Land for Islamic college obtained by deception, say Greens

*   “War is Deceit” said Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. And since Muhammedans are religiously obligated to wage war against unbelievers until the world is Islamic, we shall be deceived. 


The Australian/thanks to Gramfan


THE land on which an Islamic school is to be built in Sydney’s southwest was obtained by deception, the NSW Greens claim.

They are also demanding the state’s education minister take back the land. 

Meanwhile, the interfaith & harmony luvvies are all out to please…

The Land and Environment Court gave conditional approval on Thursday for a 1200-student Islamic school to be built, despite the controversial plan having been rejected twice by Bankstown Council. 

NSW Greens MP John Kaye said the first problem was that the college would generate a lot of traffic and have a severe effect on residential streets. 

“The second is the land was obtained by deception. The government was told it was going to be a residential development, Garden View Apartments was purchasing the property,” Dr Kaye told the ABC. 

“When they first signed the contract for sale, it was signed to a company called Garden View Apartments with the understanding that it would be developed as apartments, as the name would imply. 

“Just before the contract was finalised, Garden View Apartments exercised their right to change the name of the purchaser and they changed it to al-Alanah College.” 

At that point the government made a massive mistake, Dr Kaye said. 

“The government should have said, `No, wait a minute, we’re not going to sign the final contract … it’s very clear the government was concerned about it, people within the Department of Education became concerned about it. 

“But they panicked and went ahead and signed … which meant basically they were in trouble.” 

Dr Kaye urged Education Minister Verity Firth to use her powers to obtain the land, so it could be used for public schools. 

“What we shouldn’t do here is be distracted by the racist climate. We shouldn’t be distracted from good policy by the idea there may be some people who oppose it because of the environment. 

* Stop conflating Islam and race. Islam is a hostile ideology, not a skin-color!

As soon as possible, Minister Firth needs to exercise her powers under section 125 and resume the land, and then after question, well if there’s demand for 1200 students let’s build a public education facility there that copes with that number of students.” 

The LEC will next consider the development on December 19. 


3 thoughts on “Land for Islamic college obtained by deception, say Greens”

  1. This is highly unusual, the Greens coming out against the poor Muslim minority. Normally it would be Kerry Nettle having a go at Catholics by wearing a T shirt with the slogan ” Get your Rosaries off my ovaries” now it could be a T shirt with “Get your Koran off my Cllitoris” (regarding female genital mutilation) one of the many lovely Islamic customs. I will be surprised if the Greens run with this one.

  2. But then again the Greens know that the real problem for the planet is the population explosion and Muslims are not exactly trying to help in that area. In fact the complete opposite.

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