Report: 60% of UK Muslim schools linked to jihadists

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is informed about these issues, except perhaps those who figured it must be more than 60%.

Damian Thompson “Exclusive: 60 per cent of Britain’s Muslim schools have extremist links, report says,” at his Telegraph blog, December 17. via JW

Britain’s Muslim schools are facing a devastating blow to their reputation from a report suggesting that over 60 per cent of them are linked to potentially dangerous Islamic fundamentalists.

* If you haven’t seen it yet, watch this Saudi bitch weasel and lie about the curriculum of the King Fahd snake-pit in Londonistan, that teaches Jews are decendants of apes and Christians are pigs:

*    “I believe the children are the future…”

Muslim schools in France – Muslims opt out of state schools

December 2008

An early version of the report, entitled When Worlds Collide, alleges that of the 133 Muslim primary and secondary schools it surveyed, 82 (61.6 per cent) have connections or direct affiliations to fundamentalists. The 133 schools are in both the private and public sectors and supposedly subject to Ofsted inspection. If one includes 24 Saudi schools “about which little is known” (the report’s phrase), then the fundamentalist proportion rises to 67.5 per cent.

You won’t be surprised to learn that it has also discovered that some of these schools teach “repugnant” beliefs about the wickedness of Western society and Jews….

No, indeed I won’t.


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  1. This will rise far more when the 5,000 Halal Butchers and their 5,000 (or maybe 20,000) wives and all their brats arrive from Pakistan the most evil terrorist country in the world. Nu Labour must be the most stupid Government in the world to sign a deal like this with Pakistan of all countries especially as they did so just AFTER the Mubai atrocity.

  2. Cassandra,
    You are sooooo funny – how can you even ask such a question? You know the answer, and that’s no laughing matter…………………..

  3. Bring the Muslim idiots from Gitmo and put them in the general poulation of the worst prisons we have and the Arian Brotherhood will most likely have a real good time adjusting their attitudes for them about the USA.
    We have a President that is a puppet for somebody.haven’t yet figured it out yet.But I bet Muslims are behind it.What was his dad,oh yea ,Muslim. Prince Barrack HUSSIEN Obama.
    How long do you think these good old boys are gonna put up with him?
    I bet the rest of the world is having a good laugh at the fools that voted him in.
    But I do PRAY that he will do what he said, and is a rightess guy. But it gets harder and harder to trust any politition in this country. SAD

  4. By the way I AM a CHRISTIAN.I don’t hate anyone. But if and when the time comes Allah better be ready to perform his magic on any Muslim that wants to do harm to me, my family, or any other American and Jew. Cause my God will back me up and they are going to have a real bad day. Praise Jesus Christ, the one and only God.
    Want to go to Heaven? Just ask him, it’s real easy. He loves all his children, but you must ask him to come into your life.Pretty simple, huh? And you don’t have to kill anybody. Imagine that! Oh and by the way, the Jews will never be deystroyed boys.They’re Gods people. So if you want to die real quick ,try to blow them off the face of the planet. He’s just waiting for you to do it.And when you try, Allah won’t help you. You better hit those knees and ask for forgiveness real quick. Think before you act,like I said,the Jews will be here forever.
    God bless you. JEW haters.But God still loves you and wants you to love him,extremley easy that even a Muslim can do it.

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