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By Tom Savage and Josh Layton EXCLUSIVE/hat tip Baron Bodissey

* India Is Pointing in the Right Direction/Spiegel Online

Bringing Mumbai to the UK

Anjem Choudary, a notorious Muslim firebrand who lives in the UK, was one of the organizers of the anti-Danish demonstrations in London during the Motoon Crisis.
He’s got a new gig now: calling for blood in the streets of London and apartheid in Britain — with the infidels relegated to low-caste status. According to the Daily Star:

RANTING Anjem Choudary launched an astonishing anti-British tirade as terror experts warned yesterday of a Mumbai-style massacre in Britain.

The hate preacher called for apartheid in the UK just days after backing the killers in India. And his supporters threatened to unleash “blood on the streets”.

Experts said the chance of a terror attack here has increased since last week’s gun rampage in Mumbai left nearly 200 dead.

Choudary, 41, spoke at a packed public meeting called “Not So Great Britain”. 

It was held at a council-owned arts centre in Southall, Middlesex, by Islam4UK.com – a website he founded with banned hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad.


He branded Britain “filthy”, accused children of being “prostitutes” and demanded non-Muslims wear signs like the Nazis forced on the Jews in WWII.

Crazed Choudary said: “In Britain there are 230 rapes every day, that’s 10 per hour. Supermarkets are selling poles for little children so they can become prostitutes when they grow up. There’s no comparison between our way of life and theirs. 

“In an Islamic state, non-Muslims will have to wear a sign to show what they are – it should say Kaffir. We won’t discriminate on height, race or appearance but we will discriminate on faith.” Earlier, Bakri spoke via videophone from Lebanon.

Meanwhile, one of Choudary’s henchmen at Islam4UK, which has close links to banned group al-Muhajiroun, warned: “You will know when the Muslims have ignited an insurrection when there is blood on the streets of London and New York like there is blood on the streets of Fallujah and Mumbai.”

MP Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism committee, warned: “What can happen in Mumbai can just as well happen in Manchester or Birmingham. 

“This style of attack is something we would find very difficult to deal with.”

* Last week 99 per cent of Daily Star readers called for Choudary to be booted out of Britain and police pledged to crack down on his rants.


  1. * Anjem Choudary launched an astonishing anti-British tirade

    Astonishing? It is no longer even astonishing that the UK permits this hate speech and
    instead prosecutes those who expose it. Britain no longer “astonishes” when it comes
    to fawning over allah & islam.

  2. Why do they fear a mumbai attack? Isn’t that what they want? For Britain to become an Islamic state?

  3. This is great. Keep it up choudary, in fact shout more, go on TV and radio.

    The more this pisslamic loser rants, the more people will wake out of their ‘religion of peace’ coma.

  4. The muslim communities “enriched Great Britain in all the directions,Prince Charles declared….qualifying “better long-term investment than it was possible to make for the success and the wellbeing of the Muslim communities of this country in the future”.
    This guy could become the next King…OUCH !…That hurt !
    “In Great Britain there are 230 rapes each day” I let to you guess which is the religion of an incredibly high number of the authors.
    A Clue: Peace…..?

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