They don't call her Condi Clueless for nothing…

* From Carl in Jerusalem

Condi Clueless blames Israel for Annapolis failure

* America’s Affirmative Action in the Middle East


US Secretary of State Condoleeeezzza Clueless said on Sunday night that the reason there is no ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ is the ‘political turmoil‘ in Israel.

“Even though there was not an agreement by the end of the year, it is really largely because of the political situation in Israel,” Rice told reporters.

Of course. The fact that the ‘Palistanians’ have never made a concession on any issue, the fact that the ‘Palestinians’ are divided between Fatah and Hamas and the fact that the ‘Palestinians’ have no interest in peace and co-existence all have nothing to do with it.

They don’t call her Condi Clueless for nothing.

* In other news: Heartbreak: Skeletor Leaving H&C


One of the most repulsive douchebags on the left is leaving the one show where anyone saw or heard him.


* UN: Support Palistanians’ rights to self-determination, statehood

Once again, the UN appeals to your naiveté’ to support the worst scum of the earth…

*   Just in thanks to Shiva:


Assad awards convicted child-murderer Kuntar Syria’s highest medal

Kuntar was imprisoned in 1979 after he was convicted of one of the grisliest attacks in Israeli history – killing a man in front of his four-year-old daughter, and then killing the girl herself by crushing her skull. 

Hurts so good:


Poll: 70% of Israeli Arab women think slaps are not domestic abuse
By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent
Some 70 percent of Arab women in Israel believe women who are pushed, slapped or struck by their male partners are not victims of domestic violence, according to a poll conducted by the Na’amat women’s organization.    

The organization conducted the survey to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

Some 73 percent believe women whose partners curse or humiliate them are not victims of violence. 

Asked whether they agree with the claim that “sometimes a man acting violently toward a woman is justified and she understands this,” 23 percent of the respondents said yes, compared to 71 percent who said they did not. 




A Picture tells a 1000 words!

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  1. As Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice has been an abject failure and a dhimmi extraordinaire. I had such high hopes for her to succeed. Instead, she’s done nothing but bollux up things.

  2. Actually the short film of the summons being served on the muslim thugs is interesting for more than one reason. At all public functions I have attended, the audience has always paid attention to the speaker at the podium. It is interesting to observe that all muslims in the video are stuffing their fat little faces and not paying much attention to the speaker – probably because he is black and he is talking about the start of the civil rights movement. I could interpret this video as a demonstration of the racist attitude that muslims have to other cultures and belief systems.

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