Philippines: Jihadists go on murder spree for Christmas, 9 killed

Wave of jihadist attacks hits southern Philippines in time for Christmas

“Officials of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front denied that its forces had tried to attack civilians. Eid Kabalu, a spokesman for the front, instead blamed the military for stepping up its offensives in the past several days.”

Of course. Fighting back against jihadist aggression is always a “provocation.” “Fighting flares in southern Philippines,” by Charles H. Conde for the International Herald Tribune, via JW:

MANILA: A series of rebel attacks this past week in the southern Philippines that left least nine civilians dead underscores the need for the government and Muslim separatists to resume peace negotiations, analysts said Friday. (ya think?/ed)

While civilian casualties are not uncommon in the troubled region of Mindanao, some analysts view recent actions as the insurgents’ way of pressuring the government to restart the peace process that has been stalled since August, when the government nullified a landmark agreement that would have expanded a Muslim autonomous region.

On Tuesday, members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the main group that has been fighting for Muslim self-rule in the predominantly Roman Catholic region since the 1970s, attacked villages in Sultan Kudarat township, killing nine civilians and wounding more, the military said.

The next day, Christmas Eve, the rebels reportedly staged another attack, this time in the town of Alamada.

“The attacks came while the people were setting off firecrackers. The attackers timed their attacks during the revelry,” said Ernesto Concepcion, mayor of Alamada, according to ABS-CBN television.

The military said the rebels attacked other areas on Christmas Day, firing rocket-propelled grenades at power lines in Sultan Kudarat and looting.

“They ransacked the houses of civilians and extorted money from them. They even stole the guns of retired soldiers living in the area,” Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Torres Jr., an army spokesman, said Friday.

Officials of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front denied that its forces had tried to attack civilians. Eid Kabalu, a spokesman for the front, instead blamed the military for stepping up its offensives in the past several days.

Photo: A Philippine Army sniper take position behind a sandbag in Baliki village in Midsayap town on August 8, 2008 as sporadic gunfire broke out when Muslim separatist rebels of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) began their pullout from nearby occupied villages before the government deadlline. The 12,000-strong MILF is pushing for the settlement deal, which will give them control over large swathes of land on the southern island of Mindanao but on August 4 the Supreme Court struck down the agreement that was meant to pave the way for a final political settlement to end MILF’s 30-year fight for an independent Islamic state in the southern third of this largely Roman Catholic nation.

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  1. Al BBC is almost exclusively staffed by Guardianista, left wing, PC, idiots and gays and feminists ( some of them all rolled in to one) which explains it’s anti American anti Jewish stance on most things. Unfortunately for its many Gay members its pro Islamic stance might lead to them losing their lives should Islam take over the UK as Al BBC seems to be preparing the ground for. The stupidity of the left wing Moonbats knows no bounds and they don’t realise their PC left wing rantings will be severely punished when Shariah comes to town. I don’t think one of them except of course the Multi Culti diversity mandated Muslims amongst them has ever opened the Koran much less read it to know what is in store for them and of course those Taqqiya spouting Muslims would not be so stupid as to alert the kaffirs to what is coming.

  2. that is cause of war… some soldier they cannot control their selves because some of their comrade were killed… that’s why some MILF fighter shoot some civilian because of war shock…. 🙂 i am non partisan regarding between MILF and AFP but regarding in.. killing civilians… AFP has the one who have murder many civilians…. i see many civilian killed by AFP in my own eyes during the war in maguindanao… AFP fire their massive 105/ 155 mortal in civilian they target civilians… not only nine person died during that day… including me. i am also there during AFP targeting civilians by their massive weapon… i am also one of victims… but the problem is bangsamoro people cannot speak in the media because government didn’t want it… thats why many people killed by government, non documentary. even in media.. if you not believed me try to find me and i will show you what is real happenings in mindanao… I am only a student but i know what is happening inside war in philippine.. in my simple critics regarding war between MILF and AFP or Government.. generally is a business or war business 🙂

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