources in Kabul. The report said the approach was made at the request of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and outgoing US president George W Bush.

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Jimmy Carter was instrumental in putting Robert Mugabe in power, and now he and Kofi Annan have been barred from entering Zimbabwe.

Karzai hoped the offer would speed up plans for a reconciliation process in the landlocked Asian nation and had promised the Taliban leader safe passage if he decided to return to Afghanistan, Der Spiegel said. 

Terrorism experts believe Mullah Omar is hiding in the Pakistan city of Quetta, possibly with the help of the country’s Inter- Services Intelligence agency, the report added.

Hugh’s comment

The Idi Amin Memorial Complex named after its late and most famous occupant, recently became available, and may be just the thing to convince Mullah Omar to come to sunny Saudi Arabia, with its fabulous beaches both on the coast and inland.

Someone should send Mullah Omar the details:

For immediate occupancy: Idi Amin Memorial Complex.

Three buildings, comprising 58 rms/w/vu of decapitation sites in the city square, 64 baths, 3 half-baths all with gold fixtures. Five restaurants, each attached to a separate designer kitchen with granite countertops, professional Mohn stove and restaurant-quality refrigerators. Kidney-shaped swimming-pool. Large multi-ethnic harem provided, and constantly re-stocked at no additional charge, along with an experienced staff of a dozen black eunuchs whose tongues have been thoughtfully removed. Completely furnished in the pharaonic style, this propert is one of the most desirable in all of Arabia. Near to churches and synagog–no, just a joke. Near to mosques and thousands of miles, thanks be to Allah, from the nearest churches and synagogues. The entire complex is guarded by members of the personal bodyguard of the Al-Saud Family. Private heliport on the grounds, private airport five minutes for friends and family of the Al-Saud, for those getaway weekends and escapes, or for any time of day or week or year.

But hurry. This one’s bound to go fast.

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* UK: “Wasn’t me”- says doctor in airport car bomb plot.

Do not think he is arrogant because he is fighting for his life. He resents the fact, as you may imagine, that he has been put in this position.”

Hugh’s comment:

The West, or rather the Rest (of the world), has a great deal to do in protecting itself against Islam. Squandering men, money, materiel, and attention that distracts from the weapons of Jihad (the Money Weapon, campaigns of Da’wa, demographic conquest) that are being deployed before our very eyes, but beyond the understanding of too many, within the Lands of the Infidels, all in order to attempt, vainly and ignorantly, to transform the Muslim world, to bring to it, as Bush wished in Iraq, “freedom” (or “freedom for ordinary moms and dads” as he so memorably put it), and with that “freedom” (never quite defined, but apparently being limited to mere head-counting at election time, but without any of the guarantees of equal treatment for non-Muslims or for women, or any of the solicitousness for individual freedoms, including those, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, that are deemed essential in the advanced Western world) has been proven folly, in both Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

The military campaigns, and the unrealistic goals set — goals that do not help Infidels even if they could be achieved, which they cannot — are in both countries largely a waste. And the campaigns in both countries, still worse, also preoccupy those making policy, and help them to avert their eyes from what is happening elsewhere, as the Lesser Jihads — that against Israel, that against India — proceed, and are joined by newer ones, who now act against the Philippines, or Thailand, or wherever Muslims live and wish to demand more, and more, not in order to ever be assuaged, but only in order to demand more and more and more. And the most important theatre in this world-wide Jihad is now Western Europe, and yet our leaders in Washington seem hell-bent on averting their eyes from Western Europe, or from the problem that those who take seriously the ideology of Islam pose, and pose permanently, to all Infidels. For the essence of Islam, a Total Belief-System that contains a politics and a geopolitics, a faith that is totalitarian in the sense that it leaves no other room, to an individual or a society, outside of Islam, is baed on one thing: the inculcated notion that there is a permanent division of humanity between Muslims and non-Muslims, Believers and Infidels, and that between the two, the Believers and the Infidels, a permanent state of war (though not necessarily of open warfare) exists, and that it can only end with the final triumph of Islam, as everywhere, all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam are removed. This is not the fantasy of the paranoid. This is set out clearly by Muslim jurisconsults. Any fair reading of the texts — Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira — by an intelligent and well-informed reader, will yield that understanding. It is exactly the understanding that the greatest Western scholars of Islam — agreeing with the greatest Muslim scholars of Islam — such people as Joseph Schacht and C. Snouck Hurgronje and Henri Lammens and Samuel Zwemer and St. Clair Tisdall and hundreds of other scholars, French and German, Dutch and English, American and Italian, Spanish and Belgian, Bulgarian and Serbian, arrived at, after decades of study. And they have been echoed, or re-confirmed, today, when those who are apologists for Islam, such as John Esposito, have — supported by Arab money — taken over, or at least monopolized, so many academic centers for the study of Islam (and, as if that were not enough, the Saudis and Kuwaitis and other rich Arabs have deliberately set up, and funded, not only whole “academic centers” under the supposed aegis of this or that venerable university, but have also paid for special programs, or endowed chairs, to be filled by those who meet the requirements of those footing the bill, and who want to get, and do get, their money’s worth).

We should pull out of Afghanistan, using drones and spy satellies to keep watch, and perhaps locals on the ground who, for small sums, may act as intelligence agents. And then play the game of supporting first this tribe, and then that, keeping Afghanistan essentially under control, the way that used to be done, and not feeling so much for the plight of the people, because that plight, if correctly analyzed, comes from Islam itself, and it is Islam itself that must be weakened, as a political and social force, and for that to happen, the Infidels must withdraw their aid, withdraw their interest, and allow not only internecine strife, but to cleverly exploit that strife, and what’s more, to do whatever it takes to encourage the recognition by the 80% of the world’s Muslims who are not Arab that Islam is now, has always been, and will always be, a vehicle for Arab imperialism — linguistic, cultural, economic, and political. That happens to be true. But it needs to be said, to be repeated, and the evidence, both of doctrine and of behavior, needs to be presented so that non-Arabs are made keenly aware of it.

And there are other ways to help hold Islam at bay, to check its power, by for example diminishing OPEC revenues and forcing the rich Muslim states to pay far more for the privilege of receiving medical care, education, and the assurance of military support for the ruling elites, not to mention new bills that ought to be presented, including that of protection from pirates who are themselves Muslims. At the very least, the Infidel world need not continue to transfer tens of billions of dollars to the poorer Muslim countries, but can demand that they seek aid from their rich fellow members of the Umma. And whether that aid is granted, or whether it is not, or granted in lesser amounts, the effect will be the same: resentment by the recipients of their rich “brothers” who do not adequately share, and resentment, by the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and others, of the demands of the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the soi-disant “Palestinians,” not to mention the attitude of disgust when those Pakistanis actually show up, hat in hand, for some of that fine Arab largesse.

It just takes a little thought, a little study. Can someone like General James Jones, big, bluff, blunt, a military man who has spent his life giviing and taking orders and seldom having the leisure, or the mental bent, conceivably begin at this point in his rough, tough, six foot four inch life, begin to comprehend Islam, or Jihad, or the instruments of Jihad, or why what happens in Great Britain demogrpahically is more important than anything that happens in Iraq or Afghanistan, or why, furthermore, that the plans he has to actually put American troops in “the West Bank” in order to help create what should forever remain uncreated, that fashionable thing, a “Palestinian state,” would merely whet, not sate, Arab and Muslim appetites, and is folly beyond belief.

No, Obama is right to seek those who are capable of “new thinking.” But he’d better do it in foreign policy as well, and to select as National Security Adviser someone who clearly hasn’t a clue about Islam, and whose only known views — his criticism of Israel for its actions on the “West Bank,” demonstrate just how little he knows about the context, historical, legal, and moral, of that part of the world, and furthermore, how uncomprehending he is of the triumphalism that is so important in Islam, so that if the Arabs were to be successful in maniuplating the Americans into actually helping them to rip the “West Bank” out of Israel’s control, thereby condemning it to retreat to the 1949 Armistice lines (which is what the “1967 lines” were), in the end will only whet, not sate, Arab appetites, and be not only immoral (by throwing Israel to the wolves as a substitute for manfully coming to grips with the problem of Islam, the ideology of Islam), but also completely misguided, and — to use that awful word for once — counter-productive.

Out of Iraq, and out of Aghanistan — not because Islam is not a world-wide threat, but because it is. And resources must be husbanded. And ruthless exploitation of the weaknesses of the enemy — the Camp of Islam — must be recognized, identified, and allowed to flourish not only without discouragement, but with our deliberate if oblique encouragement.

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