Aussie Diggers Kill Taliban Mullah Abdul Rasheed

“Our aim is to keep whacking them and disabuse them of the notion that they can exist there at all.”

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* You made them pay: Diggers kill Taliban leader

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THE Taliban leader killed by Australian soldiers is believed responsible for the rocket attack that took Private Gregory Sher’s life.

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A Taliban leader was killed by the Special Task Group (SOTG) during a recent operation in Oruzgan province. 

Rasheed was involved with the importation of foreign fighters, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) experts and potential suicide bombers, the ADF said. 

Defence believe he was also responsible for the rocket attack that killed Private Gregory Sher last weekend. 

Chief of joint operations, Lieutenant General Mark Evans, described Rasheed as a “significant Taliban leader”. 

We were after Rasheed for a long time,” Lieutenant General Mark Evans told reporters in Canberra. “The death of Rasheed will have an affect on the ability of the Taliban to conduct coherent operations in Oruzgan Province.”


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  1. Well done Diggers! Thanks to all ANZAC troops and spec.ops people, from this ex-US Army soldier. G’day.

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