Mumbai Killer Zombies Full of Cocaine & LSD

Mumbai bombers ‘took cocaine and LSD’ before carrying out attacks

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* The killers from Beslan used alcohol and heroin also. The word ‘assassin’ is derived from hashish,  (‘Hashishin’) which Muslim clerics used to give brainwashed young assassins before they went out to “kill and be killed in the way of Allah…”  But mind you; none of this has anything to do with Islam. Islam is a Religion of Peace and “Islam does not per mit this sort of barbaric crime”, as one cleric tells us. Or doesn’t it?

Terrorist Azam Ameer Qasab lies dazed after his capture (Pic:Getty)

The Mumbai terrorists may have pumped themselves full of drugs to keep going during their murderous three-day rampage.

Indian police sources say tests on the bodies of dead Islamic fanatics revealed traces of stimulant drugs. One said: “We found injections containing traces of cocaine and LSD left behind by the terrorists and later found drugs in their blood.

“There was also evidence of steroids, which isn’t uncommon in terrorists. These men were all toned, suggesting they had been doing some heavy training for the attacks.

“This explains why they managed to battle the commandos for over 50 hours with no food or sleep.”

The source said one gunman is thought to have injected himself with large doses of stimulant so he could keep on fighting after he was seriously wounded.

Indian newspapers yesterday carried a dramatic picture of the sole surviving terrorist hooked up to a life support machine.

Azam Amir Kasav, 21, is shown lying on his back with his eyes open, seemingly dazed. It is not known when or where the picture was taken. Kasav was yesterday thought to be in a secure location.

Initial reports suggested Kasav had been shot in the hand after he and fellow assassin Abu Ismail fired machine guns and hurled grenades in the busy Chhatrapati Shivaji rail terminus, killing dozens of people.

But an Indian TV station has released footage showing Kasav being lynched by a mob on Wednesday after his getaway vehicle was stopped at a roadblock.

It shows police firing at the white Skoda, unleashing a volley of bullets that kill Ismail. Kasav then stumbles from the car and appears to play dead as the police beat him repeatedly with riot batons.

A mob then joins in the attack on Kasav, who has curled into a ball.

Finally a senior police officer steps in to stop the attack. Some reports say Kasav pleaded with medical staff to save him, saying: “I don’t want to die.” Other reports say incensed police were at first unwilling to allow him medical treatment after he told them his aim had been “to kill until the last breath.”

Kasav is said to have told interrogators the attack was meticulously planned six months ago at a training camp in Pakistan. Yesterday the death toll was given as 172 killed, with 239 people wounded.

But it emerged the toll would have been much greater had three bombs placed by the fanatics not been made safe.

The devices, timed to go off a few hours after the terrorists struck, were placed around the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels. They were dealt with by an Indian bomb disposal team.

The terrorists, said to be 10 young men aged from their late teens to mid-20s, were all allegedly from Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, a Pakistan-based group.

A Muslim graveyard in Mumbai yesterday said it will not bury the nine dead gunmen. Spokesman Hanif Nalkhande said: “They are not Muslims. Islam does not permit this sort of barbaric crime.”
The alleged involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.

It had been previously claimed the group was secretly set up by Pakistan intelligence to fight Indian troops in the disputed region of Kashmir.

India’s foreign ministry denied a report that it was preparing to end a five-year ceasefire with Pakistan.

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  1. Exactly as I thought. You can’t kill people for three days, without being on some kind of drug.

  2. ooooooh…………… looks just like I do at the end of a heavy three day binge!

    Whats the difference?

    Well, he’s a good muslim and i’m a christian!

    Good muslims binge on drugs to give them enough courage for Jihad, I binge just cus the drugs are there. BUT I don’t leave a trail of bodies in my wake, and these “PIOUS” islamists criticise us for out immoral ways? POPPYCOCK, I’ve observed higher morals in the mice and rats that infest london’s underground trains, scavenging for morsels after midnight!

  3. #

    LSD, no way, too freaky

    Coke, very unlikely, the effect is very short term

    Speed, very likely, the effect is long term

    Gerin Oil, definitely.

    Gerin Oil (or Geriniol to give it its scientific name) is a powerful drug which acts directly on the central nervous system to produce a range of symptoms, often of an anti-social or self-damaging nature. It can permanently modify the child brain to produce adult disorders, including dangerous delusions which are hard to treat. The four doomed flights of September 11th 2001 were Gerin Oil trips: all nineteen of the hijackers were high on the drug at the time. Historically, Geriniolism was responsible for atrocities such as the Salem Witch Hunts and the massacres of Native South Americans by Conquistadores. Gerin Oil fuelled most of the wars of the European Middle Ages and, in more recent times, the carnage that attended the partitioning of the Indian subcontinent and of Ireland.

    Gerin Oil intoxication can drive previously sane individuals to run away from a normally fulfilled human life and retreat to closed communities of confirmed addicts. These communities are usually limited to one sex only.


    “Here we have the archetypal mainliner, doped up with hard, unrefined, unadulterated, high-octane Gerin oil.”

    Comment by shiva — December 3, 2008 @ 12:20 am

  4. Dope and isslam..Hand to Hand….When the basics of all your ideology are Pure Fiction,you have need DOPE for beleive it.(artificial paradise) !

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