Yusuf rubs it

* Islamo shyster Yusuf Irfan’s heart bleeds for the “people of Bethlehem”- unfortunately not for the few Christian dhimmies who have managed to survive there under  Muslim oppression, but for -you guessed it- the Islamic thugs who are calling themselves “Palistanians”.

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Good ol’Yusuf always manages to rub it in around Christmas time, like when he gets all chummy and “sings Christmas carols with his Christian and Jewish friends”. Sheik yer’mami  (a die-hard old interfaith warrior) was (fortunately) never invited to these happenings…


Yusuf on the ABC unhinged:

They’ve bought some Bethlehem to Chauvel Street and Cutler Parade this year. Each year, these two streets in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde come alive with a gorgeous multicoloured light display showing lots of Santa and reindeers and snowmen and even the odd scene of Bethlehem.

It takes me back to my school nativity plays at Ryde East Public School, when Mary and Joseph were played by blonde-headed white kids while not-so-white kids like me played the three wise men from the east.

Our Christmas is the stuff of fairytales. If you don’t believe me, try answering the following multiple-choice questions: 

Where is Bethlehem? 

A. The North Pole
B. In my neighbour’s front yard
C. Rome
D. The West Bank/Palestine

What language do they speak in Bethlehem?

A. English
B. French
C. Latin
D. Arabic

What nationality do the people of Bethlehem belong to?

A. Egyptian
B. Palestinian
C. Spanish
D. Roman

What word do Bethlehem locals use for God when they pray?

A. God
B. Jehovah
C. Allah
D. Yahweh

My 11-year-old nephew only got one of these questions right. He tells me he’s probably representative of most kids in his class.

Of course, some bigots never tire of reminding us Australia is a Christian nation. They use this as a means to insist that people who look almost as Middle Eastern as Jesus and Mary are not welcome here. They’re scared their neighbourhood might resemble Bethlehem too much.

Still, we are not the only people to impose our cultural fetishes on the real nativity scene. In 1998, I visited Brazil. In the world’s largest Catholic country, I saw icons of Jesus and Mary everywhere. There was one not-so-subtle difference between these and the icons I see in Australia. For millions of Brazilian Catholics, the Blessed Virgin with child both had black skin.

But if you want to really inject some Jesus and Mary and even the odd wise man into Christmas, nothing beats paying a visit to Beyt Lahm (literally House of Meat, as Bethlehem locals refer to their city in Arabic). While you’re there, you can pay a visit to Santa also. The real Santa Claus was a 5th century Byzantine bishop who lived in the neighbouring hillside village of Beyt Jala. 

I’ve never been to Beyt Lahm or Beyt Jala, but I’ve read a fair few accounts by people who have visited the place. I�ve even met some people from the city.

In June 2007, a group of prominent Bethlehem civic leaders visited Australia to sign a sister-city agreement with the city of Marrickville. Among them were the Mayor Dr Victor Batarseh and the then-parish priest Father Amjad Sabbara.

Father Amjad told me a little about the Church of the Nativity, built on the site where it is believed Christ was born. I asked Father Amjad the word or name his congregation used when addressing their prayers. The good priest told me that when praying to God in their native Arabic, “we address God as Allah. For us, of course, Allah is Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. Father Amjad also told me he would be leaving Bethlehem soon to take up a position at a church in Nazareth. No prizes for guessing what name they use to address God there.

Believe it or not, Christianity (like its sister faiths Judaism and Islam) is a religion born in the Middle East. The descendants of the neighbourhood where Christ was born are Palestinians. Anti-Palestinian racists have tried to paint Palestinians as nasty blood-thirsty terrorists. 

In 1989, still in 2nd year uni, I saw a Palestinian student at Orientation Week harassed for displaying a symbol of terrorism (the chequeredkefiyyeh head dress). At the time, I presumed his opponents from the Union of Jewish Students had a point.

The 1993 Oslo Accords changed all that. It suddenly became respectable to wear a kefiyyeh and support Palestine. The two-state solution which had been maligned for all those years became political orthodoxy.

Bethlehem was one of the many West Bank towns conquered by Israel following the Six Day War in 1967. The Church of the Nativity was the subject of a 39-day siege in the spring of 2002. During that same year, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) had occupied the city four times, the longest stay being three months.

Imagine bringing up your kids in Bethlehem. Australian writer Randa Abdel Fattah�s most recent novel Where The Streets Had A Name tells the story of a Palestinian teenage girl from Bethlehem whose journeys to her grandmother’s ancestral home in Jerusalem on one of the rare days when the IDF hadn’t enforced a curfew. The trip was hardly ten kilometres, but the girl and her friend must navigate numerous checkpoints, a permit system and the wall that divides the West Bank from itself and from Israel.

The wall also divides Bethlehem from itself and from the rest of the West Bank. This has had disastrous results for the Bethlehem economy. In his book Us And Them veteran journalist Peter Manning describes his own visit to Bethlehem a few years back. Locals told Manning that the reduced tourism is caused by Israeli tourist operators scaring away Christian tourists by telling them that Bethlehem is too dangerous. One site that especially troubled Manning was to see children begging in the streets, something he had not seen anywhere else in the Middle East.

Although we normally associate Beyt Lahm with piece on earth and goodwill to all men, not much goodwill gets shown at the Israeli checkpoints, border crossings etc. In the nearby Christian village of Beyt Jala, Jewish settlements are being built on stolen land. Then again, suicide bombers don’t show much goodwill either.

This Christmas, while you’re munching on turkey and opening presents, spare a thought and perhaps even a prayer for the people of Bethlehem.

*  Yep. We sure keep you in mind, Yusuf. And your colleagues:

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  1. Irfan Ursuf basically is a first class hypocrite @ Muslim propagandist. Well Irfan, perhaps you’d like to discuss all the lands that muslims have stolen. all the lands that they illegally occupy, then we’ll treat you seriously instead of like a first rate joker. I don’t see any Muslims being forced out of Australia. I don`’t see institutionalised persecution of Muslims in Australia. I cried my eyes out when I read this article. (Can someone get me a tissue?)

  2. And you, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, the least among the families of Judah, out of you one will
    come to me who is to be ruler in Israel; whose going out has been purposed from time past,
    from the eternal days. (Micah 5:2)

    The prophet Micah, referring to Jesus Christ – not the blasphemous false prophet Mo and
    his followers.

  3. shut up irfan. Muslims are responsible for the destruction of many central African cultures, muslims are responsible for the attempted murder of non-muslims in Buddhist Thailand, muslims are terrorists and murderers, muslims as a group have contributed nothing to world science, mathematics, literature, and art. Compare your contribution to the contribution made by the jewish peoples who, though small, have contributed massively. The palestinians as a people would have had peace with Israel decades ago if muslim arabs hadn’t decided to use them as their vanguard in their war against the 22nd century. Not only do you arabs have no idea how to win, you cannot even loose gracefully and profit by your losses. You are like Saruman, even now you plot even though your deceits are clear for all to see. You will share his fate – this cannot be avoided now. I feel sorry for the Palis, but only because of what you muslims have done to them – and you muslims bear full responsibilty.

  4. So Sheik, are you telling us you support Israel’s apartheid wall? Sorry to ask hard questions. I know you’d love to see apartheid return. But you also hate Jews and support Nazis and their sympathisers. Bethlehem is a tough one for you. That probably explains why you hate Yusuf’s article so much.

  5. Oh by the way Irfan, your multi-choice questionaire is very simple. Just tried it on some well-informed 10 year old kids – they got all questions correct without even raising a sweat (and it is about 32 degrees in the shade here !). Seems that stupidity runs in the family. Just cant beat the curse of genetics, particularly when inbreeding is a common muslim trait.

  6. gay, stop asking hard questions like that. We are all nazis here. We only support Israel because we want all our Jews to go live there.

  7. GWB
    I am happy with jewish folks living in my neighbourhood. I just dont like fools like you and other muzzies who have a combined IQ somewhat smaller than a lobotomized Salamander.

    PS. Dont go head to head with the real GWB – I suspect you aint got the wit to win.

    Okay – I shall stop feeding the trolls now

  8. kaw, be honest. You and all the folk here hate Jews. Why do you love that Haider nazi from Austria so much? You don’t want Jews in your neighbourhood. When was the last time you visited a synagogue? (apart from for the purposes of planning an attack?

  9. jeff, you turdburger, are muzzies illegally occupying Australia? Did Muzzies get all the indigenous people pissed and poison their food and water? Did Muzzies steal indigenous children from their parents? Who did that, jeff? And who continues to justify the genocide? It’s white trash nazis like the morons here. MORONS. NAZIS.

    Happy Christmas, nazis. I’ve gotta get ready for mass.

  10. Last time I checked it was a Muslim who called for apartheid in Australia, Yusuf.


    When it comes to the wall that separates Israel from the murdering, genocidal lunatics who want to destroy her, who, except the worst hypocrites, would not support that? This blog is pro-Israel and we stand with the Jews. If the wall keeps Jews safe from being blown up its a good thing!

    Muslims and Nazis have always marched alongside. Not the other way around. Projection doesn’t work here.

    “Geoge Bush:” Name 5 (!) just 5 ‘stolen’ children, will you? Otherwise pack it in, don’t come back!

    Who justifies genocide? Ahmedinjihad of Iran does it all the time, the Turks do it all the time (you’re not even allowed to write about the Armenian genocide in Turkey) and for you Muselmaniacs to call people here Nazis is really a mouth full: who has a mandate in their unholy book to wipe out the Jews (and all unbelievers) apart from the genocidal headbangers of Allah?

  11. * a Muslim who called for apartheid in Australia

    And it is the inhabitants of the Maldives looking around for a new homeland where they
    can transplant their Infidel Free Zone under sharia “law”, as allah’s island paradise sinks
    beneath the waves. Will Rudd offer them Lakemba?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten
    son, who was crucified (despite Mo’s blasphemous denials).

  12. GWB
    DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF CARRYING SAME IDIOTIC FANASTIES THAT YOU CARRY. I DISLIKE YOU AND YOUR MUSLIM CRONIES BECAUSE YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU ACCUSE THE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS SITE OF. YOU ARE THE RACIST. As regards Haider, my relatives died to protect the right of all people top free speech – that includes fuckwits like you. If Mr Haider has something to say then he can say it – if one wishes to agree with him then it is their choice. As regards occupation – nothing annoys me more than fuckwits like you (and you are probably a muzz shit) who misrepresent history because they cannot understand it. We aplogized for what was done over 100 years ago to the aboriginal people – we share the same land and the same destiny – YOU DO NOT!!!

    Most people share a genuine concern over the future of OUR country that morons like you cannot understand. Having lived in several different countries I have seen the muslim poison and how it contaminates and tries to destroy other cultures.

    As I said, the real GWB would walk over you – bloody looser

  13. HMMM, it seems Ahmed-in-Jihad is being given airtime on British TV in order to peddle his hateful propaganda:


    It seems a few left wing nutters have found the site, I see, and have began engaging in their favourite hobbie:

    Close eyes, Cover ears, say “RACIST” repeatedly until everyone who has a decent argument buggers off, where at this point they declare themselves the winners of the argument. This also applies to many of the muslims i’ve had the displeasure of dealing with, now I come to think of it!

    And to think these are the type of people that rule the majority of western countries! No wonder we’re slowly but surely being disposessed of our land and cultural values!

  14. Gay and GWB,
    Since you two fwits believe that you are the leading intelligensia in this planet why dont you tell us why you two racist bastards have said nothing about the torture and murder of 6 innocent jewish men and women in Chabad house, Mumbai. These good folk were murdered by your scumbug islamic friends. All these good jewish folk did was to help and feed strangers, both jew and gentile, to Mumbai. Okay Gay and GWB, you have 24 hours to explain to us all why you kept your miserable mouths shut. You WILL answer and you will explain to us all the reasons for your selective amnesia. You will also explain why you have said NOTHING about the selective murder of innocent men. woman, and children in the attacks on the hotels in Mumbai. All of these good folk were murdered, for no reason apart from being non-muslim, by you muslim scum. Failure to reply will have unpleasant consequences.

    And guess what you two fwits, I am in your parrt of the world now ansd you have been traced. Actaully I hope you two don’t answer, my friends are looking for some fun.
    BTW can you send me a Koran – we have run out of toilet paper.

  15. * BTW can you send me a Koran – we have run out of toilet paper.

    You want the skid, or non-skid edition? Perforated, or plain?

  16. George W Bush. Leftwing relativist Muslim stooge and moral equivalence merchant. when it comes to Nazi’s you idiot-both your Muzzie mates & the nazis had the same agenda which was to eliminate jews. Calling pro Israel pundits Nazis goes to show your vacuous intellectual bankruptcy. If the whites are illegally occupying aboriginal land, so are the Muslims that currently live here-remember this: there are also Muslims living in Australia-maybe you could lobby your leftwing & muzzy mates & get them to pay the aboriginals some rent, just think, then you & they would be able to put your money where your big mouths are, if you are not prepared to pay-shut the !@#$& up & go hang around & talk your drivel on a leftwing blog.
    As for the aboriginals you cretin, this country has made numerous efforts to right wrongs & spends billions of dollars on aboriginal welfare. Tell me idiot, what reparations have the Muslims made to right wrongs recently? one muslim attrocity after the next, murder genocide, theft of land, wars, rape. Yes Muslim countries are great. Thats why so many Aussies are pissing off from here to go live there. NOT.

  17. Give me Jewish people anytime. Muslims are forced into a miserable and hate-filled existence by their awful ideology that masquerades as a religion.

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