Cartoon Jihad Watch: Jihadists call for attacks on Danish targets in revenge for book containing new Muhammad cartoons

* Nothing to do with Islam. Of course not, you Islamophobe!

Sheik yer’mami’s favorite Muhammad cartoon

The courageous Danish warrior for freedom Lars Hedegaard’s new book, Groft sagt: Lars Hedegaards 100 bedste illustreret af Kurt Westergaard, was published by The Free Speech Library on Monday. And already the jihadists are once again breathing threats and murder — because the book contains new drawings by the notorious Motoon artist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the famous cartoon of Muhammad, here:


Here is yet another opportunity for Western authorities to stand up and call madness what it is, and defend the freedom of speech as a cornerstone of any society that is not a tyranny. And no doubt it will be yet another missed opportunity.

* Ehsan Jami’s Muhammd cartoon flick is still in the making, watch for fireworks…

“Calls for carrying out terrorist attacks against Danish targets, following news of a book with caricature drawings of the Prophet Muhammad to be published in December 2008,” from the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, via JW

On November 12, 2008, the “Hanein” online forum published a post by an internet user named Abu Salem warning against the publication of new caricature drawings in Denmark. Abu Salem quoted an Arabic article published on a Danish news website on November 11, which discussed a new book about to be published in Denmark of caricature drawings of the Prophet Muhammad. In response to these new caricatures, the Danish Imam, Abdul Wahid Pedersen, described the drawings as part of a “storm” facing Danish Muslims over the past several years, in which a war of words and letters has transformed into one of caricatures.Danish sources said the 73-year-old Danish caricaturist, Kurt Westergaard, has provided new caricatures for a soon-to-be published book in Denmark by Danish Historian Lars Hedegaard. The new caricature drawings depict the Prophet, politicians, and religious leaders. The book will contain 26 drawings by Westergaard, whose caricatures in the “Jyllands Posten” newspaper in September 2005 triggered a local and international crisis.

The forum serves as a mouthpiece for Al-Qaeda and other Jihad organizations, despite its proclamation that: “Hanein Forum Network would like to express that it is an independent network that seeks to preach for Allah as well as for what is best to serve the Islamic nation. Hanein has no geographic state, hence it doesn’t belong to a country, a territory or a nationality.” See: This proclamation was added only in a recent upgrade to the website and did not appear previously. The Hanein forum may have been seeking to disassociate itself from Al-Qaeda following the blocking of the main Jihadi websites “Al-Firdaws” and “Al-Ikhlaas”. […]

Historian Lars Hedegaard heads an organization supporting freedom of speech and invited Geert Wilders, producer of the controversial movie “Fitna,” to Denmark in June 2008. According to the online post, Hedegaard’s book is set to be published at the beginning of December 2008. 

In his post, Abu Salem requests that all who love the Prophet Muhammad help spread the news of the upcoming publication and notify religious leaders of what “these pigs” are attempting to do. One forum visitor responded to the post, suggesting that Bin Laden attack Copenhagen, repeating the call: “Bin Laden, Copenhagen!” several times. Another forum visitor wrote: “Our blood… our souls… our children… our money… all that we have… the entire world… anything so that a single hair of your distinguished head [i.e. Muhammad] is not harmed.”…


Read it all, in this pdf.

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  1. I won’t hold my breath for leaders to do anything other than figure out how they can kiss more muslim behind!

  2. who r u? u just wanna have fun toying with Islam??!
    tell me,why u people always wanna make fun wif us but we never mess up wif ur religion?is this what they thought u in church?in bible?
    then, wat about muslim terrorism, they are not going to be like that if u and ur people doesnt mess up with us.ur people keep pressuring us, muslim every corner from the world. supporting Israel dat continuously beating Palestine.whats good from dat??they have neither home nor family now from da israelian attack, but what u say??
    U western country, christian people, jewish people, american, europian, all of u everyday making muslim world in crumble.when do this going to end?why not u make research bout ur own religion.are u a good believer??i seem dat u r not good enough to have religion for ur self. jus think it for urself dude. –Islam is wonderful, wonderful enough to make a blind people like u still blinded —

  3. I can’t help but think of how the wacko running Pakistan warned India “not to overreact” to what just happened in Mumbai. Everytime I hear about the moes whining about cartoons I have to ask “Who is overreacting??????” They are the biggest overreactors in the world.

    Oh and haris? Can you explain to me why certain countries that were colonized are doing better than others? Could India be thriving because they are not being ruled by islam? You moes wants your own little countries taken from blocks of others. Hows that working for you? Pakistan, Afghanistan….wow, those countries are bastions of peace and harmony. Your people cannot read, your daughters cannot go to school, you love to beat on women. Yeah, that islam is some kind of wonderful, huh? Now get off the internet before your mullahs find out you are downloading goat porn.

  4. I really do not understand you guys (R_not, UberInfidel67). Haris is right to an extent and you guys have a couple of good points. But blatantly attacking Haris for expressing his point of view is just f###ing stupid.
    Yes I agree that there does seam to be something about the middle east that seams to lead to more unrest than we would expect in other developing nations. One of the biggest reasons is expressed by Haris. They feel they are oppressed. I am currently not certain whether populations in the middle east have been oppressed by external forces or not. My feeling is is that they are generally over competitive and tend to stick to family groups too tightly, hence segregating small groups that then have small disputes, this coupled with some corperate (or possbly colonial) oppresion in the past is what fuels the conflict. One of the things I have learnt best from being brought up in Australia is that multi-culturalism only seems to work if the different cultures mix. Small groups that segregate themselves always end up in conflict with common interest here.

    In Israel where I have been working a bit recently things are crazy, everyone segregates themselves from everyoine else. The place is tiney, but this jsut seems to make people refuse their nieghbours rather than embrase their neighbours. This is not restricted to the Palestinians and Israelis, all the religious groups fight. Looking into the past the Muslim leaders have been some of the most tolerant of them all (remember they were not the ones to eject the jews from the holy land, that was the Christians (Byzantinians I think)) Until there is some tolerance between these people there will always be war.

    On the palastian side I think they they have a right to feel oppressed. Yes there were not many Palestinians when the first wave of zionism led to the return of lots of jews (after 1000 I feel you have lost most of your rights to a land). And yes the Jews probably did most of the building of a prosterous nation. But the Palestinians are still the original inhabitants in my eyes. Mauri have only been in New Zealand for 800-900 years, would it be right to evict them from their land because they havn’t been the sole inhabitants long enough.

    All over the world countries that have been colinised have problems with the orignal inhabitants. Israel is just dealing with thiers worse than most in my eyes. It does not help that external muslim influences lable the war Jihad and fund it. In my eyes it is oppressed unhappy people. Gaza has 0.5 million people in 45 square km. that is 90 square meters per person. How are people with very little infrastructure or industry supposed to support themselves in a 90 square meter piece of land? Now how they got their is another story. Israeli propoganda is the they volantarily moved there. Israel is beginning to release information indicating that many were deported there. But whatever, that population density is going to need support until there is industry and infrastructure to support itself. Israel either needs to support them or give them enough land back to support themselves.

    Now I do not like being held responsible for the Crumblinng of the Muslim world either. I agree that there may be some suppression, but when it comes down to it if you want the Muslim world to prosper, you collectively are going to have to come together and work out a rational plan for improving your world. Blaming the west is only taking you backwards. I think it is great that you are so proud, but to be proud of your past is not enough, what about being proud of what you did today, yesterday? Did you improove your life? Your families life? Your neighbours life? or your countrymens life? Your world!

    This is just an outsiders view. I am not religious, and have no particuar interest in the middle east. I just feel sorry for all the poor people and wish everyong could just get along.

  5. Sheikh Yer-Mami — har, har, that’s original. Pretty sad, ripping off Frank Zappa to promote a fascist, racist agenda. Watch out where the huskies go, asshole.

  6. Desrespecting someone’s point of view is not the key to win a debate. Bunch of stupids, religions are unquestionable so as their practices or don’t u all forgot how Christians were during the last centuries? Bloody wars in the name of God (just like muslins nowadays), corruption in the church and so on?! I think, that if we all treat each other forgeting about the religion everyone would understand everyonde. Although I believe that all religions can be upgraded, like the Christianism did throughout the centuries. The muslins should reconsider some practices like UberInfidel67 mentioned, but still we gotta respect and not forget that their traditions come from hundreds and hundreds of years..

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