Algeria: CIA Station Chief -a Muslim Revert- Drugged Women and Raped Them…

A case of the “Ugly American?” CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rapes

ABC News: Spy Boss Allegedly Drugged Muslim Women, Made Secret Sex Videos


* Well, at least the sex was with women, not with pearly little boyz. And since he’s a Muslim, Allah is most forgiving and merciful, so he shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Besides, there is the Islamic requirement for 4 witnesses in the case of rape. But at least here on WoJ we tell you that the guy is a Muslim.

* Pamela Geller: the infiltration in our highest ranks is uh, disturbing. What his name? Who are they protecting?

* Hmm, as we all know, the CIA is not exactly famous for keeping secrets. Didn’t take long. His name is already all over the blogs:

The suspect in the case is identified as Andrew Warren in an affidavit for a search warrant filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. by an investigator for the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.

Click here to read the affidavit.

Here’s the whole thing from ABC

Debbie Schlussel has more

And this is from the Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

A third woman, a friend of one of the alleged victims, reportedly provided a cell phone video that showed her friend having a drink and dancing inside the CIA station chief’s residence in Algiers, which officials told ABC News provided corroboration the CIA officer had indeed brought the woman to his residence.

The officer in charge of the CIA station in Algiers plays an important role in working with the Algerian intelligence services to combat an active al Qaeda wing responsible for a wave of bombings in Algeria.

 Well, how about that, the woman’s friend just happened to be filming her friend drinking and dancing with a man who is not her husband. How often does a Muslim woman film another Muslim woman engaging in such behavior?

This is very fishy, if you ask me.