Obama's Kenyan Family Gets Gag Order

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And the messiah media is just going along with this? This is amazing. Utterly astounding. Their silence is deafening.

What is it that Obama is so terribly afraid of us finding out? Why the gag order?

* Is Obama’s African Clan ready to move into the White House?

Kenyan government imposes gag order on Obama family WND
No media contact: ‘We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information’

* Orwell sends his regards:

The Kenyan government has barred unapproved contacts between the media and President-elect Barack Obama’sextended family. 
Family members will be required to receive permission from the government before making any public statements about their famous relative, according to the Nairobi Star. 
“We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information,” Athman Said, an under-secretary in the Ministry of Heritage, told the Obama family in Kogelo. 
“The government has decided that you should inform its officers who will be based here if you want to address the media.” 
Journalists wishing to speak with the family must first be approved by the government.


While the latest attempt to embargo news about and from the president-elect’s African family may anticipate passage of the “media gag” bill,economics, tourism and boosterism are also part of the equation.

And quietly paying the family off ……………..

Under-secretary Said, who informed the Obamas they were muzzled, announced the Obama Cultural Home project, which will include a museum, a gallery and a leadership center in the family’s town of Kogelo. A video featuring Mama Sarah Obama, the president-elect’s step-grandmother, will relate the Obamas’ family history. Said added that the Ministry of Heritage is negotiating with the U.S. government to display Obama’s publications.

The investment in the family’s village so far has caused land prices to double in the past several months. Electicity service has been routed to the community and investors are rumored to be planning hotel construction to serve the tourists expected to travel the “Presidential Heritage Tourism Circuit.”

The proposed heritage center’s siting in Kogelo has not been well received by the entire Obama clan. Some are demanding that the project be built in Kanyadhiang, the ancestral home of Barack Obama’s father before the family moved to Kogelo.

5 thoughts on “Obama's Kenyan Family Gets Gag Order”

  1. Remember the old war time saying ‘loose lips sink ships’ well this is the Obama version ‘loose lips cause denial of POTUS’. I know it does not rhyme but its TRUE.

    The Obama Messiah is a Liar. There that rhymes and its true too.

  2. As the saying goes: if you want to keep something secret it means you have something to hide. Perhaps this secret is that Barak Obama really was born in Kenya and there are still some friends and relatives of the Obama clan that will say so, if given the chance – hence the gag order.

  3. His grandmother already has stated he was born in Kenya nevermind the perhaps part. So issuing a gag order and not producing a valid birth certificate which is not hard to do at all, should be raising red flags. Sadly, I think the average young america is more interested in the next Britney Spear meltdown then the fact that our own Constitution is on the rocks.

  4. We have witnessed the first financial/trickery….coup de’ taut in American History. They will
    do ANYTHING to keep the cover-up of how Obama was really put in power, I am afraid we
    are very deep,deep, trouble as a Nation!!! Wait & see!!! Hell yes he was born in Kenya!!!!
    In case anyone with a ‘lick’ of common sense would fefuse to acknowledge!!!

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