Mosques are ‘land grab, not a place of prayer’, says Ralph Giordano

A Saudi businessman has donated $2.78 million for the construction of the first mosque at the North Pole.  It was reported that the Muslim community in northern Norway asked that the municipality in the region allocate to it 1,000 square meters for a mosque that will be the largest in the north of the country.  MEMRI

The building of huge mosques throughout Germany is nothing short of a “a bid for power and influence, a land grab”, according to Ralph Giordano, 85, the German Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor, in an interview with The Times that is likely to stir Muslim anger.


The comments from Mr Giordano came as the Muslim community of Cologne – about 120,000 strong – prepared to lay the foundation stone for yet another giant mosque, one of more than a hundred that are being planned or built across the country.

Barely six weeks ago another mosque, capable of accommodating 1,200 worshippers, was opened in Duisburg in the nearby Ruhr region of northwest Germany.

Spiky minarets are starting to punctuate the German urban skyscape – and the rumble of discontent from nonMuslim Germans is growing louder. One result is that the issue of immigration seems sets to be on the agenda in the general election next year. The Christian Democrats resolved this week that the German language should be anchored in the constitution – seen as a slight by the three million Turks who live in the country.

“When I first saw the blueprints for the grand mosque in Cologne, I was shocked,” said Mr Giordano, who is now very active in the campaign against Turkish mosque-building. “It sent a completely wrong signal, it was a bid for power and influence, a land grab, not a place of prayer, so I told the mayor: Stop this mosque now!” That was in a public discussion that was filmed and placed online. The result was, he says, an avalanche of many hundred of supportive letters.



They all struck the same note: Mr Giordano we are afraid as you are of this creeping Islamification but we can’t say anything in public because we will end up being branded as neo-Nazis.”

The novelist and essayist pauses for effect. “Well, that’s something that cannot be pinned on me!”

Mr Giordano finds himself in the company of far-right activists. “Of course, you have to distance yourself clearly from these people – obviously their racist, neo-Nazis arguments are quite different from mine – but I am not going to be muzzled just because people are fighting on the same issue with false arguments and a false ideology.”

Fritz Schramma, the Mayor of Cologne, argues that the mosque will become a tourist attraction and that it will be integrated into the urban culture. “It’s not right that Muslims should have to pray in old factory warehouses,” he said.

* Here is our record on the disgraceful mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma

There is a hope too that if Muslims are allowed to become part of the urban landscape rather than hidden away there will be less risk of furtive fundamentalism.

* That is such a BS argument it gives you the creeps… Large mosques encourage the Muzz to become more belligerent…


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  1. The simple fact that he’s a Jewish man who survived the holocaust is enough to provoke hatred from the islamic nutters, he should really learn to be more accepting of others “faith”.

    When will European’s learn that the people of islam are a treacherous bunch, with the supposed moderates smiling in our faces while grabbing all they can with both hands, while the more honest fanatics stab us in the back and take whats left!

  2. A poster on Jihad Watch sums it up:

    Having lived in Muslim countries, I learned that everything in Islam that is good is that which supports Islam and advances it throughout the world. From the viewpoint of Islam, a Muslim is correct when saying Islam is peaceful. Because there is no peace without Islam, therefore Islam is peaceful and everything else is warlike until Islam is present. That is why Muslims never agree to peace treaties unless Islam is completely victorious. Otherwise only a truce or ceasefire can be agreed upon, to be broken once Islamic forces again are ready to fight. What we call terrorism is not terrorism in Islam because actions of the ones we call terrorists are advancing the cause of Islam. We who are non-Muslims are the terrorists because we are opposing Islam. The OIC is correctly arguing, from its Islamic viewpoint, that Islam is not connected with terrorism and that Muslims are not terrorists. In the same way, CAIR is Islamically correct when saying is an internet hate site because it opposes Islam. Islam is peace, is war. We must be very careful to understand that Islam does not use the same definitions for words like peace as in all other societies. In Islam, “peace” means the “presence of Islam.” For most of the rest of us it means “absence of conflict” or something similar. Another example of the need to understand Islam’s definitions of words is when the Iranian president says the USA is a terrorist nation. He is speaking correctly as a follower of Islam, in a “peaceful” country (i.e., where Islam is present), about America opposing Islam (America is not Islamic and therefore is a warlike country). More scary is that when he says Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, he is correct because its purpose is to advance Islam. And how might that “peaceful” nuclear program be used? To destroy Israel. Killing Jews is a tenet of Islam, so using nuclear weapons to eliminate them and wipe Israel off the map would be a “peaceful” solution because it supports peace, i.e., Islam. When the Jews exposed Mohamed as a fraud, he never forgave them, and they are still suffering his vengeance. In signing off, I must say that I can’t understand why the supposedly intelligent people of the news media, who have reported for many years about problems involving Muslims and their actions to advance Islam, still seem to have no clue about what Islam involves and the grave danger Islam poses to civilization, including the free press. I say to them: RTKS! (Read the Koran, stupid!). Islam is not just a religion; it is an ideology that has been waging war against the world since the seventh century.

    Posted by: shallen at December 6, 2008 1:31 AM

  3. sheik – hi! This is very important. I haven’t yet got myself Canon Patrick Sookhdeo’s book about Islam in Britain, entitled ‘Faith, Power and Territory’ – but the title chimes with what Giordano is saying. It’s all about nailing down territory for allah – for the very this-worldly Empire of Islam. Like Mr Fitzgerald says over at jihadwatch – Islam is a geopolitical cult.

    I have often said that European Christians, with the assistance of other non-Muslim groups, would do well to pick up on, and run with, the ancient English church custom of ‘beating the bounds’ of the parishes – look it up, it has all sorts of interesting possibilities and could easily function as a morale builder, community builder, and means of displaying and expressing resistance to the invading Mohammedan hordes. Being an adaptation of pre-Christian customs and with a strong civic element, it could easily accommodate the presence and involvement of non-Christian non-Muslims who wanted to make a stand. Sort of like ‘Reclaim the Night’ …only ‘Reclaim the Land’.

    The overlapping feasts of Hanukkah and Christmas can also be celebrated to the hilt by all who wish to exhibit a spirit of defiance.

    Let’s all hope that those European lawmakers who are going to Arieh Eldad’s ‘Facing Jihad’ conference, which will discuss ways to resist Islamification, will come home after it with renewed resolve and useful ideas.

    NIMBY needs to start operating full-blast, with regard to Mosque and Islamic school construction proposals.

  4. Exactly Sheik, people here in western cultures just don’t comprehend the Islamic doublespeak…and if some truth exposes their little word games, then comes the Taqiyya with some Hudna. Then usually that has done the trick so far. Meanwhile libtard Moonbats never question the first round of deception and become very useful idiots in Islam’s colonization efforts. Movies like Farewell Israel are so valuable because it step by step reveals the Islamic mindset & how it has responded down through the ages.

  5. Can anyone supply an example of the politics of appeasement having succeeded? “I have in my hand a piece of paper from Herr Hitler……”

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