"Better to have an Israel that is hated than an Auschwitz that is loved," Rabbi Meir Kahane


Directly lifted from Pamela’s Atlas Shrugs

Enough is enough: Hamas mocked what it described as the “state of confusion” in Israel over how to react to the latest spree of rocket and mortar attacks.

25 mortar shells pound South as IDF poises for limited Gaza op

Moral Myopia and Hypocrisy Alert: World condemns Israeli action in Gaza

1. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Yigal Palmor: Israel won’t state operation goals
2. Large parties suspend election campaigns; Barak to focus entire attention on Gaza op, Labor says
3. Israeli Arabs react with violence to IDF operations in Gaza
4. {Israel can sort of defend itself] UN Secretary-General on the situation in Gaza and southern Israel
5. [“Disproportionate use of force”] Declaration by the Presidency of the European Union on the violence in Gaza

The media paid no attention when scores of rockets and mortars were flying into Israel. Big giant fat antisemitic yawn. After years of taking it like a frickin abused wife, Israel is responding (not hard enough I might add) – watch the media start crying enormous crocodile tears. HANDWRINGING! CALLS FOR A UNSC EMERGENCY SESSION! SANCTIONS! JEWISH GENOCIDE ACTION PLAN!

Israeli warplanes pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 155 people in the bloodiest day for Palestinians in more than 20 years. Palestinian militants responded with rocket salvoes that killed an Israeli man and wounded several others, medics said.

Clean out that rats’ nest. Kill the barbarians. Do not look left. Do not look right. Do not falter. Save the Jews.

Show the same mercy as was shown Rabbi Holtzberg and his pregnant wife. Might! This is the only thing the enemy understands. Compassion and respect are held in the greatest contempt.

Kill their leaders. Think the last scene in the Godfather. Kill ’em all, all at once.

6. One Israeli killed, 4 hurt as Palestinian rockets hit Netivot home – rocket reached just outside Kiryat Gat

So what does Israel do?

“Hebron unrest”
Police fired tear gas and smoke grenades into the gully dividing the disputed block from Palestinian homes, and broke up riotous clashes between Palestinians and the settlers


Pakistan reacts — predictably


Pakistani protesters shout slogans condemning Israel’s strikes on Gaza during a demonstration in Karachi, Pakistan, Saturday, Dec. 27. 2008. Israeli warplanes retaliating for rocket fire from Gaza pounded dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in  waves of air strikes Saturday, killing at least 145.p>

Pakistan protests? These are the same savages behind the Mumbai bombing.
Why didn’t Pakistan protest the Mumbai bombing? Hey Pakistan, kish meir en tuchas.



JORDAN: I am sure they well up with tears when a Jew is murdered. We saw how Jordan protested the Mumbai attacks (/not). Loving the pics of Saddam in the background. Now that is rich –

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SYRIA: A “Palestinian” woman cries during a protest in Damascus, Syria Ah, the Fakestinian mothers – the same ones that strap bombs on their babies and do the snoopy dance of glee when their children die in a homicide bombing. Got it.


Gaza: Palestinian” demonstrators throw stones behind a cloud of tear gas  fired by Israeli soldiers, during a protest against Israeli air strikes on Gaza, in the West Bank city of Hebron. Why are they still alive? Why are these Muslim settlers in Hebron.Throw them out just as the 950,000 Jews were thrown out of Arab lands.


Lebanon: “Palestinian” supporters of militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad chant calls for retaliation against Israel, as they burn tires in the southern refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh, Lebanon


BEIRUT, LEBANON, the Paris of the Middle East: In Lebanon,the once great Christian nation in the Middle East, a “Palestinian” child in Chatila refugee camp in Beirut holds up a riffle during a protest. The future of Islamic jihad.


Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Hammam Saed shouts anti-Israeli and United States slogans during a demonstration against the Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

BTW, the Muslim Brotherhood front is America is CAIR. (more here)


A “Palestinian” Hamas policeman inspects the destroyed former office of“Palestinian” president Mahmud Abbas.

Was Abbas in it?  Did they finally kill Hamas leaders, Khaled Mashaal, Ismail Haniya? Long overdue.

The United States urged Israel Saturday to avoid civilian casualties as it pounded Hamas targets in Gaza, but warned the Islamist movement must halt its rocket attacks “if the violence is to stop.

Memo to US: STFU! Your dhimmitude and subjugation to Islam has made us a joke. Just shut up and stay out of it. It is not your business.


Masked “Palestinian” militants hold their weapons during an Islamic Jihad rally in Bureij, central Gaza Strip, Friday, Dec. 26, 2008. A projectile fired by Palestinian militants fell short of its target in Israel on Friday, striking a house in northern Gaza and killing two schoolgirls.

I mean, look at this picture. You must crush these pigs. Period.


UPDATE: Was das schaf zu blöken hat

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

You can find on-line the account by the BBC, from “the BBC’s Rushdi Aboualouf,” their man in Gaza (well, Tim Franks is the primary anti-Israel propagandist in Gaza, but Rushdi Abaoulouf is apparently a member of the local supporting staff), an account meant to be entirely unsypathetic, of course, to Israel and of course meant to win our sympathy for the “Palestinians” who have done nothing to deserve any of this:

“It’s hard to find a secure place in Gaza. Gaza has no shelters, it has no safe places. The Hamas security compounds are in the middle of the city – it’s not the kind of place where you see compounds outside the cities.

I have witnessed one of the compounds – which is 20m away from my house – I was standing on the balcony and I have seen the Israeli airplanes hitting the place. ”

So what do we learn from his report? That the “security compounds” are deliberately placed “in the middle of the city.” It’s no different from the anti-aircraft missiles and guns deliberately placed on top of mosques and schools by the PLO, in Lebanon in 1982, and Hezbollah hiding — not quite to the extent that the PLO did — among civilians as much as possible.

And yet, look what the Israelis did — the reporter was standing on his balcony, a mere 20 meters from “one of the compouonds” and he saw “the Israeli airp[lanes hitting the place” and leaving him, still standiing on his balcony. And why did he stay on his balcony during all this? Because, despite the stories of they wish us all to believe, their own actions and attitudes bespeak their real understanding. They call the Israelis Nazis, but clamor to be treated in Israeli hospitals, by those same “Nazis.” They call the Israelis murderers, but whenever a group of Arabs wants to flee another group of Arabs — those “Palestinians” who fled from King Hussein’s Bedouin troops during the crackdown on Black September — they try to ford the Jordan, arms raised, hoping desperately that they will be allowed to surrender to the Israeli “killers.”

And here, on his balcony, in the full security of knowing how careful the Israelis are, this Arab reporter stands, and sees the bombing, some twenty meters away, of one of those military targets that the Israelis aimed for, and hit, and once again, showed the world that denounces them — what other country, anywhere, has engaged in such spectacularly pinpoint bombing designed to spare all but strictly military targets, even with those targets deliberately having been placed smack in the middle of, cheek by jowl with, civilian apartment buildings, schools, hospitals.

Once again the Israeli Air Force amazes.

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 27, 2008 12:07 

Fox in the tank


“Israel Vows to Expand Deadly Gaza Airstrikes.” They’re “deadly,” but Israel nevertheless, in defiance of all reason, and all decency, “vows” to “expand” them.

“At least 200 Palestinians killed as Israeli warplanes pound Gaza; Hamas vows revenge until ‘the last drop of blood.'” No mention whatsoever of why “Israeli warplanes” now “pound” Gaza. Those 215 “Palestinian” rocket attacks against Israel in November and December? Not even the tiniest allusion to them. This is just a gratuitous action by the bloodthirsty Israelis, and Hamas, the aggrieved party, vows “revenge.”

Flash back to billionaire Saudi Prince al-Walid bin Talal, December 2005:

Al-Walid also criticised US media which he described as “in general … pro-Israel.” But he also accused Arabs of not being pro-active in fighting the allegedly slanted media.He said that during last month’s street protests in France, the US television network Fox — owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in which Al-Walid himself has shares — ran a banner saying: “Muslim riots.”

“I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty,” he said.

“Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

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  1. Once again, the Islamists who send rockets to Israel leave the general population of Gaza in the firing line. The so-called leaders of these terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezzbollah scurry like cockroaches as other people die for them. Cowardly dogs the lot of them!

  2. The quote from Rabbi Meir Kahane is certainly an interesting way of looking at things.
    He’s right. Israel should stop trying to get approval from anyone. They have to do what they have to do!

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