5 thoughts on “Here's another one for global worming…!”

  1. Some interesting stuff by Richard Littlejohn in today’s Daily Mail on the subject of global warming.

  2. The NATURAL phenomenon of climate change is a bandwagon seized by every Green NAZI to hang their tax hikes and anally retentive control freak measures on. No matter how many times they are tlod that cow farts produce ten times the CO2 gasses that cars do so lets tax the farmers guys. Climate change has happened countless thousands of times in the earths past when there were not even men on the planet so who caused it then NAZI’s the dinosaurs?. Its the SUN which causes climate change and mans influence (if any) is negligible but you will never get a Green NAZI to admit that.

  3. It always amazes me that people actually believe the rantings of this idiot, who refers (like the poster above) to anyone he doesn’t like as a NAZI or a poofter.

    Did you know that his son is the Tory party’s adviser on global warming. Hypocrite.

    Littlejohn is a massive, massive c*nt. He rants about the state of Britain from his massive house in Florida and preaches about violence and binge Britain – seems to forget that he was arrested in the 70s for a drunken brawl outside a nightclub.


  4. Seems like Chris Duncan’s command of the English language is so poor that he has to resort to profanity to try and communicate. How typical of the type of person he obviously is.


  5. Tell me Chris have you ever heard of ‘Tu Quoque’ what relevance to the state of the UK is the residence of Richard Littlejohn or are you just jealous because you can’t have it too also is the son automatically the intellectual slave of the father I think not. Your stupid comments say more about YOU than you realise.

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