Muslims in Spain (again)

* Unfortunately, the writer of this highly biased ANSAmed article conflates race with ideology. As we all know, Islam is not a race, and if Spanish youth rejects aggressive Musulmanic invaders they are perfectly within their rights. The article also blames ‘xenophobic feelings’, which is idiotic. Spaniards are clearly not ‘xenophobic’.

Racial intolerance by young people towards Muslims is on the rise, according to a survey realized in the Spanish schools. The feelings of the Spanish teenagers towards foreigners, based on the survey, are currently being examined by the Racism and Migration Study Centre. Before the deadly attacks in Madrid, the gipsies were the racist target of the Spanish youths who today turn their xenophobic feelings towards Moroccans even if from 2002 up to now the percentage of those who do not want North Africans in Spain fell from 48.6% to 39.1%. (ANSAmed).

* As we can see here from an older article, Muslim ‘reverts’ are causing a fair bit of irritation. About 20,000 of Spain’s estimated 1 million Muslims are Spanish converts, many of whom were drawn to the religion in the 1970s. These ‘new Muslims’ are highly priced cannon fodder in jihadi-circles; blue-eyed or Western looking people arouse less suspicion. Three converts were among those arrested in the British planes plot this summer.

From Gallia Watch

When Free Speech Becomes a Crime

On December 1, Bivouac-Id postedan article on the sanctions being instituted by the European Union to punish racists, by which is meant… Well, read for yourselves.

First, some comments from the Bivouac contributor:     

When we measure the extent to which the anti-racist fight has become empty of all meaning, re-routed for the benefit of a Manichean Third World ideology that hates Western Man more than anything else, that serves the interests of the enemies of human rights, first among them the Islamofascists. When one sees the extent to which the so-called anti-racist lobbies practice an inquisition on thought, excommunicating with sweeping anathema (“racist!” “xenophobe!”) those who do not submit to the dictates of the catechism of deviant anti-racism, and waging a judicial guerilla war of attrition and intimidation (a war financed by the taxpayers, besides), when one sees all that, this type of agreement at the European level sends chills up your spine.

The Koran and the hadiths are a permanent incitement to hatred of the non-Muslim, when they don’t call for outright murder. But it is not Islam that the “anti-racist” lobbies want to silence, it is not this religion of hatred that these laws are targeting, but quite simply those who denounce the danger of Islamic fascism, those who no longer want to just stand around passively as the Islamization of our neighborhoods and the Lebanonization of our societies go unchecked.

“Anti-racism will be to the 21st century what Communism was to the 20th,” philosopher Alain Finkielkraut had warned us. We are now taking giant strides in this direction.

The article moves on more specifically to the European Union:

Racism, inciting to hatred, justification, negation or trivialization of genocidal crimes will soon be punishable by one to three-year prison terms throughout the European Union, the European Commission announced today Friday (November 28).

The European ministers of justice agreed this Friday to institute these penalties into their legislation. It has taken more than seven years of negotiations to reach this result, stressed the European Commissioner of Justice Jacques Barrot, as he announced the decision to the press after the meeting.

“Racism and xenophobia do not have a place in Europe and should not exist anywhere in the world,” he emphasized.

“I welcome the introduction of severe and enforced punishment against these violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms that are principles shared by European countries,” he added.

The agreement punishes “public inciting to violence or hatred that targets a group or a member of a group defined by race, color, religion, descent, national or ethnic origin.”

Inciting “through the broadcast or public distribution of writings, images or other audio-visual aids,” will also be punished, referring to the Internet.

Question: During the anti-CPE riots in France in the spring of 2006, numerous photos of blacks beating up whites were published. Would this now be a crime? My own blog, for the moment, is off-limits, since I’m based in America, but what about French websites that posted those photos? 

Recently I posted an article on a ghetto-oriented publication called Gasface, that ran this anti-white headline on the cover: “Should we be afraid of these f…ing whites?” Review my post and the cover here.

An editor from a local branch of Novopress in the province of Aquitaine, decided to take the case to HALDE, the government agency dedicated to the detection of any and all acts of discrimination. In her reply to Novopress, the legal representative of HALDE indicated that Gasface could not be sued because:

“Remarks and images of a racist nature do not constitute discrimination.” 

Source for the above: François Desouche, where French readers can read the letter from HALDE.

So HALDE, created by the French government at the behest of the European Union, finds that racist remarks and images are not discriminatory. But we have also learned that the EU intends to punish racist remarks and images, since they have no place ANYWHERE in the world (and that these penalties will be SEVERELY enforced, mind you).

Unless I’ve missed something, that magazine should be punished, if not by HALDE, by the EU itself. Let’s see if such a thing ever comes to pass… Is anyone in a betting mood?


  1. I suspect the reason Spanish youths are thought more intolerant is that Spain has had more dealing with Muslims than any other country in Europe. After Spain finally managed to throw off the Muslim yoke, the non-fighting Muslims were allowed to stay but soon started to usual Muslim agitation and then they were all expelled. I fear things are heading that way again.

  2. Racism, inciting to hatred, justification, negation or trivialization of genocidal crimes will soon be punishable by one to three-year prison terms throughout the European Union, the European Commission announced today Friday (November 28).

    Well, then we will hopefully see most of these hate iniciating Imams in Jail – or is it only the non-muslims, who can be convicted for hatespeeches/crimes.????????

    I wonder………………….

  3. “Remarks and images of a racist nature do not constitute discrimination.”

    Of course it does.!
    If a Muslim call me a “racist” – which has happened – that does NOT constitute discrimination??
    According to this Idiot………………..
    Should I call a Muslim a “racist”, it WILL constitute discrimination, – the “whiners” will make sure of that………. helped by CAIR

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