Yusuf on the Discovery Channel?

Gone walkabout…?

Gone walkabout, Yusuf? Looking for mosques in the prairie? Or looking for Mary’s little lamb to practice your halal butcher skillz?

Lately, serial blog jockey Yusuf Irfan posts old blog posts by himself. (Some people seem to like the smell of their own vomit.)  in his need to regurgitate, Yusuf presents old chestnuts again, like: “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” and “Ronald Reagan was the Master Mufti of the jihad against the Soviets”– just in time for your Christmas reading pleasure.

* Winds of Jihad master cartoonist Shem kept an eye open for ya, Yusuf! Enjoy your walkabout!

Discovered on Yusuf’s ‘Planet Irf’ website, you could almost feel sorry for the guy:


Anonymous Anonymous said…
I’m getting bored and jaded. Could we have another big slaughter of mud people or maybe a nuclear war between India and Pakistan?

Irfan I know you don’t get out of bed much but next time you hear the garbage truck could you go and climb in the back. Someone described your face as a slimey black rat sitting on top of a giant brown turd. I think of you more as a piece of garbage that should be compacted by a garbage truck. Do the world a favour Irfan and put your face into a garbo truck.

5:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
What was the reason for letting curry munchers, goat fuckers and fat black turds into Australia?

3:59 AM

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  1. Shek Yer’mami hates mosques and loves Austrian fascists. What a fucking loser! Get a job you fucking turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It sounds like you do more to your mummy than just shek her …

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