The Obaminator Effect

Tim Blair


Barack Obama imagines he can reverse the rise of the oceans, but another rise – for which he can genuinely claim credit – seems unstoppable:

• South Dakota: “Gun shop owners attribute recent increases in sales to a concern that President-elect Barack Obama’s administration will tighten gun laws.”

• Florida: “Gun sales are going like gangbusters … the sales of assault rifles here have at least tripled.”

• Louisiana: “Business has been booming. Gun sales have been up, ammunition sales have been up from the day of the election.”

• South Carolina: “Firearms and ammunition sales have surged.”

• Pennsylvania: “Assault weapons especially are big sellers.”

• Nebraska: “Permits have already surpassed the combined totals from 2006 and 2007.”

• Tennessee: “Consumers are flocking to gun shops.”

• Kentucky: “Sales have gone through the roof!”

• Wisconsin: “In the first two weeks of November, gun sales and background checks nearly doubled.”

• Mississippi: “Gun sales are up tremendously.”

• Maryland: “Sales are going very well … Sales are going so well some items are now virtually unavailable.”

• Connecticut: “Since the election, gun sales have gone up by 50 percent.”

• Nevada: “Not only have rifle and handguns sales been brisk, but ammunition has also been a hot commodity.”

• Texas: “The big seller has been the AR-15 … recent sales have been to doctors and lawyers.”

• West Virginia: “Our business is up 80%.”

• Hawaii: “Gun sales are off like a shot … While sales of handguns have increased, more buyers are also picking up semi-automatic firearms.”

• Maine: “Howell’s Guns and Archery Center in Gray reports selling 12 AR-15 assault rifles in a week.”

• Arkansas: “This year sales are up by about a third of what they normally would be.”

• Utah: “Local gun shops have seen their sales skyrocket in recent weeks.”

• Alabama: “Since the election, ammunition and gun sales have really taken off … I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s unbelievable.”

• Illinois: “Gun sales in Jacksonville and South Jacksonville have increased dramatically since the Nov. 4 election.”

• Arizona: “Ever since the presidential election gun sales have been going through the roof nationwide and here in Tucson.”

According to gun-control logic, this rise in gun sales – the FBI reports a 49 per cent increase in background checks following the election – should cause a corresponding rise in shooting deaths. Let’s come back to this story one year from now.

2 thoughts on “The Obaminator Effect”

  1. South Carolina special : Two days after Thanksgiving, NO Sales Tax on gun purchases.
    Getting a gun because of Obama, heck NO, get a gun because of the NWO and the economic collapse.
    People unemployed, no money for food, homelesnes etc. etc., people given their kids away.

  2. People in the U.K. and Europe might not know, that by the election night that McCain introduced Palin in Denver, lot of people outside were forcefully arrested personal property confiscated. Even journalists.

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