Who's Discrediting Vlaams Belang And Why?

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs does some investigative work and comes out with a ringing endorsement for Vlaams Belang and in defense of Filip DeWinter.

Vlaams Belang is being held to a ridiculously high standard of evidence that no other mainstream European political party has to meet. No other party — not the Socialists, the Christian Democrats, the Communists — has to publicly refute and disprove every bizarre lunatic accusation made by dishonest shills with a partisan axe to grind.

 No other European party is forced to dance the “We’re-not-Nazis” two-step every day of the week. Only Vlaams Belang.

* Here’s the whole thing…

Banned at LGF!

From a comment:

This kind of thing brings the sycophants and symbol-chasers around Charles Johnson’s LGF out in force, smearing DeWinter.

Johnson has not only smeared DeWinter, but, also, fence sitter on this, Robert Spencer and top notch scholars such as Andrew Bostom, M.D

And since Johnson became irrelevant to the anti-jihad movement, why not abotage it? From LGF:

Vlaams Belang Disinvited from Jerusalem Anti-Jihad Conference

WORLD | Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 3:10:04 pm PST

Nothing on the news wires about it yet, but I just received an email from a reliable (?) source:

Vlaams Belang, which was to take part in a major Anti-Jihadist Conference in Jerusalem next month along with Geert Wilders and others, has reportedly been disinvited. (have any Lizards been invited? just asking…/ed)

* Hmm, and who’s behind that?  

The canniballlistic Lizards  sound more and more like the Koz kidz. They are convinced that “Nazi’s” and “white power supremacists” are the real enemy. Check out the comments. Unhinged!. And these folks accuse others of being “haters”- those who dare to disagree get booted off. Everybody is entitled to Charles Johnsons opinion. That’s progress!

Do they even realize how stoopid they are?

Here’s the blog entry from the Gates of Vienna:


Atlas Shrugs: Proving a Narcissist’s Negative

by Baron Bodissey


With all the discussion arising from the recently revived controversy over Vlaams Belang, Pamela atAtlas Shrugs has done the sensible thing. Rather than post yet another burst of invective (as did — ahem — yours truly), she located the phone numbers of some prominent Jewish residents of Antwerp and gave them a call.

One of the more interesting facts to emerge from her conversations is that Filip Dewinter loses more votes than he gains due to his support of Flemish Jews.

Filip Dewinter, Bat Ye’or, and David Littman

Some Nazi he turns out to be.

Here are some excerpts from Pamela’s report:

And here’s something from the grapevine:

As it happens here’s a little something that’s been turned up by someone with too much hands on their time: Charles Johnson is into sadistic queer stuff:

Demons for some, Angels for others.

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  1. There is nothing to the charges that LGF keeps on reguritating at the behest of Belgium’s very hard and soft Left, and to all LGF’rs who read this post, if I were you, I would be wondering why a supposedly Israel-friendly blog that Charles Johnson’s LGF purports itself to be, is taking his marching orders from people who would like nothing better than to see the state of Israel rot and a Muslim state rise in its place.

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