UK: Useful Idiot Feeding Frenzy

Death of Terrorist Distresses British Politicians…

Patrick Mercer (read why others think he’s a wanker)

“Death of British Terrorist was execution”

*  There is no end to cupidity and stupidity when it comes to aiding and abetting Islam and the good Muslims who become jihadists.


Rashid Rauf, who escaped from custody in Pakistan last year amid claims he plotted to blow up trans-atlantic jets, was reportedly one of five people killed in the weekend attack.

Politically correct backbenchers are now demanding an inquiry to find out how much Britain knew of the strike before it happened.

Andrew Dismore, the Labour chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, wants to know if intelligence services were consulted about the pre-dawn attack near the border with Afghanistan. 

* Dismore is the famous wanker who bored everyone to death in parliament with a record speech against self-defense,  he said the Criminal Law (Amendment) (Protection of Property) Bill amounted to “vigilante law” you get the drift/ed

He said: “This is a very serious matter, particularly if the attack was based on intelligence provided by the British security agencies.”

Tory MP for Newark Patrick Mercer added: “This raises the question of how much co-operation the British intelligence agencies provided in what is ultimately the execution of a British subject.”

At the weekend it emerged that members of Rauf’s family were making desperate attempts to establish whether he was still alive. 

Pakistan’s government has confirmed that he and Saudi militant Abu Zubair al-Masri were the targets of the strike.

But a long-standing friend, who asked not to be named, revealed the family had not received confirmation of his death. 

He added: “They have had no confirmation and they are trying to find out what has happened.”

Rauf, 27, was suspected of having links to an alleged plot in 2006 to bring down up to 10 transatlantic passenger jets.

He was arrested in Pakistan in 2006 following an apparent tip-off from British anti-terrorism officers, days before a series of raids in the UK which were followed by tight restrictions on hand baggage.

Rauf, who is originally from Birmingham, is believed to hold both British and Pakistani citizenship and was wanted by West Midlands Police in connection with the death of his uncle in 2002.

Earlier this year, the West Midlands force confirmed it was liaising with both the Home Office and the Foreign Office regarding his extradition.

He reportedly escaped from custody in Pakistan after his guards stopped at a mosque so he could pray while transporting him to a jail near Rawalpindi.

The escape caused severe embarrassment to the Pakistani government.



SOFT MPs reckon British security forces may have tipped off the American military before its missile strike “execution” of a British terror suspect.

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  1. Apparently his ‘yuman rites’ to remain a free terrorist murderer have been infringed and God alone knows what parts of the ‘elf N safety act’ have been compromised. These MP’s had already chosen the ‘safe house’ he and his family were going to live in and their wives were busy choosing house warming gifts and the colour of the drapes. In addition the list of new names he could consider adopting was well underway and the Police squad that were to be deployed to give him and his loved ones lifelong protection had already started their selection process to eliminate any among them that might possibly not be totally ‘moonbat’ and Politically Correct. So is it any wonder these representatives and defenders of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Jihadists Wordwide were so disappointed with the wicked CIA.

  2. What ony five, this will not do. So apparently the conspiracy was a dismal failure then.

    Mr Dismore, I hate to inform you that a lot more of your constituents deserve to be dealt with in the same terms as has your friend Rashid.

    And they will God willing

  3. More proof (as if any more was needed) the the three main parties are one. Democracy in the UK is an illusion

  4. On a side note on this story, quite humorous how Muslims contradict their own beliefs with consistency almost as good as predicting a new day will come tomorrow. They claim everything happens only as Allah wills it, so then how is this execution of a low life terrorist anything but Allah’s will? And if Allah willed it, then Rashid Rauf must have been a failure in Allah’s eyes.

    Man Islam is just a stupid religion that has turned masses into braindead zombies.

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