Muhammedan Taxi Jihad Against Guide Dogs

 Fine for taxi driver who told blind man: I can’t take your guide dog, it’s against my religion

* But, but but: doesn’t sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan always tell us that Daniel Pipes has it all wrong and that the Taxidrivers are all “allergic?”

By Daily Mail Reporter

Guide dog  

The law prohibits taxi drivers from refusing to carry guide dogs – unless they apply for an exemption on health grounds (file picture)

A taxi driver who claimed his religion forbade him from giving a lift to a blind man and his guide dog has been fined £300.

Ali Raza Roshanmoniri arrived to pick up Christopher Odell from the school where he works as a voluntary counsellor – but then refused to take him as a passenger with his dog.

The driver told Mr Odell it was against his religion to carry dogs and eventually the car company sent a replacement taxi to collect the counsellor.

But the very next day Roshanmoniri handed his local council’s taxi licencing department a letter from his GP stating that an allergy to animal hair prevents him carrying dogs.

Meanwhile the school staff member who had arranged the taxi for Mr Odell lodged a complaint with Broxtowe Borough Council, Notts.

Taxi company Cable Cars suspended Roshanmoniri and yesterday the council prosecuted him for breaking the terms of his operating licence.

The taxi driver was fined £300 and ordered to pay £150 in costs after he admitted breaking the Disability Discrimination Act. He was also told to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

Roshanmoniri, of Bramcote, Notts, submitted his guilty plea to Nottingham Magistrates Court by post, according to Broxtowe Borough Council.

The council added that Roshanmoniri has since applied for an exemption from carrying guide dogs.

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  1. One of the most intelligent domesticated animal is the pig. I look for the day they will be trained as guides for the blind.

  2. Next time you call for a taxi…tell the taxi company that you are taking a dog with you as well.

    See who will show

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