Making history in Jerusalem: Pamela Geller is there…


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Atlas will be covering it live – kicking off coverage this weekend. A year ago Pamela covered the first counter jihad conference in Brussels.

Among the speakers are Arieh Eldad MK – Knesset,  Robert Spencer, Dr.  Itamar Marcus – Director of Palestinian Media Watch, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes…… and the first Middle East screening of Fitna   presented by  Geert Wilders, MP, The Netherlands.

MK Arye Eldad to Push for Anti-Islamization Laws in Knesset…….TundraTabloids


2 thoughts on “Making history in Jerusalem: Pamela Geller is there…”

  1. This is the only faint spark of hope in an otherwise dismal world.

    What with the UN now criminalising defamation of religion i.e. Islam, and infidels everywhere falling over themselves to assure their Saudi masters that Mumbai was nothing to do with Islam and going to ever increasing lengths to appease Islam lest jihadis get offended and start blowing things up, the lights are indeed going out all over the world.

    We need a lot more “Islamophobic” initiative like this.
    Bravo to all the participants.

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