Illegal Migration: Asylum for Muslims? From What?

* Brits Pay Big Money to Keep Islamic Headbangers from Leaving…

 Hugh Fitzgerald explains why Islamic migration is undesirable, dangerous and destructive:

The following was posted on DW  in regards to Islamic migration to Finland. I have taken liberty to change a few words to make it suitable for general use.  A great letter you might want to write to the sleeping dogs in your immigration department:

“Asylum” from what? Muslims fleeing from Muslim countries? Why do they need asylum? Explain what the word “asylum” means. Only Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and other non-Muslims require “asylum” from Muslim countries. Muslims don’t. If there is economic backwardness, if there is political despotism and warlordism, if there is a mess – that’s what Islam brings. That comes with the package of Islam. No Muslim needs to be given “asylum” from what can be attributed to Islam itself. Otherwise half the population of the Muslim world would be entitled to “asylum” in the advanced, non-Muslim West.

* Anjem Chaudary: “We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law.” 

“Those who have just arrived here say they notice that life is quieter and very different to the country of their birth but say they have finally found peace here, and want to make it their home.”

“They have finally found peace here” in the place they “want to make…their home” but they fail utterly to realize that what they are fleeing is Islam itself, and its natural consequences. And what they find — that “peace” — is the result of the steady buildup over time of the advanced nation-states of the West, entirely by non-Muslims, and with advances, political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral — impossible under Islam. People fleeing the Nazis or the Communists, who found “peace” in, for example, the United States, knew exactly what they were fleeing and would never have worked, once in the United States, to further Nazism or Communism. It was that which they detested. But Muslims fleeing the chaos and wretchednees of Muslim-dominated lands do not recognize the fact, cannot allow themselves to recognize the fact, even as they take every advantage of what Infidel nation-states offer them, that it is Islam itself that they actually fled, Islam that explains the miseries that they are attempting to avoid. The hostility, the aggression, even the noisiness of Muslim life (where everyone speaks to everyone else in voices far louder than anywhere in the non-Muslim world — it is the constant din, the constant hysterical screaming, that most impresses an Infidel visitor to Muslim lands), the inshallah-fatalism, the inability to recognize the rights of others, but non-Muslim peoples (a real inability, a deep intellectual and moral lapse or paralysis) — all this comes from Islam, and it is all this that they bring with them and seek, whether in the first generation, or later generations, to spread and impose on non-Muslim states into which they have been allowed to come, and to settle deep within.

It’s an extraordinary thing. Muslims themselves, save for a handful — the handful who become apostates — can never allow themselves to recognize what Islam itself causes, and so they work to bring about the very conditions that they have fled from.

It is up to the Infidels to understand this, and to act to protect themselves. The time for sentimentality, for thinking that Muslims are simply “humans in distress” and can be allowed into Western lands, should have passed long ago. No more should be allowed into Western countries, and those there should be discouraged, at every step, from remaining — if, that is, they insist on continuing to believe in Islam, and in what the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the Sira naturally inculcate. Begin by cutting off all that Saudi and other outside Arab money that pays for mosques and madrasas. End all government support for those who violate the law — for example, by continuing to practice polygamy. Make the acquisition of citizenship dependent on a deep knowledge of the culture, the history, the legal and political institutions, of the Infidel nation-state, and require an oath of loyalty to those legal and political institutions. Make sure that perjury in the swearing of such an oath will be grounds for being stripped of that citizenship, which is a great privilege. And work to immunize the Infidels against the spread of Islam by educating them as to what it is, a collectivist Total Belief-System, with a clear politics and geopolitics, that imposes the duty of Jihad on all Muslims — the duty, that is, to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam everywhere in the world. Make sure that Infidels understand how Islam discourages free and skeptical inquiry, forbids most forms of artistic expression, promotes the habit of mental submission — in other words, stunts moral and mental growth, in a hundred different ways.

This can be done. It is not impossible, and it is far more important, to the survival of the West, and the turning back of the menace of Islam, than whatever “freedom” or “prosperity” or some such naive goal, is worked for, at such colossal and hopeless expense, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. Muslim states are always and everywhere, to the extent that they take Islam seriously, going to be “failed states.” Let them be “failed states.” Just minimize Infidel efforts to prevent Muslims from having to endure, and then ultimately to recognize, the failures that are a result of Islam itself. In Dar al-Islam, and in Dar al-Harb, where so many arrive, delighted with the peace and safety of an advanced non-Muslim state, but still, bringing with them, and clinging to, the Islam that is part of their mental baggage. 


Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 19, 2008 11:57 AM

4 thoughts on “Illegal Migration: Asylum for Muslims? From What?”

  1. * Anjem Chaudary: “We do not integrate into Christianity.

    Quite so, but Western governments keep mixing in their secret herbs and spices in a
    vain and futile attempt to perform that magic trick.

  2. What a very good question and one of course that the PC, Left wing Moonbats will have absolutely no answer to.

  3. * survival of the West, and the turning back of the menace of Islam

    The West won’t survive if it continues to suicide by burka and submission – by entering
    “alliances” with the islamic states that seek our downfall, such as:

    (Exhibit A),25197,24825971-5013871,00.html
    AUSTRALIA and the United Arab Emirates have forged a new defence accord as the Rudd Government moves to shift its military focus to Afghanistan and wind down in Iraq.

    The UAE is set to become theAustralian Defence Force’s Middle East hub servicing the Afghanistan theatre.

    (Exhibit B)
    The Rising Threat of the UAE

    While the UAE provided 2 of the 9/11 terrorists, had close ties with the Taliban and
    served a stop on the smuggling network that moved nuclear technology from North
    Korea to Iran, the UAE has avoided the bellicose confrontational rhetoric, instead
    operating under the radar.

    The madness continues – the West’s leaders learn nothing.

  4. People should inform Krudd of what they think of this aliance with arab scum – and they should do so in the strongest terms NOW. The prick will be hearing from me at least.

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