"Young Australian of the Year" admits lying for Cocaine

* Does anybody remember why this twat was made ‘Australian of the Year?’

INTERCEPTED telephone calls between a Young Australian of the Year contender and her cocaine dealer have been played in a Sydney court.

Ms Hage-Ali, now living in Dubai, is suing the State Government for unlawful arrest and wrongful imprisonment, claiming she was “humiliated and racially vilified” by police who allegedly referred to her as “meat”. (What race is this twat? Is she black? Is she Chinese?)

During the calls, Iktimal Hage-Ali and the dealer used codes, in which they called cocaine “dresses”.

Ms Hage-Ali, 24, is suing the state of NSW in the NSW District Court, claiming she was wrongly arrested and detained by police in November 2006.

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Middle Eastern Crime Squad officers arrested her on suspicion of being a drug supplier and she was released without charge hours after her arrest, after telling police she had bought cocaine for her own use.

The arrest occurred eight days before Ms Hage-Ali, a member of former prime minister John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group, was named NSW Young Australian of the Year. She later relinquished the title, amid a storm of controversy.

* Now you may say “what has this to do with jihad, this is ordinary crime’- and right you are, dear reader. But it still falls into the category of dhimmitude, which is what fooled the government of the day into making a political decision to appoint a Muslim as “Australian of the Year,” just to be seen as ‘all inclusive’ and PC….

Under cross examination on Wednesday by Peter Bodor QC, for the state of NSW, Ms Hage-Ali said in late 2006 she bought cocaine from childhood friend Bruce Fahdi, but denied she had ever been an addict.

“Did you consider it necessary at times to lie to Fahdi to get drugs?” Mr Bodor asked.

She replied, “yes”, and also agreed she had lied to him so she could get drugs on credit.

She further agreed she had lied to him because she had not wanted Fahdi to know she was consuming drugs during the religious period of Ramadan.

Yesterday Hage-Ali admitted she lied to The Daily Telegraphover her drug use – and maintained she was not ashamed.

The hearing is continuing before Judge Michael Elkaim.

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  1. “Did you consider it necessary at times to lie to Fahdi to get drugs?”

    Did you consider it necessary at times **LIE WITH** Fahdi to get drugs?

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