Muslim riots, attacks, grievance theater around the world

Pro-Hamas Demonstration – Fort Lauderdale FL

Update: Leftists, Muslim American Society at rally calling for destruction of Israel

* Where the hell did these maggots come from? How did they get to settle behind enemy lines?


Pamela has more, much more

“Death to all (Zionist) juice”: Calling for genocide with plausible deniability?

Need support to counter anti-Israel rally, Friday, January 2, 2009, in Westwood, Los Angeles

A message from Allyson Rowen Taylor of Shariah Finance Watch

Charleroi: Attack on Synagogue

From Islam in Europe:
DHnet speaks of rising tensions between Jews and Muslims.  On the one hand, there is (not yet) no proof these acts were done by Muslims.  On the other, Jews are not attacking mosques.   

The French language blog Philosemeitsm also writes about attacks against Jews in Brussels and Antwerp.




From Robert Spencer:

When I posted this picture Monday of a Muslim in New York holding a sign saying, “Death to All Juice,” a lot of people took it as the comical error of an illiterate. Jihad Watch commenter Urban Infidel knew better, and wrote this:

The sign is funny, but he’s not kidding.It’s not the work of an illiterate. In fact the sign was probably made by jouseff al-khattab, a member of the Islamic Thinkers Society, or one of his cohorts.

You can see the sign and others at his webpage:

It is his way of calling for genocide without getting busted for hate speech.

Today Pamela has some of the photos from Revolution Muslim, and here is another. Note the caricature of the Jew straight out of Nazi literature, and the reference to the Qur’an’s designation of the accursed Jews as apes (2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166):


Leftists, Muslim American Society at rally calling for destruction of Israel

“From sea to sea, one day Palestine will be free” — i.e., Israel won’t exist

Uh, sure, pal

The slick Mahdi Bray (right), looking agitated

These pictures are from a rally last night in Washington, DC, sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, the Free Palestine Alliance, the National Council of Arab Americans, Al-Awda, and the International Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

No one in attendance seems to have minded the genocidal sign at the top of the page.

At the rally was the slick Islamic spokesman Mahdi Bray, about whom there is more here and here.

In London protesters stole a policeman’s hat and set it alight…

5 thoughts on “Muslim riots, attacks, grievance theater around the world”

  1. When nearly 200 nonmuslims were murdered by islamists, not a peep around the islamic world!?

    That is all fine I guess.

    Fight back and the muslim world rebels in masse….

    Only Israel has been fighting back. Yet, I hear many leftists point out that if there was no Israeli state, there would be no problems in the ME and the world.

    Sounds a lot like what they said about Hitler. Many thought that the Hebrews were the problem. Get rid of the Jews and the world will be fine eh?

    We now know what Hitler was about, but we have not learned the real lesson that we should have learned from the deaths of over 100 million people because of Htler.

  2. Thanks Anon – Many of us are aware of the muslim threat – we are however hamstrung by incompetent political leadership – so we need to get rid of that first. This is important as we should defeat the muslim invasion with our system of laws – reverting to barabarism (the muslim solution) and teminationh all Mossies is a viable second option but not one that should be taken lightly.

  3. The crazed Muslims are not a threat to the world. They are more than threats and it is time that countries in Europe and the US sent them back to their Mother countries or to Saudi Arabia so that they can live decent halal ridden lives, conduct jihads amongst themselves and have a happy time under their own laws which are so democratic that they put the West to shame. Perhaps stone a few more women and girls too for better measure and cut off the hands, legs and toes of their kindred for easy identification. That would save a lot of money and time instead of carrying ID Cards.

  4. MALDIVES – an ideal Islamic Nation in the world.

    It is understood that the Maldives have amended the Constitution which now states that anyone who is NOT a Muslim ceases to be a citizen. What fun it isgoing to be for the Non Muslims. How will Tourists to the Maldives now enjoy themselves with halal food and rotten bread or rice.

    The idea should give thought to the West so that only those of certain faiths can be citizens of the Wetern countries. Nothing wrong in Tit-for-Tat.

  5. Why do Muslims hide their faces when they partake in street protests which are meaningless to most citizens because everyone knows that most of them are unemployed or have no jobs or are not employable.

    They survive on every sort of bread and some measly vegetable concoctions and cadavers of animals who they sadly presume are HALAL.

    A cadaver can be halal only if there is not one drop of blood not left in the cadaver. How do you get rid if blood from the cappillaries and minor vessels in the cadaver? Someone from Saudi Arabia should put this right for the EURABIANS.

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