Soccer Jihad or Jihad for Suckers?

2010 World Cup ads “offend” Muslims

Some soccer balls carry the flags of nations like Saudi Arabia—the latter depicting the words “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” with a sword to stress the point, which, incidentally, non-Muslims may find “offensive.” But who cares about that?

“2010 ads offend Muslims,” from The Times, picture from ‘Peoples cube’

17 thoughts on “Soccer Jihad or Jihad for Suckers?”

  1. These punks are as shallow as a puddle of cats piss. They are only leaving themselves open to more and more ridicule.

  2. Ahmed,
    It would be great if we all could live in peace. The problem lies with some of your compatriots, assuming that you are a muslim.

  3. Take it up with “allah”, Ahmed.

    One of his names is “bringer of death”, and he brings his gift of death
    every day, and not peacefully:

    61. Al-Mumeet

    * The One who renders the living dead.
    * The Bringer of Death. The Death Giver.

    God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) will deal with “allah” (satan), his false prophet Mo, and his followers, and his death-bringing days will come to an end. Then there will be peace.

  4. There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of God(Allah) , Christ the Messenger of God(Allah) , Christ normal person, and God(Allah) the King of the heavens and the one and there is no other god with him, God(Allah) created everything, God(Allah) created Christ, Christ normal person eats food like other human beings, but christ is the Messenger of Allah

  5. Blasphemy against Jesus Christ the Son of God, and defamation of Christianity, ahmed maher (slave of Allah); but I doubt you have anything to worry about from the OIC & its co-sockpuppet the UN,
    which obsesses over muslims & islam.

    Flee from islam, ahmed maher (slave of Allah). Run for your life, before God destroys it, and those who fornicate with it (eg the United Nations).

  6. ahmed maher – thank for proving twice that you are a fool. BTW Christ has nothing to do with your rapist prophet or allah (piss be upon its miserable name) . the muslim allah is an evil entity created by evil thugs to control and bring others into subservience. We will not have you or your perverted pseudo-religion system in our houses. You do not even understand the concept of the trinity. That concept alone flushes all of what you have scrawled out into the sewers. Try and grow a brain cell before commenting again, you stupid little muslim.

  7. i wanna said one word….I love Momo,Can I make love with him now (no god but allah) even if i’m a Pork ..answer me fast Pleaaazzze oink,oink.

  8. “cant we all jsut leave in peace gosh !”

    That would be delightful, now do you mean ‘leave’ as in really LEAVING, or is it a typo in which you really meant ‘live’?

    If the former, by all means, take your things and go.

  9. “No God But Allah” I’m a Muslim Gay Pork …I read in the Qur’an that muhammad had a huge Dick,we Gay Porks are very interested in this kind of detail.Have you seen his Dick ? “No God But Allah”.

  10. I reject all the blasfemic things written here. And remember when the day comes where the heart stops there will be no return. And if you have not lived a life in accordance to The Will of God. There will be severe consequenses. He has given us guidance and given us choice but not without consequenses. It is wrong to curse, it is possible to state ones opinion without the use of foul language.

    We are all responsible for our actions. No one else.

  11. is company ko to jala dena chahiye…..
    aur owner ko to nanga jala dena chahiyeeeee….
    muslim ke iman par pair rakh diya………….

  12. There is No God But ALLAH …
    And ALLAH Almighty INSHAA ALLAH Show You in this world …

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