Netherlands: Home Affairs Ministry says there are more "potentially radical Muslims" in the country now than last year

* And that’s all because of Wilders ‘FITNA’- so if we could only burn Wilders at the stakes and prostrate ourselves to these “potentially radical Muslims” everything would be just fine, no?

From the ‘dumber than dirt’ department:


Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert. “More Potential Terrorists in Netherlands Now than Last Year,” from NIS News, December 20:

THE HAGUE, 20/12/08 – The estimated number of “potentially radical” Muslims in the Netherlands has increased. Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst said on Friday that there are up to 3,000, 500 more than she reported in September 2007.

* EU parliament prevents screening of anti-Islam film

Ter Horst sent the Lower House the Trend Analysis 2008, which analyses left-wing, right-wing but primarily Muslim radicalism. The “numerous measures taken in recent years” are starting to bear fruit, according to the minister. For example, the number of sermons in mosques that include incitements to violence and hatred has decreased, according to the report, although no figures are given to back up this claim.

“After a period of polarisation and alienation, the past year seems to indicate some moderation,” the report stated. “Society has become more resistant to extremist Muslim influences,” the press release issued by Ter Horst stressed. In the full report, however, this sentence is followed by the sentence: “But the radical, anti-democratic standpoint is still given the opportunity to present itself as the only true form of Islam.” (That’s because there is no other other/ed)

Only a “very small proportion” of the Muslim community is turning radical, the analysis states. An estimated 25,000 to 30,000 Muslims in the Netherlands are susceptible to radical ideas. These include “2,500 to 3,000 potential radicals”. Last year, the estimate was 2,500.

But it can’t be anything rooted in Islamic teachings. It’s got to be something else, right?

Ter Horst also sent the MPs the latest analysis of the terrorism threat for the Netherlands. “Internationally operating jihadist networks still include the Netherlands and its foreign interests among their preferred targets,” said the report, drawn up by the national counter-terrorism coordinator NCTb. The film Fitna by MP Geert Wilders, released on 27 March, “is still the main reason for this”.

Right. And before that, there was no problem with “radical Islam” within the Netherlands, and no jihadists had their eye on the country.

“It is expected that the Netherlands will remain in focus for jihadists for the time being. The attention of jihadists is also strongly concentrated on individuals whom they hold responsible for ‘insulting’ Islam. These developments keep the level of threat at substantial, which means that the likelihood of an attack in the Netherlands or against Dutch interests is realistic.”

* The threat certainly is realistic. The analysis of this “expert” however is not./ed

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