Pakistan refuses to hand over suspects to India

* Pakistan, our friend and ally: after claiming full cooperation Pakistan  said it won’t hand over 20 terrorist suspects wanted by India in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

Asif Ali Zardari said 20 terror suspects would be tried in Pakistan if there was evidence of wrongdoing. Photo: Reuters
* The usual song and dance: he and his fellow Muslims wouldn’t accept the evidence even if it came to bite ’em in the dick….

Mr Zardari also said he doubted that a man being held in Indian custody over the attacks was a Pakistani citizen.

Asif Ali Zardari said the men would be tried in Pakistan if there was evidence of wrongdoing.

Taliban vows to join Pakistan in war with India, (no divided loyalties here..)

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* Condolleeeezzzzza Rice arrives for talks in India

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Chutzpah: Terrorists Behind Mumbai Massacre Have U.S. Hosted Website, Register Using Actual Terrorist Name!


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“We have not been given any tangible proof to say that he is definitely a Pakistani. I very much doubt … that he’s a Pakistani,” Zardari told CNN’s Larry King Live, adding that if given evidence his government would take action. (America needs to get rid of Larry King, urgently…/ed)

More than 170 people were killed in the three-day rampage in India’s financial capital that ended on Saturday. Mumbai police said there had been some duplication in counting bodies that initially put the total at 183.

It came as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in New Delhi as part of efforts to ease tension between India and Pakistan that has surged over the Mumbai attacks.

Rice, who cut short a trip to Europe to come to New Delhi, made no comments to reporters when she arrived.

In other efforts to ease tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals, the top U.S. military commander was visiting the region.

India has long said Pakistan is unable or unwilling to act against anti-India militant groups there. The latest attacks risk unravelling improved ties between the adversaries, who have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947.