Australia: 4BC's Michael Smith accused of anti-Islamic remarks over hijab

Courier Mail

A BRISBANE radio station may have to explain why it should keep its licence after an announcer was accused of making anti-Islamic comments on air.

4BC radio announcer Michael Smith is accused of making anti-Islamic comments.

Former Victorian police officer, now 4BC drive-time announcer, Michael Smith called for Muslim women who wear an Islamichijab in public to be fined for offensive behaviour. 

He made the remarks on-air and on the 4BC website, saying: “Any reasonable person would find this offensive.”  * Don’t we all? But don’t expect any sympathy from the moonbats at the Courier Mail who see the offense in Michael Smith’s exercising his right to free speech…

Here’s Pat Condell about Free Speech

Islamic Council of Queensland president Suliman Sabdia said Mr Smith’s remarks amounted to “a clear case of intolerance”. * Poor widdle Muslims who don’t tolerate us, but want so much that we tolerate their intolerance…


                                  Offensive? Yes or No?

Under the Commercial Radio Code of Practice, a licensee must not broadcast a program likely to incite hatred against or vilify any person or group on the basis of age, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or disability.

* The politically correct thought police springs into action:

Christine Donnelly from the Australian Communications and Media Authority said Mr Smith’s comments could be a breach of the Code of Practice.

4BC general manager David McDonald said Mr Smith’s remarks were not intended to be anti-religion or anti-Muslim.

* A SYDNEY father murdered his teenage daughter before killing himself as an act of revenge to punish his wife for divorcing him, a court has heard.

* Bosnian Muslim member of bikie-gang killed last Friday by a single bullet fired into his heart 

* The Age wants Hicks to have a passport

* Minister unmoved by plight of mother in Kuwaiti prison

Look how the Muslims spin it:  “we do say he displays intolerance, and a complete lack of understanding of the Muslim code of conduct,” Mr Sabdia said.

He said he did not think Mr Smith should be fired, instead inviting him to a meeting to discuss the issues.

“Does revenge really, at the end of the day, solve anything? No,” he said.

“We forgive him for his lack of understanding, we pray that God almighty gives him the wisdom and the understanding to respect every other individual.”

* Awful. Scummy. Slimy. From those who don’t tolerate us. Michael Smith already got death threats from these tolerant and forgiving Muslims. Wait when their numbers increase, what happens then?

14 thoughts on “Australia: 4BC's Michael Smith accused of anti-Islamic remarks over hijab”

  1. This is the type of muzzling that will potentially be used against blogs & bloggers – no place
    for “negativity” in the brave New Age.

  2. It appears to be a similar call to that of Fred Nile to ban topless bathing on beaches … people
    should be free to call for bans on certain behaviours without fear of sanctions from police or
    bureaucrats. Fred was possibly covered by parliamentary privilege, but broadcasters should
    not be fearing fines or licence suspension for crap like this. If he called for Jews to be sent to
    the ovens, or to be used as fossil fuel, maybe prosecute that as hate speech, or ignore it if
    he is a muslim, because “anger must be allowed to be expressed”. I read this report late
    last night, and I’m still simmering …

  3. What nonsense – Michael Smith’s comments are not anti Islamic, except to Islamic fundamentalists who have no place in Australia anyway. In this country we don’t cover our women from head to toe in black robes, and we certainly don’t cover the face, because it is culturally repugnant to us to do so. It is also unhealthy and leads to vitamin D deficiency. The burka is repressive garment designed to perpetuate the inferior status of women – it has no place in Australian society and Smith is write to criticise it.

  4. Regardless of religion it is a security issue. How many jihadis around the world have used this technique to escape?

    We all know that some women wear the hijab and some don’t. No doubt the PC crowd will get their mileage out of it.
    I guess he must have been pleased that he had support from the retailers.

  5. This is against Freedom of Religion. Have you morons ever thought about the women who choose to wear niqab and hijab? You are going against their right to practice their religion. And about the security issue. Why don’t you get a female security worker to ask the niqabi to lift her veil to her only? Is that such a bother, I know there are female securities workers at the airport so if you want to pat down a hijabi, they have a right to ask for a female security officer to do so.

    In response to the Vitamin D deficiency, they take it off at home you know. They might stay out in the backyard with their high fences and catch some rays but other than that atleast they won’t suffer from wrinkles and skin cancer. And most hijabis, yes there is a difference, do not cover their face ,obviously, and they can wear more than just black robes. Do you even know who Toltu Tafa is? I’m guessing not, but I suggest all of you commentors read more about these issues before giving your one-sided views on this.

    Women have the right to wear whatever they want. If someone can walk into a store in a string bikini, another can have the right to walk into the store in an abaya (that’s what we call those ‘robes’)

    Another thought, how are hijabs offensive? I find mini-skirts and bikinis to be degrading to women and offensive but do I call for a ban on it? No, because I could care less what someone else does as long as they’re not stifling my right to practice dressing modestly.

    One word: Ignorance; stop it and educate yourselves before this whole world becomes consumed by idiocies.

  6. You might find all kinds of things, but not freedom under a burka, Sandra. Besides, freedom is the last thing you will find under Islam

    . Is this the kind of society you want?

    Afghan girl burned with acid by Taliban returns to school despite risks
    Defiance, in an update on this story. “Afghan girls risk lives to go to school,”

    or this:

    First female mayor in Afghanistan says women’s rights are getting worse

    Besides, coming here and calling us morons makes you what exactly?


  7. Sandra-
    There is a difference between “Dressing Modestly” and Dressing INCOGNITO- If all but your eyes are covered – How do I know you are even a woman or WHAT is on under that cascade of material.

    As for dressing like that being in your religion- NO where in the Qu’ran does it mandate for you to dress like that- It is in many of the Hadiths which is MAN made laws similiar to the Catholic Catechism which is based on the bible but written by Catholic Priests and laymen. I feel Muslims who dress like that are “conditioning” the West into thinking it is religious in nature so that in the future it may be used against us RE: suicide bombings.

  8. Sandra,
    You are the person displaying ignorance. The hijab is NOT a religious issue – it is a cultural issue – and it is used by muslims to enforce the belief that they should not integrate. Educate yourself. I am fed up with idiots like you, capable of only limited understanding of subtle and non-trivial issues, who feel that their uninformed solutions are somehow optimal. You state that women should have freedom to choose – and so they should!!! But Islam does NOT give them freedom. Many women who wear this offensive cultural weapon are forced to by muslim males. So i suggest you do some real homework about muslims really treat their womenfolk – you want validated references then people here will send them to you. Contrary to your uniformed opinions about us we are not racists, but we recognise that muslims now represent a very significant danger to the free world. Do some home work and then talk to us!!!!!

  9. Peace 2 all.thers nuthin wrong in wat sandra says!n th thot that muslim men force thier women 2 cover themselvs is nonsence!b’coz im a man n i dont force my wife 2 cover herself,she does it herself.that makes her pure n clean,unlike sum other women.n lets go bak in time,even th europians used 2 dres modestly not long pls leav ìslam n u do ur thing and we do ours.

    1. Please tell us: what will you do to your wife if she doesn’t cover herself? Will you beat her or kill her?

      Besides: “going back in time” as you suggest is no option. This is the year 2009, you better get with it or leave!

  10. I hav never liftd my hands on my wife!mayb u do that 2 urs(that is if any woman in her sences would marry a crazy human like u).so dont make asumptions on others!n th only solution to all of 2days problems is 2 hav mor women like sandra,modest n decent!the imodest way of ppl like u is th reason y u hav so many illegitimate children(bastards),aids,prostitution etc!so go n educate urself my brother!

  11. talha is a good egsample of a brainwashed brain dead pedophile worshipper.
    he sais his woman is not mistreated by him, to refere to a woman as “his woma” is an insult as it suggests ownership & treating a woman as an object.
    talha any one who has read the quran knows how islamic woman are treated & the true agenda of islam has not changed since it started.
    1:islam & muslims are not a race & to speak against it is not racsism.
    2:if you want to know the real trueth about islam watch the film (fitna)
    3:islam & muslims have never intergrated into a host society.
    4:over 90% of wars going on are muslim wars.
    5:islam does not mean “peace” islam means surrender or submit.
    6:the quran is a book of war & is used as a guid to preach hate/death & destruction to all non muslims.
    islam & muslims are todays biggest threat to free societys all over the world, islamification is taking place in much of europe & is now often called “eurabia” for good reason.
    a civil war against islam is likley to happen in the future places to watch are
    islam will try to force a new caliphate on the world soon, & when it does war is going to break out.
    there is nothing to fear about muslims, just see them for what they are & that is the modern day version of nazi`s.
    & untill all of australia becomes muslim, the australian islamic minority will continue to complain & call australia “unislamic” at every oppotunity they get.
    australia should feed australian muslims to the crocs.

  12. sandra i will give u an A++++ .those of u who rejected her u should get u IQ checked out,if u dont have an insurance call 911!!!

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